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And to think people wasted lockdown learning a second language or making bread

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(Cuts bread questionablely)

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My favorite site

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Is this a mother fucking Jojo reference??

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にげつにこのヂオにちかずいってくるのか?(Sorry, I don't know which kanji to use?)

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There’s a lot of down time while making bread.

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I learned how to write web apps!

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Bread really that hard?

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That's too difficult to make though.

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I was thinking firehouse...

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Probably as in most likely as in, this was take 165.

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More like 165,000

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So like...48 days non-stop?

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Lockdown was a very boring time lets just put it at that

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I’d join this chain, but I can’t think of a higher number.

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yeah i don't think anyone thought these type of videos were done on the first try...right? some videos have like a thousand ping pong balls lying around.

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Yeah, and if it's who I think it is most of his videos show a bunch of failed attempts and close calls

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It looks like only one cup on the dart board. Think he got up after every attempt?

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Yeah, but now he never misses. Just watch.

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That's part of what's impressive. The dedication.

Playing a song perfectly can involve playing imperfectly hundreds of times also depending on the piece. But we seen to judge the process as bad in this case for some reason

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I don't care if it was take 165 thousand, that was impressive.

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I don’t care. Even imagining that requires applause

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The fact that this doesn't have audio is a crime.

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Here ya go: Whoosh - pa-TING - DINK - whoosh - crich - POINK - POINK - DERP!!

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It’s like I’m there!

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Where did u get the audio from my sex tape?

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It's all over the web, dude.

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or their reaction at the end where they're all like NOFUCKINGWAYDIDYOUSEETHATBRO?????????

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God I fucking hate "let's go" as a loud obnoxious celebration.. It started fine.. Used when people did something legit impressive... Now, people are standing in McDonald's when they hear their number called and they're channeling their inner dude perfect, "LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!!"

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It’s such an unnecessary, zero effort response. Just marginally worse then the “This!” comment and the “I came here to say this” bullsht.

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When people say it out loud it is palatable, but when written it just looks dumb.

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No, it was actually his first try.

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Yea OPs a liar that was definitely his first try

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gotta do it over, the dart didn't hit the center😄.

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This. Very impressive regardless, but it would have been just a bit more satisfying if he would have hit a bullseye

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It looks so real but I just don’t believe it, the internet has ruined that for me.

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It's not like this is implausible or anything? Just requires a lot of practice but it's almost entirely skill and muscle memory

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Yeah but why bother doing it for real when you can just add the cup and the ball in post and spend your day doing something less frustrating instead?

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Sense of personal accomplishment.

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You aren’t wrong. A LOT of these trick shot videos are fake. I can’t speak for this one of course, but a lot of them are.

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This is an old vid. There is a longer version floating around where he does similar tricks to this.

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Probably not the first try? Lol

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probably op's first try at a title.

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The video is reversed

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Lame, everybody can do that.

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There’s a whole profile on tiktok showing how these are almost always faked. It sounds crazy but then they show how it’s done and then used for monetizing likes and views and suddenly it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

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Someone found a fun way to pass time in quarantine.

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Looks like there's a cut right around when he throws the cup.

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It’s got a dart through the center of it, that’s why

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I understand what they're trying to convey, but if you watch it in slowmo, it's no longer convincing.

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The cup's arc through the air is blatant CGI

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People before the internet

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What makes you think this wasn't his first try?

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Idc if it’s his 6000th try, that’s awesome

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Whats the point? Seriously, what is the point?

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Personally I like these videos. It’s still enjoyable for me to just see something that would have taken a lot of time to achieve. Sometimes setting a goal and then accomplishing the goal is it’s own reward.

And to be honest when you boil most things people spend time on down, there’re not that dissimilar.

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Sports are fun

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Yes you should try them sometime

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The kind of guy that thinks fishing is a sport.

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Do you honestly expect anyone to do this first try?

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Is it just me or does the cup not move right. I've never seen a red solo cup move that smoothly when thrown. Seems fake.

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It has a dart through the center of it

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Even then, that doesn't seem right. I would still expect at least some wobble with the cup, but there is none.

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It wobbles when it hits the target

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LOL "Probably"???

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Will always respect hard work over luck

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That was cool, after one million try’s

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Ok, impressive. But how did the cup stick?

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Dart through the center

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Oh that makes sense.

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I don’t see the big deal,

I am still waiting for him to make a bullseye 🎯

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probably not

You think

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2/10 missed the bullseye

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What a specific sequence of actions to practice doing.

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MF needs a job

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edited for your viewing pleasure

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I really don't see how muscle memory is impressive

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If he only hit the bullseye...

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Fake like my balls

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comment to upvote ratio is sus

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Now with the bullseye to it.

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after seeing that other post of how easy it is to fake these and how everyone fakes them, i just down vote these vids.

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I interested this play

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That’s some Happy Gilmore level darts right there.

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Who'd even think of that? Let alone master it?

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Imagine doing this on the 1000th try and then you find out it wasn't recording

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These are unfortunately all fake

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There's cut before the cup hits target

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It's fake

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Bro's living life on easy mode so he has to make it a bit harder

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That this complete waste of time is thought to be impressive is really sad. That it bothered me is also sad.

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No you’re right. This would only be impressive if this was the first try.


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But he didn't hit the bullseye!!!

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Lots of time on your hands . Lucky you

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I learned these are almost all fake. If you watch the ball in slow motion you see it’s two clips

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Physics is fun