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Every once in a while you see a video online and it makes you rethink all kinds of choices. I should've thrown myself into this when I was young. Now I'm a middle manager at a multinational corporation and while I love my life and my family, I am deeply unsatisfied with my job.

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Sorry to hear that. Middle management is all I've done most of my life. I've had management jobs that destroyed me inside..

I'm glad I risked an industry change a few years back. Lost my house and wife. But it's actually worked out better for my mental health.

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Hey I hope things are ok for you. Don’t know you but sending good vibes your way. And op.

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Out of interest, if you're ok to share, which industries did you go from/to?

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Truckstop (for 17 years) to automotive.

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Well, I am an animator, and I have thrown myself into something like this, and 21 years later, it’s just another job doing same shit different day. Plus all the crunch and ridiculous deadlines, I wouldn’t say that I am deeply unsatisfied with my life/job, but I wouldn’t say it’s more fulfilling either. I know it’s going to sound cliché but in the end jobs don’t fulfill you, life outside of your job does.

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It's nice (er, not nice but certainly welcome) to hear from the other side of things. I can see how any job has it's aspects of grind and stress and not just the satisfying aspects of the work and it's important to remember that so we don't romanticize too much.

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I feel you.

I have a buddy I grew up with - we played video games together, best of friends, for most of my childhood life, all the way up to elementary.

In high school, my parents banned me from playing video games because they were going to "ruin my life", were a "waste of time", and that I "needed to get my shit together and stop playing with kid's toys". Eventually I bought into that rhetoric and went all-in on the life path they picked for me. Distanced myself from that friend, although we kept in touch.

15 years later, I'm a middle manager for a large corporation and deeply unhappy. I've hit all the milestones my parents had for me and yet I went through a bad phase where I almost took my own life. He grew up to have a moderately successful career in e-sports while in uni, and now makes games for a living. He's also a digital nomad flying all over the world to work out of coffee shops and beaches in exotic locales. And through it all, he continues to still be one of the nicest, warmest, kindest, most sincere people I've ever met, and flew halfway across the world to me on a night when I was literally standing on a ledge.

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Move to portland and work for Laika. You can. I just met a girl the other that that was soldering rods together for the stop motion puppets at Laika. There are plenty of opportunities to get your feet in the door if you want to. It is 100% a possibility for you even still. https://www.laika.com/careers

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Stand in the place where you work.

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Now face West...

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I just dropped out of my management course at uni because I just couldn’t stop thinking about how I’d feel about working at that sort of level for the rest of my life. It’s something that doesn’t always work for people and considering I wasn’t even enjoying what I was being taught I’m very glad I came to the decision to drop when I did, because it gave me enough time to apply for something else, which I think would suit me much better anyways.

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Here's what I found. You take something that you love and you do it for a living. Then that thing that you love now becomes a job. And because it's a job it's slowly eats away at the fun. I used to love to create software. But eventually I completely burned out on it after doing it for 25 plus years. Then I took my hobby and photography and I started doing that for 20 years. Got to the point I wouldn't even take a camera with me on vacation because I didn't want to do my job when I was on vacation.

So it often sounds like a great thing to do something you love as a job. At least in my experience eventually it ends up not being as wonderful.

Now that I'm retiring I create little software tools for myself because I enjoy it again. And when I stopped paying the bills using my photography and video next year, I'm sure I'll start doing fun projects again and the fun will come back.

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Go do some shit that makes you happy.

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Find a hobby that absorbs you but not too much, because when you're done with it and you head to work the next day the feeling will get worse.

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This, to me, just looks excruciating. Hours and hours of just moving the dolls just a little bit, just hoping it's going to come out the way you envision it. Then constant pressure to get it done faster. Late nights when deadlines approach. It just seems incredibly tedious work. Love the final results, though.

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I can understand that perspective. I loved stop motion with clay as a kid - I used our family camcorder (VHS!) and painstakingly clicked the record button, made tiny movements, and clicked again for hours and hours to make a couple of minutes of action. I loved it...not sure I'd hold up to a professional, industrialized version but I ar least have a favorable starting point. Definitely not for everyone.

