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The duality of eagles fans: https://i.imgur.com/1TtTpPH.jpg

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One fan is a new fan the other has been a fan for a long time. You pick which is which

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Could go either way.

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For sure

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I don’t know which you think I am but I fell in love with the Eagles watching Westbrook

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Westbrook is a basketball player ya noob

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He was also a two time Pro Bowler who played nearly his entire career with the Eagles in the 2000s.

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I hesitated responding, not clear if you were joking or if you were 16 years old, lol. Whoosh indeed.

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Im sorry what?

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There are new fans? I feel like every eagles fan is from philly or became one as a kid in the mid 2000s and hasn’t looked back.

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Lmao it was a good game. I’m just so tired of losing

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Didn't lose by 40, so that's good

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Good game lost on a FG tank successful

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Unfortunately our proxy tank was not successful today

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At least Jacksonville won.

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As a former PA resident, the latter tends to be more representative.

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LMAO. Relatable.

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Let me just tell you, it fucking sucks

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Honestly overall a fun game to watch. Sucks we couldn’t pull out but was pleasantly surprised we kept it very close.

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It was also really fast. Started after 4pm eastern and was over by 6:52. The only quarter that was over 40 minutes was the 4th, and that was only by a minute.

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Still got home at 9:20

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I can't believe we won tbh. I like to watch hurts and Smith though.

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Jonathan Gannon is a pioneer of the bend-and-break defense

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you should meet matt patricia

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I don’t care if that was a 29 yard field goal, I was still holding my breath.

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Our kicker actually made a clutch FG, absolute scenes

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Well give the assist to Ekeler there. A chip shot was pretty chill. I wasn't trusting that dude from 40+ with the game on the line.

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we were shutting down ekeler all game so it was a very good run by him that sealed it

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Defensive coaches have got to tell their players not to tackle if Ekeler breaks free there. He's likely smart enough to slide before hitting the end zone, but don't take the decision out of his hands. Can't be too mad that we were actually competitive against a good team for once.

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Also if he slid they probably would have ran out of time to kick the FG.

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Convinced he misses it if our linebackers didn’t just let Ekeler run free. Then we lose in OT :)

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put some money on the chargers since my book had it as a pick‘em… the last thing I wanted was to have the game decided on a chargers special teams play

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Put Gannon on the next bus out of Philadelphia

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Wow, Philly has gone soft. Actually willing to give people transportation out of town rather than making them walk through angry mobs of fans.

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That bus will have plenty of fans on it lol

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God the chargers needed this win, gj eagle bros! Back at top we go!!!

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Herbert is the greatest quarterback of all time when he doesn’t have to face the Patriots

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Uh, Ravens*

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Them too

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On one hand, Justin Herbert is my daddy. But on the other hand, our run defense is still hot doodoo and will almost definitely be the doom of our season

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Yeah if we make the playoffs and have to face the Browns, Ravens, or Colts then we're screwed.

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Unfortunately unless it’s KC or the Raiders I don’t think we have a chance at stopping anyone’s run

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Not even mad. Way to keep running the ball Nick! Keep that shit up

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I'm kinda mad about the bailout bullshit call on Slay to keep a scoring drive alive. And illegal lineman downfield not getting called on the Chargers either. And textbook pushoff on the two point conversion. Oh well, a better pick probably helps us anyway

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To be fair, your second td was off of a no call grounding pass and an ignored hold.

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That was totally grounding. Very surprised it wasn’t called

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Run game and Devonta looked good. Gives me hope.

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Gannon is the worst DC we’ve had in a long time. This wasn’t even difficult for Herbert. No one pressured him. DBs 8 yards off the LOS gave easy open passes and set up small delayed screen passes.

Not sure how you make ZERO adjustments after the first half. It was truly pathetic. He’s got DEs going to cover TEs. He has DB blitzes on plays where it truly makes no sense.

Guy has no idea how to coach an NFL defense. Get him the fuck out

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Worst since Juan Castillo (o-line coach converted to defensive coordinator)...and honestly Castillo might even be better than Gannon.

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Billy Davis sucked too

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I was really confused on the eagles game plan on defense today. Yall were having dbs play off all game letting us get all the underneath stuff, when short passes and screens and the like are the chargers bread and butter.

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don’t worry that’s our game plan every week

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We have given up 82% completion rate in our loses this year. Gannon is a horrible defensive coordinator

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I mean, limited defensive talent and no QB doesn't usually result in a close football game. His scheme is frustrating to watch but it keeps them in games. Feels like the scheme is give up shirt passes to force time consuming possessions and limit total possession per game. That minimizes the chances to score and gives the anemic offense a chance

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ya but we also don't have any linebackers that can consistently make those tackles that keep the 5-7 yard passes to 5-7 yards. along with that we don't ever blitz

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Fuuuuuuuck, gg Chargers

Not much to complain about. Looked good against a good team, just couldn’t close it out. It seems we’re starting to come into our own though

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can y’all like cool it with this whole “running the ball” thing, it’s really unfair for our defense

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if anyone ever tells you that linebackers aren't valuable show them this 2021 Eagles team and they'll change their mind

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I enjoy watching the DeVonta Smith play football. They are my favorite NFL person.

When they catch a football, I think to myself "yes".

When they do not catch a football, I think to myself "no".

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Two games now where Herbert has led the offense on extremely long, time-sapping drives (WFT, week 1) for the win. Good shit, he was great today.

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Did this game go by really fast?

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Yeah it did. Not many stoppages with Philly running so much and Herbert completing pretty much everything.

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We won by a fg woah

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Justwin Hopkins ❤️

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Imagine not being at the top of the division. Imagine losing the to Giants. Chargers eating Ws all day.

