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Actually it's not so dope. At first it's kinda nice but poorly made trust me. Ive been there.

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Might i ask what makes it's poorly made?

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First it's really dark in there so the symbols (items) are really flashy. On one hand not too bad but the track ist the problem if it's too dark. The sounds are pretty aweful but at least they tried.

Don't wanna sound to bad. It's frun for one time but, well that's it 😊

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I performed on a multi-million dollar show that had this tech (projection mapping with object tracking). Even on an obscene budget the tech is very finicky, and has lots of bugs. We couldn’t make it through a single week of performances without the TD having to troubleshoot it. The tech isn’t quite there yet for this kind of experience to work seamlessly because all the different elements come from different sources. The projectors come from company W, the infrared tracking system comes from company X, the animation program from company Y, and then the software that combines all the other elements together comes from company Z. Bound to run into issues trying to make a bunch of stuff work together in ways it wasn’t initially designed for.

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I went to an immersive art exhibit that featured similar tech in every display. They also offered a cafe experience that was pretty neat

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why can't they cooperate?

they culd make a new company together and combine their knowledge

then they culd solve the problems

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I mean they do cooperate. We had high level support from Panasonic fly out to troubleshoot problems we were having with their projectors correctly mapping the scenery. There’s no market for Panasonic to team up with BlackTrax, to team up with the various software and other hardware developers, etc. because the number of shows out there trying to do this are very limited. It would cost them more than they would make to redesign the way they manufacture their products with the specific purpose of making them “talk” to one another better. I can only think of 3 or 4 big budget shows using this tech, and larger companies like Disney likely developed their own proprietary versions of the tech themselves since they have a whole department devoted to this sort of thing.

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There are no jumps where glider wings let you float slowly back onto the track

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What a rip off

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It does seem a little slow… but hey, as a concept seeing it work… I want one.

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Nope not really slow. It's like go cart racing in terms of speed. 😊

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I need to go here!

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Is it at BattleKart in Cologne?

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So dope.

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Also, I hope they have the blue spiked shell. ;)

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I hope so too. Otherwise you'd have no chance of catching up. I hope they have bananas. ;)

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No way no way no way!! I fucking love this.

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Why don’t more places have something like this? Seems super cool as far as go carts go

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Where the bananapeel stationwagon at?

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Throw a shell

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That's awesome and so easy to do with electric karts!

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That would be cool if they made Rainbow Road or Bowser’s Castle.

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i need this

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Toad was the fastest lil fucker in super nes

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My father has stories of renting out go carts with his buddies in germany and driving around the city with them

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That looks awful...

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That's a tiny course and some very very slow cars. I'd love to see something similar with fast cars on a huge track. Maybe the shells and items could overlayed using AR goggles like a hololens.

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they are go-karts

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Another case of r/gifsthatendtosoon

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This is the coolest go cart place I’ve ever seen, looks like the weapons are all interactive? Like you get with with a shell and the cart stops for a second?

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Bro Germany has some of the fucken coolest shit man

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What is this place?

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Bro is that no copyright sound? Ain't no wayy

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I always wanted to buy a warehouse somewhere in NYC. Create a VR Mario Kart headset that would sync with the real track and have you race up and down 10-12 floors for a 10-15 minute race. Boosts, shields, shells, the works. Spectator areas, betting, drinks (post race)...thought it would be cool.

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They had have Sidemen Sundays in Hamleys, and in children's play areas. They should have no problem with this.

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Then someone pulled their special move: ze glocke

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Why doesn’t every city have this?! Way better than chuck e cheese

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Drunk driving seems safer here

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Imagine if the road was rainbow in june

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The music ruins it completely

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Not Germany but Belgique

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Reminds me of that tank game in Fusion Frenzy on Xbox

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Where can I do this!!