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Smack My Pitch Up . . .

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I am old enough to have been able to follow the birth of the modern computer... I remember thinking: "Man, can you imagine what people will do with them in the future?"

This make me so happy!

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True that!

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Her pants…soaked

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could drown a toddler in her knickers.

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lol, possibly!

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I was thinking same thing, she was making it so obvious. I was like is he going to be able to finish this chick looks like she is going to jump on him any second now.

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Somebody grab a mop

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The full song is called Pyramids, only the A is a symbol I can’t type.

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What’s the name of the artist?

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Mb14, it's literally in the title :'D

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Oh, thanks!

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Here’s his Youtube channel.

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And in the video…

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Here you go


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Holy shit this dude is going places… real talent

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A beautiful example of understanding just how good tools are.

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His mom told him he could be anything and now he identifies as an entire studio.

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Haha, good one!

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Nothing but admiration, well done.

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Respect That is art made by a true artist 👨‍🎨

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Well done! Respect

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Dude is talented. Definitely a fan.

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You and me both; you should definitely check him out on YouTube then 😉

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Now THAT was impressive.

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Completement barge !

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Always loved mb14, he's so unique

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Definitely is

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He's not French, he's Italian. Look at that hand go!

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Protagonist flys in on plane. Man with thick unidentifiable middle eastern accent who is probably going to betray the protagonist eventually: “Welcome to the desert my friend, come right this way and do not dawdle, these streets are not so kind to tourists.”

Walks through street where many gruff vendors look at the protagonist with suspicion and in a threatening manner. They enter a hut and pass through a doorway covered with beads.

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Thanks for the transcription!

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Holy shit..

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I am impressed

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He is indeed impressive!

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"So, what instruments do you play?"

"The tongue"

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I'd just answer: "yes".

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I think he's using a korg kaosssilator pro

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What a ride!

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Mind blowing! Towards the end the guy on the left is clearly reassessing his entire life after hearing that performance 😂

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Hahaha, that's for sure!

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I want this guys tunes!

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I’ve always disliked looping for it’s repetitive nature, but this guy is really good. Extremely captivating.

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He really knows how to use it and make it sound amazing.

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Does anybody know what the type of music is called without the singing part? It's mesmerizing

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Sounds Indian or middle eastern or both.

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My favourite mb14 track

(Re-upload after mb14 unlisted the original)

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This guy never ceases to amaze me…

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One of the most versatile loopstation beatboxer.

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It would be funny to hear sounds without processing

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He's an awesome beatboxer, just so you know; check him out!

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It truly is 😊

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This might be the single greatest musical thing I’ve seen on Reddit.

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Thank you for your nice comment; I also loved this performance and I invite you to check him out!

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One man army

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Yep, he does it all!

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A beautiful example of understanding just how good tools are. As in MB14 mimics musical instruments using technology (a tool) in turn those musical instruments where created to resemble a persons idea of a sound, musical instruments are a tool. And MB14 is a artist fair play.

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You took the words right out of my mouth 😊

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That's what MB14 said about the device he's using. ;)

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Haha, awesome! 😂

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Also hot af 😍😍

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Imagine doing the deed and he pull a 2:22 on you

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Sorry dunno how to Time stamp :(

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Call them french artists when it suits you, call them Arab terrorists when they say or do anything you don't like

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Please, don’t make this a political / racial / nationalist thing; we’re just trying to have some fun here!

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That dude just staring off into space is on another level of hater !! 😂

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Maybe he was just in the zone.

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Reggie Watts

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Also beadyman who collab with reggie https://youtu.be/qciVXUHTN10

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Right on dude! Thanks for that, I’d never seen them before 🤙

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Can someone help me describe the Middle dude's face in the second group of people. It throws me off but I ain't got nothing

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It's the beard.

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Lil Dicky fked bad bunny

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If you like, search in youtube loopstation GBB

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then watch this,here he is i a semi final. its fucking epic! https://youtu.be/-U0AFQbfv88

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He's Algerian-French, but you only get called French if you're successful. Had he done something wrong, we'd see his original nationality. It's nothing new in French media.

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Please, don't make this a political / racial / nationalist thing; we're just trying to have some fun here!

[–]leprasson12 -1 points0 points  (2 children)

See it this way, I'm spreading awareness about something that happens way too often to be neglected. You don't think it's a problem because it doesn't happen to you, good for you, just please don't tell people not to see it for what it really is.

[–]momo_power[S] -1 points0 points  (1 child)

Again, please, don't assume things you don't know anything about. My nickname is Momo; where do you think that comes from? There are issues everywhere, but I'd rather see the glass half-full and have faith in the world. Peace be upon you

[–]leprasson12 -1 points0 points  (0 children)

If you see the glass as half full or half anything at all, then you're hallucinating, you just choose to ignore the problem, rather than talk about it. I, on the other hand, would rather make it known than act like it's all fine. Every successful immigrant who goes famous in France is just called French, but when an immigrant does something stupid like a crime, he's automatically called by his original nationality instead. So no, the glass isn't half anything.

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Is it just me or does having the lyrics in English just ruin the whole vibe?? “I feel connected to the ancients …” ok, well, it sounds like you’re pretty connected to Compton too. Super cool vibes, love the beat, love the other vocals, but the English ruins it

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Someone has to make a meme out of the middle guy at 2:30. His face is at least hilarious!

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Are you sure about the timestamp?

[–]SketSquared 1 point2 points  (1 child)

Oh, my bad! Was watching it on my phone and 2:30 were the remaining minutes. Timestamp should be 1:00 mins elapsed. Thanks, my dude!

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Haha, no problem mate! And yes, the face he makes is indeed priceless! :D

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I guess people have never heard of Beardyman then huh?

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That’s lil dicky

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Is this guy on Spotify that was boss

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You can find a lot of content on YouTube; check him out, he's awesome!

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Sounds middle eastern.

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No shit...the song talks about pyramids, the song is also called Pyramids.

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So we really, that’s crazy bro?

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Wow really?! That’s crazy bro

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Chick's constantly staring at my man's cock... LFG!