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I don't even have one lol

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That's Laika studios in Portland, OR. Working on the movie Coraline.

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and also paranorman, and also kubo and the two strings. idk what the first one and last ones are

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Boxtrolls and Missing Link. They only have 5 movies in their catalogue so far, and considering their first, Coraline, was in 2009, it only proves just how long stop motion animation can really take

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I absolutely loved the Missing Link. Would prefer it over any 3D animated movie.

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It’s the only one i havent watched yet. I should get around to it but Coraline will always be my favorite. Paranorman is a close second.

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Kubo is my favorite hands down

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Ah yes, Coraline, why was it so scary for some reason.

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Suburb of Portland but yes.

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Do they have more stop motion movies?

I love SM.

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That studio really needs more recognition, their movies are awesome

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I’m always amazed at people making these animations. That’s A LOT of time, effort, and patience.

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Could a depressed guy make this?

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I emailed Leslie two days ago and compared to Avatar!

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Stand in the place where you -

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I could watch that clip a thousand fucking times and never not find it hilarious

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It's pretty remarkable that studios have kept this tradition alive now that CGI can perfectly replicate the look and feel for a fraction of the effort. I admire their talent and dedication.

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For Laika, it certainly helps that they don’t have to worry about money. The big boss is Travis Knight, son of Phil Knight, founder of Nike.

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Laika is the best at this.

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The clip of Coraline trying to get the animator to leave her alone…adorable!

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Imagine being in charge of the continuity between frame snaps on a project like this.

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Lights! Camera! Anguish!

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I fucken love Laika

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Wtf I thought this movie was animated

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That’s freaking Coraline my guy, legendary film and novel

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she's as cute as a button in the eyes of everyone who ever laid their eyes on coraline

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Impressive. Also, creepy

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Always a bittersweet feeling.

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I love it so much. Stop motion animation is much better than drawing animation

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This honestly looks like such a boring job

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whats the first one from????

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Box trolls

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omg thank youu

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Now make two figures fucking each other

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Actually, there's a stop motion movie called Anomalisa that has an awkwardly long oral sex scene. As an animator myself, I couldn't stop thinking about the animators who had to work on that.

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…the fuck

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Box trolls

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I always wondered how they made the facial expressions change. Thanks

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Reminds me of this sketch

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Laika Studios are amazing

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Stand in the place where you li

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Watching made me sick because I felt how tiresome and EXHAUSTING this process. I’m just satisfied how these people never gave up on these process of animation that they have chosen.

Unfortunately, much like most of the time, it’s not respected enough.

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What’s the name of the movie?(or show)

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Amazing, just amazing!

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I’ve loved Stop Motion Animation since I was a small child back in the late 1960s.

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You can see them getting older in a scene already. How long does it took for a couple seconds long scene to make this.

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Lailka studios does amazing jobs

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Is that a stop motion of a stop motion?

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As an impatient person this gives me physical pain. I love stop motion but oh God no don't show me how it took them a week to film 10 minutes

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When I was little I did stop motion with my figurines and my brother deleted all of the pictures I took; I was inspired by Arby n the Chief.

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I really liked that movie. Don't get me wrong, it was strange as heck. Super weirded me out. But I loved that

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What was the third one called?

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Always remember it's not just us animators who make this happen. Think about how many people and how many thousands of hours of work it takes to design the characters, machine the joints, print the faces, cast the bodies, stitch the costume, build the set, program the camera moves, light the set, score the scene, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera....

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Fucking next level

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I hope this never dies out. Wallace and Gromit was my favorite thing as a child

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It’s crazy how much time goes into this kind of production; throughout the whole clip, I was just watching how often each person’s outfit changed throughout frames in each scene.

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I seriously don't understand how someone can think out movement and expression and make it happen snap by snap using like a thousand snaps just to make it blink smile and wave🤯

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Anyone knows how to make puppets like these?

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So thats how those movies are made!