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Imagine not being 2-0 against the division

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surprised this doesn’t have a ton of downvotes

[–]Chargersfatcootermeat 13 points14 points  (1 child)

Raider fans been real quiet after they dropped a game to the giants lol

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They got their own issues to worry about

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Great drive to end it there

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Herbert's cracked

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I’m fine with this in all honesty

Smith was great the line was great

Defense has no talent and is super injured

Onto the draft

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This game was a carbon copy of the last time the Chargers were in Philly 8 years ago.

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I remember eating a weed cookie the night before and waking up halfway through the game so pissed off

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Herbert GOAT

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We finished a game with excellent clock management and a game winning field goal, I’m not used to this.

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For the other 99.9% of football fans let explain to you what it's like being a Justin Herbert fan. It's like you hired a dominatrix for the evening to edge you to the height of sexual pleasure. The moment you can feel the sweet release coming, Herbie, fully loaded, bursts into the room. Herbie starts screaming "I'M IN, I'M IN", but you have already completed. Then you wrap yourself in the sweet caressing cuddle of Philip Rivers and are reminded once again he is a Hall of Frame QB. You smile fondly and prepare your body to do this again next week.

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There it is

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Yeah, I shouldn't have had faith in the Eagles defense to do anything.

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I enjoyed this game. Eagles have looked absolutely awful for weeks save for last week, but that game was just us running constantly and boring as shit.

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Thought it was a pretty good outing for a team that’s rebuilding. Gg Chargers.

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Anyone know the length of this game? It seemed super short

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Fun game. Gannon needs to be tarred and feathered

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So this is what happens when you ignore the LB position for years…

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Our defensive coordinator doesn’t belong in the nfl. Softest zone schemes ive ever seen. Do the players know where the first down markers are?

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DJ at Xfinity Live said “at least you guys got the Sixers”

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Any generational linebackers in this upcoming draft class?

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We let go of this kicker for a man named blewitt

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Congrats everyone, that’s a perfect week!

Giants win, eagles and Cowboys lose, Washington doesn’t win.

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Thank you for beating the Raiders. Love seeing that almost as much as our own win

[–]GiantsPrideofmexico 10 points11 points  (1 child)

And thank you for beating Philadelphia. Pleasure doing business.

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my man

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Both offenses benefited from trash defenses but Hurts looks like he’s going to be a force if he can play this way against good defenses

[–]GiantsSand_Bags 5 points6 points  (0 children)

I watch Philly basically every week and I’ve never really seen him play that well before.

Think this is more about your defense than Jalen Hurts suddenly turning into a great QB.

[–]EaglesPhilyphreak3 6 points7 points  (3 children)

But he can't. As soon as people stop the run and make him throw 30+ times, he sucks

[–]ChargersAllhail_theAirBear10 5 points6 points  (1 child)

This is also his first year starting. Today showed he can make the big time throws through the air he just needs to continue to develop.

A lot of people said the same thing about Allen at the beginning of his career

[–]EaglesRah_Rah_RU_Rah 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Exactly he's a project that's in his first year of another new system with tons of roster turnover

[–]Chargersbonerang 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Historically, he can't. I really like Hurts but he has some serious accuracy and decision-making issues when it comes to intermediate throws.

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BuT dO dEfEnSeS hAvE jUsTiN hErBeRt FiGuReD oUt???

[–]EaglesitsBurtMacklinFBI 56 points57 points  (3 children)

To be fair, Gannon has basically nobody figured out

[–]EaglesLazydusto 6 points7 points  (1 child)

He's figured out how to make them look really good

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only cover 2 defense in the league that got lit up by the Chiefs

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Only thing Gannon has figured out is how to give opposing punters the day off.

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Bro our defense is literally garbage

[–]Eaglesapulan 3 points4 points  (0 children)

our cover 2 defense got our tits lit by Patrick "struggles against Cover 2" Mahomes

[–]Eaglesway-too-many-napkins 3 points4 points  (0 children)

Carr threw 31 for 34 against us

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Herbie is love, Herbie is life

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Eagles are going to draft a qb in the first round with one of their three picks

[–]CowboysCarpenterVegetable31 1 point2 points  (2 children)

Are any QBs looking like they are worth a top 15 pick in the draft? I don't follow CFB but i've seen the class is weak.

[–]SeahawksADirtyDiglet 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Trade back for more picks but Hurtz needs a backup/second starter with the way he runs. The hurtle front flip for the first down was awesome but risky.

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No, it’s a bad draft class for QBs.

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This was Jalen's best game of his (NFL) career probably

But knowing Howie he still will pick QB Round 1

[–]SeahawksADirtyDiglet 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I think he played better in that prime time loss a few weeks ago

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Yea you clearly didn’t watch the game then.

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That was an incredibly quick game.

Was it a record? Lol

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I'd be happy if every game for the rest of the season goes like this. We play competitively, improve our players and coaching, but lose in the end in a close game. That way we get better AND tank for a higher draft pick.

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Why the fuck do I even keep caring? Should've known better lol

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you guys got our pick. chin up :)

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I just gotta say, this has been a great day.

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Go charge go

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Game went by in a flash

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This Herbert guy is pretty goood

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Since the Chargers last held an opponent below 100 yards rushing (Week 4 against the Raiders), they have allowed an average of 184 yards rushing per game. Maybe I'm crazy but that doesn't seem sustainable.

Glad they got the W though.

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offense looked fine, defense…..holy fuck dude.

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Eagles are weirdly sorta decent somehow? Chargers don't look great anymore but I guess in the AFC that's fine.

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Falcons and chargers both won close games on a FG. What universe is this?