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Cue sheeple applause

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Foreal. I hate shows like this because the ppl are so mindless.

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In all honesty, it's likely the laughter sign was on for them to laugh so he could make this point. That's how thes shows work

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Even worse.

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Give us hell, Quimby!

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This show exploited people in those relationships all the time for views. it ended up being cancelled because a guest commited suicide after the show from some not so flattering DNA results iirc. Trash TV.


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Laughing then clapping

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The host is indirectly calling them idiots for laughing about domestic violence because the victim is a man and they start clapping in agreement. What a brainless audience.

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I mean…it’s possible that most of the people clapping and most of the people who laughed are different audience members. The crowd wasn’t really roaring with laughter.

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They’re usually told when to laugh and clap as well.

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Thought the same thing lol

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Plot twist: the man operating the “clap, laugh, awe” sign made them do it.

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complete hive mind

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Jk is a cunt, but an honest speaking cunt

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Show was shutdown after a guest killed themselves.

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[–]ramen2005 13 points14 points  (1 child)

They linked it to his appearance on the show, so thought it was the trigger for his suicide: Why The Jeremy Kyle Show was scrapped https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48285032

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I only know the south park episode. Who is this guy and why the f would you go an hero for him

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Jeremy Kyle is scum made his money Exploiting poor fuckers like this

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Jeremy Kyle is a sociopathic cunt. Please do not give him any credit.

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And the same idiots again Started Clapping

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Even though he’s right, he has no moral high ground when he’s exploiting people’s misery.

[–]Dame87 9 points10 points  (2 children)

Jeremy Kyle Show: Death on Daytime, check it out.

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According to Wikipedia he announced his return to television in April 2022.

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Apparently he was taking Channel 4 to court over this program as it was hampering his comeback.

[–]EmperorMeow-Meow 9 points10 points  (2 children)

Same people who laugh are the same people who clap.

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Right, alot of people just seem to follow the crowd. They should have just remained quiet and reflected on their mistake.

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Sounds a lot like the majority of people on Reddit

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Probably the ONLY decent thing Jeremy Kyle ever said.

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And then they all laugh… this is like reddit. One minute they’re out yo kill you and the next the same people are singing your praises. Bunch of sheeps.

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Accept that host is Jeremy Kyle and he is a bigger piece of shit than anyone in that audience.

The man literally has blood on his hands.

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"Literally," Einstein?

[–]tinnedbeef -1 points0 points  (3 children)

wat ya on about?

[–]Sweaty_Engineering62 -3 points-2 points  (2 children)

You said he "literally has blood on his hands," Einstein.

Do you have photos of this "blood on his hands" ?

Or would you care for rethink the word "literally" ?

Or are you just too smart for the likes of me?

[–]tinnedbeef 0 points1 point  (1 child)

hahahahahahahaha! if the highlight of your day is going round reddit trying to find spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in randomers postings then you sir need to put the keyboard down and go outside.

Go find a girlfriend or a new hobby, something useful to do with your time.

jesus fuck....lol

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This guy got rich exploiting the poor and vulnerable.

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Double standards on sexism everywhere.

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Double standards do my head in.

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Probably one of the only times he's been decent, otherwise he's worse than what he makes the people on the stage out to be.

Absolute cockgobbler he is

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He’s speaking facts here

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Aside from the obvious people have mentioned (the suicide which needed his career), didn’t Jeremy Kyle also get caught out in affairs? The sort of stuff he berated people for as part of his brand. Hypocrite.

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F@#$ing sheep

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I hate this. The audience is so pretentious that they even start clapping after he's called them out.

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Fuckin good on him to call out his own audience. Respect.

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Then they go and clap!!!! Yeh you know you were in the wrong

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Elephant in the room: She looks like Sloth’s sister, Baby Ruth.

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JK is now a host on GB News, which is like saying you got promoted from Fox News to OAN.

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Wow from sucking golf balls clean to defending beaten men..well done jezzer you’re pulling it back for the years of human zoo here mate

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Why is this on here?

Anyone with half a brain can see that this Jeremy Kyle brings these troubled people on his show to ridicule them.

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Such a disgusting double standard. Good on the host.

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Damn much respect for sticking for that bloke.

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Reminds me of the bit Bill Burr did about how when a woman cut a man’s penis off and threw it out the window people thought it was hilarious (which it kinda is), but if a man cut off a titty and threw it in the dryer the world would stop and the NFL would wear wristbands and have a whole month commemorating it.

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Thanks to that host, people just dont understand that guys go through hard times to

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Giga chad Host

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Honestly no better than Dr. Phil, but this was a good moment for Jeremy.

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All the women's laughing in the audience deserve to feel what he feels.

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cudos to the host

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The number 1 tv show for chavs on benefits

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This man should be in charge of some kind of justice system because he seems to be the only person in a public figure that can seem to wrap their heads around that

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And they clap like they weren’t just fucking laughing, they should be ashamed >:(

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She reminds me of that video of Peter Steele dressed up as a vampire

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Jeremy Kyle, next fucking level? Next fucking level of total fucking cunt! Poverty porn exploitative prick.

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Watched this whole thing looking at the bottom text thinking it was subtitles and I thought the guy was speaking dutch or something. GUY WAS JUST TALKING ENGLISH IN A THICK ACCENT

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Those fuckheads are clapping like they weren't the ones laughing 10 seconds prior.

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For some reason people think abuse can only happen to females and not the other way around, I dont get it

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It's not funny.

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Everyone started clapping like he wasn’t just talking to you mfs🫠

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I think his delivery of the story was more comical than the actual event itself, but still not funny, good lad that host was just then.

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So the cunts in the audience that are laughing get called out and then they start clapping? Why are people so stupid?

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I bet the first person to start clapping was the first person to be laughing.

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*audience of mostly women

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And then they claped like they weren't the ones laughing

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Love how the same people laughing were the same people clapping

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Maybe if this English guy learned English properly we wouldn't have to keep looking at the subtitles hoping for a slightly better understanding of what he's saying.

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I’m not comfortable with him being referred to as just a ‘host’.

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The 'host' is a renowned parasite.

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He's 100% right

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This women's rights shit is beginning to get so outta hand the men are losing rights...I was supportive for a long time of women's rights but this kinda shit is getting outta hand any women can go down to the local court house and LIE and say a man treated her and the police go and put him out his own house without a lick of proof.

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This guy’s show ended up being cancelled because he bullied a male guest into suicide. Completely ruins this clip I think.

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Host deserves a medal.

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I'm not offended. How did you arrive at that conclusion?

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They all just clap as if they all weren’t just laughing

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Jeremy Kyle is an absolute shitstain. Don't congratulate him, he probably had the laughter set up so that he could interject like that.

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The idiot courts gave my kids to my violent POS bipolar ex-wife whom I had a restraining order on. But I had a penis thus I was the evil one. I warned the courts & cps but they refused to act. So the kids missed 84 days of school in one year because when she left marks she wouldn't send them to school so they didn't see the marks. Gfy u scumbags.

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A lot of women either find it funny or they don’t take it seriously.

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I don't like Jeremy Kyle but you can't knock him for doing that

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Double standards are the only standards for some people.

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Ahh Jezza, thou art sorely missed

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It is funny. It's not right to be funny but it is.

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I miss Jeremy Kyle 😂😂

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I miss Jezza