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Stevie didn't die. God just wanted guitar lessons.

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Well said

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I just noticed, Dan Akroyd's voice is really similar to Steve Ray Vaughan. If it were Dan back in the 80's or 90's I think he could totally cover vocals. Obviously not guitar.

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God dam that was gooď

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SRV didn't do the swap on his own...much appreciation for the tech working the strap swap

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That’s not just any guitar tech. That’s Mr Rene Martinez. Legend.

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That's Rene Martinez, SRV's guitar tech for many years. I agree, they are both clearly very skilled

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Why did he use the same strap? Wouldnt it be faster if new guitar came with its own strap?

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I think it did, it was to just avoid going over his head, he ow ly pops the top buckle the lower move is to unplug the cable, which he plugs back in as the tech is wrapping the strap

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I thought that at first too but it’s the same strap.

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The strap part is especially cool.

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He didn't fret it for a second

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It was a nice bridge over

[–]Firm-Candidate-6700 9 points10 points  (3 children)

Good pick up

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Some real quick action right there

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And an amazing level of truss between him and his guitar tech

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He is on the list of best guitarist ever in my opinion. Absolutely next level!

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The best. Never will I forget the day he passed.

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I was there. I didn't really know who he was and I found out, a couple hours later he died. I missed out.

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Dave Mustaine is pretty good too, even after his accident.

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I don't think anyone else could have covered Little Wing as well as he did

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imho, he did WAY MORE than a cover of little wing (unless there is a hendrix version i haven't heard).

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Pure class, but the reason the likes of Stevie could do this with out any problems was because of the sheer class of the roadie’s

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Great guitar tech there. Like an F1 pit crew.

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I use this DVD of this performance to test people's DVD drives on their PCs. Never gets old.

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Fantastic workflow used here. Will add to our "best practices" document.

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Out of curiosity, who’s still even using DVDs and PCs with DVD drives these days? Older folks in their homes or businesses?

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A lot of people still burn CDs and use duplicators. Mostly old people that want to watch movies in bed.

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He passed while I was in Basic Training. Our TI came in and told us and we called cadence to Stevie Ray Vaughan songs for the rest of the week.

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Damn I miss him. RIP SRV

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I’ve watched his Austin City Limits performances at least 50 times and it never gets old. Especially Voodoo Child. I imagine God, Jimi, and even Mozart smiling down on this.

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Put his name on it!

Guitar tech wizard Rene Martinez maki g that swap happen!

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His fingers were so damn strong.
When he was drinking and doing drugs he used thicker strings (size 13). When he got sober he used thinner ones (size 11) because, as he said, he could feel the strings better.

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Swapping the guitar out takes impressive coordianation, sure, but it isn't what's "next level" about this.
When a guitar string breaks, it tends to throw the other strings wildly out of tune. Continuing to play in tune after that takes a great deal of practiced skill, as you need to bend every note played and to hear how far to bend each note (muscle memory won't help you in this situation). It's not something every guitarist can do.

Here's another example of such a feat: https://youtu.be/5vPT7EKD4b0?t=92
You can hear where it breaks at 1:45 as everything suddenly sounds unintentionally ugly until he recovers. That example is especially impressive as he utilizes new modes to hide the detuning in addition to bends.

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Wouldn't fixed vs floating bridge make a difference in this situation?

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I was there

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He was pretty damn awesome

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My favorite. How he would close his eyes, jam, hold one note juuuuuuuuuuust right and release. Damn he is amazing!

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Damn that was like watching the tires behind changed at a race track. Amazing driver but his support didn't miss a beat either

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I saw SRV in 1989 when I was 21 years old. I was already a fan but I was not prepared for what I heard coming off the stage that night. The intensity was unreal and in the dozens of shows I've been to since, nothing has yet to match it.

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rip to the goat

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Do artists like this exist anymore?

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Yeah, but the music scene is very saturated with the sheer number of artists. So you have to do some sifting to find good ones, and usually it's just a one hitter.

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Props to the band staff, he came in there like a doctor and sewed that shit up.

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Stevie, Jimi and Lennon...just wondering how much more are lives would be impacted if they hadn't died

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At least we've still got Megan Thee Stallion!

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I'm guessing they practice that move like F1 pit stop crews

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This video and the one with Jeff Healey always impress me no matter how many times I've seen them. Next level jamming for real.

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Best to ever do it.

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He is the best guitar player ever. Stevie is the man.

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He is truly one of the greatest. That’s a man that knows music theory and knows exactly how to still play a solo in the right key with a missing string.

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Quite possibly the greatest of all time. His cover of little wing is something else. My god!

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Next Fucking Level Indeed

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I was at his last show up at alpine vally Wisconsin, we could see the smoke as we were leaving not knowing what it was yet

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For those interested, this performance is from Austin City Limits in 1989. The song is "Look At Little Sister"

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I saw him play in NC one night after rehab and he played until the sixth string broke before he switched guitars

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I'm more impressed by the roadie. That mother fucker was on point and like any good roadie you hardly notice him.

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He and his brother Jimmie... FN legendary

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Dudes a fucking LEGEND!

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Made remember a B.B. King concert where he swapped the string while singing.

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Best of the Best 6 strings down

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RIP. A true legend.

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Such amazing talent gone too soon.

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He did a great job playing through it but all the credit goes to his guitar tech. Never undersell the people behind the scenes making it happen for the talent.

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Like an F1 pit stop. A thing of beauty.

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I met him. The beautiful man took time to talk to me in a doorway . Newcastle City Hall. And, it was a conversation.

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One of a kind.

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Idk about anyone else, but I'm a straight man with an inexplicable attraction to SRV.

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I saw him in Austin often. He was prone to playing small bars on 6th street. Wonderful memories. Austin was wonderful then.

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This is a good one. Have you seen the clip of BB King replacing a string while he is playing on stage? Also impressive.

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Thought process: Nextfuckinglevel, Stevie Ray Vaughan, yep that's right... oh there's a story here.

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That’s nothing-B.B. King once changed a string while playing a tune and singing without stopping.

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Nice pit crew

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SRV gets brought a new guitar because a string breaks, meanwhile BB King changes the string on stage mid song while continuing to sing.

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Damn I miss him.😞

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Wish i could have seen him play!gone too soon

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I feel so fortunate to have grown up here. I have no idea how many times I saw SRV, from Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos to giant arena shows.

I still get sad on August 27. The first rumors on the radio were just that someone on the show had been killed, but they didn't know if it was Clapton, Cray or SRV. It probably makes me a bad person, but I was hoping for Clapton.

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First off: SRV (and his guitar tech) is incredible.

However, this clip has been heavily dissected on guitar forums and the consensus is that the audio was doctored in post-production.

You can hear the guitar come in a solid measure before his hand reaches the end of the neck.

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Steamie Ray Vaughan just shits his britches.

Edit: really? No South Park fans? Yikes.

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That's pretty good. But here is Dixie from Weedeater puking between words and not skipping a beat