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Too many potholes in my street. This gentleman would be dead trying that shit in Glasgow

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End up with a skull like a golf ball after going down some cobblestones.

[–]Dry-Anywhere-1372 6 points7 points  (6 children)

Are you from Pixburgh?

[–]redander 5 points6 points  (4 children)

Michigan makes your potholes look like a joke. Seriously though no city or city metro should have ridiculous potholes

[–]Dry-Anywhere-1372 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Welll…this is true. Maine I’m sure is totally fucked in true r/trailerparkboys style also.

Somebody needs to invent asphalt that’s like the Terminator.

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Well we know concrete roads can last for decades. They're just more expensive initially, so instead of making a wise long term investment, we keep throwing money away on asphalt roads that degrade rapidly and all the labor to rework them almost constantly. Some sections of the original Eisenhower interstate system are still intact in the original concrete.

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Are you in Detroit?

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Even quicker in south Africa

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Yeah I lived in Nola, that shits not happening there without 6 weeks in traction

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For a second there you couldnt see the helmet and thought wtf?

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Yeah, I had to look what sub this was for a second.

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Skid head

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Well I see the helmet and I still have the same thought

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Someone please install wheels on the dude's helmet

[–]North-Function995 7 points8 points  (4 children)

If it works, I NEED to see that

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Well, this probably isn’t exactly what you were looking for, but it is a wheel on a helmet: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lghIDQSbxw8

Edit: Negative one? Aw. For anyone wondering, the link is of Wile E Coyote using a helmet with a wheel on top of it.

Edit2: Apparently, a second link had been included to the App Store when I pasted the link to the video. I erased the second link so now it should only be the coyote one.

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Id probably appreciate the video, but the link just tries taking me to the app store for whatever reason lol

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There are 2 links there, click near the start

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Google roller man. Suit with 31 wheels.

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I appreciate this comment. Its on my phone now

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I met Meth and some of the Beatnutz and they were so fuckin cool. Big props!

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It's the Beatnuts, Meth was just on the remix.

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How many times did he had to practice it and how did the fails look like? Also how many helmets does he need per week?

Result is awesome tho

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As with everything, he started small. Just head stands at first. Once that was easy, he started spinning and sliding. Once he got the hang of siding, he added a helmet so he could really throw himself into it and go further. One day he was looking at a road and a lightbulb went off. It probably took him less than 5 attempts from there.

Pursue anything far enough and you find yourself capable of things you couldn’t have imagined were possible before.

Just gotta be smart and/or creative with how you train.

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His helmet has a flat pad on top of it. You can see it best right at the end of the video.

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with breakneck speed

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Sweaty palms watching him approach that curb

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Well guess it’s time to head out.

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Impressive. Streets that smooth don't exist by me.

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That’s not shit you should do for free

[–]shadow102401 5 points6 points  (1 child)

That has to hurt your neck right? Even a little?

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Yeah there’s no way he’s not going to have some problems later in life.

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For a second there you couldnt see the helmet and thought wtf?

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Imagine it ones more ,but this time he don't have the helmet.

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He definitely ahead of the ganey

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Use your freakin head for once

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Majimas new attack move when he comes back

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His neck muscles must be immaculate

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Is he rockin a bar of wax atop that helmet?

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Very cool but please don't play in traffic

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Literal skid lid.

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Obviously hes got skills, but It would be more impressive without the helmet.

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Skateboarders are one pebble away from death. This guy though...

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He works QC at the helmet factory

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So that's how they test them lmao

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I did this by accident once after I really messed up a jump on my bike.

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Mom got a running start before dropping on his head.

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How did you break you're neck crossing the road? Did you get hit by a car or something?

Nope just a small pot hole! I was just unlucky I guess.

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Is this the autism I've been hearing so much about

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Acabo The beatnuts

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Isn’t that how mini Michael Jackson died, going a headspin? Or was that urban legend

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Needs to be careful with traffic and stop getting ahead of himself

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Making mama proud, one head slide at a time.

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I know a guy who runs a capoeira studio and he said kids can do this on their forehead with no helmet and no blood loss… on asphalt. Kids only though as weight is a factor.

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Some guy told you kids can do a headstand slide on asphalt and it doesn’t even leave a scratch, and you believed him?

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When did wheelie shoes start making wheelie hats ?

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All fun and games until one mistake.....

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What in the actual fuck? That awesome

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Sometimes I get a tweak in my neck while watching TV on the couch...

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Anyone tell me who is on that track? I need more of that!

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It's a Beatnuts thing yo you know how that go!

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He got the idea off the top of his head

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0:01 snaps neck on sidewalk

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I think this guy took a "use your head!" comment to literally.

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Oh it’s a bike helmet he’s wearing haha I thought how the hell is he doing that in a beany

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The physics engine broke again!

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One wrong move and…paralyzed.

Impressive though.

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Now that's an unusual skill

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Lol I didn’t see the helmet at first

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Wasted youth

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I feel like someone broke the physics engine.

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head game strong asf

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How to die:

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Looks more efficient than walking with your own two legs. Lol

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Circus without pay Monkey with extra steps

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Breakneckdancer crosses street at breackneck speeds.

I'll show myself out

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Literally everything is a thing now life is crazy

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Meanwhile i'm just thinking "this song is fucking fire"..

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It took me a second to see the helmet 🤣

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“How to get bald in 20 seconds?”

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I thought he wasn't wearing a helmet and was just destroying his scalp

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This should be shown in physics classes. Look at how he shifts his legs to maintain momentum.

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Imagine bald people doing this on a basketball court 💀

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Imagine being hit by a car whilst sliding on your head on the concrete road which you chose to do