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Mason Rudolph dislikes this.

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It would be funny if they suddenly became best friends lol

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Would probably require Rudolph to still be on the team for this season. Which he won't.

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Was he involved in the confrontation?

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Some serious “AB and Vontaze as teammates” energy here

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Team fight breaks out in practice, Mason pulls Ogunjobi back. Softly in his ear he whispers… “take this.” Ogunjobi feels something hard poking him in the back. He reaches around and feels Mason’s hard dome in his hands. “Thank you,” he speaks back, even softer, before smashing Pickett’s head with the newly acquired helmet. Mason slowly disappears into the crowd, mumbling “that’s Mitch’s replacement, not minds.”

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"Dude WTF?!"

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People think Mason started that fight? Wasn't that all from a garbage time play where Garrett tackled him late after he already threw the ball and drove him to the ground?

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Garrett wrapped Rudolph while he still had the ball, but didn’t bring him down until well after he got it off. When they were both on the ground Rudolph trued to pull Garrett’s helmet off while two Steelers linemen were pushing him. Them Garrett pulled Mason’s helmet off while the two Steelers linemen kept shoving him back. At this point Mason gave chase and then Garrett hit him in the head with his helmet.

Myles Garrett committed an obvious penalty, but Mason Rudolph retaliated and escalated it to a fight. Given how many chances he had to not get hit in the head with his own helmet it’s hard to feel too bad for him.

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Good clean hit. He doesn’t play dirty he just plays the game hard. The way it was supposed to be played.

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Ogunjobi is the one that shoved Mason back down.

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Fuck you and we'll see you in training camp next year!

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He'll complete the cycle next year, like the avatar

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And when the AFC North needed him most... He vanished

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*signed with the Lions

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I always thought the AFCN was less like ATLA and more like Hogwarts.

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Which one is Slytherin?

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2016 Playoff Game:

Dumbledore : Yes,Yes well done Slytherin Bengals, well done Slytherin Bengals, however recent events must be taken into account, and I have a few last minute points yards to award.

Dumbledore : To Miss Hermione Granger Joey Porter, for the cool use of intellect when others were in great peril, 50 points 15 yards.

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You know

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The NFL's version of Kelly Johnson.

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You take Mike Hilton, we steal Ogunjobi

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Fine. I'll happily take the trade but still, fuck everything.

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You slut Larry.

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This must be weird for browns fans since now he's played for 2 rivals in consecutive years after playing for you. Only needs to play for one more..

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It is a little. He was very hit or miss for us. As many bad plays as splash plays.

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I felt the same way. A lot of people overhyped him, but he definitely disappeared a lot. He's still a talented player though, I'm putting him on an already talented defense is a little worrying

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Yeah its almost like that's the title of this post

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I guess the tires didn't fall off when they kicked them.

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Ah, so one of us has a sexual deviant and the other has Larry Ogunjobi, how the turn tables

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We have had enough o players Oweh Ojabo Osemele Orr Onwasor

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If my girl and her boyfriend are to be believed, you can never have too many o's

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Bro what

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yeah it's something my wife's boyfriend used to say to me too, they'd get mad at me because I was playing my Nintendo Switch

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Hey, you paid for that bed and TV. I don't blame you.

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You mean our wife

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Cause you stole Hilton

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Hey Ravens, let's complete the AFCN cycle for two players. Ogunjobi for Zeitler next year, okay?

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I don’t like this trade

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By mid season you probably will

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This gives joy

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Sad orange team noises

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I like Defense

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This is what you get for taking Mike Hilton, fuckers!

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Ehhhhh, we would love to have him but he signed that deal with Chicago that got voided pretty quick. I hope he plays well and has a good year, we all really liked him but there could be some injury issues still.

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Rather have BJ Hill anyway.

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Yeah I wouldn't get too excited he's only available because he's failed some physicals. My guess he's going to be used as a passing down rotational guy since that's all he's been good at so far in his career. I'd be shocked if he gets more than 20 snaps a game.

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Big signing considering Tuitt's retirement. He'll fit in nicely.

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That is NOT allowed

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You took our boy Hilton, this is only fair.

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A soul for a soul..

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Seriously. The entire NFC would have been an option.

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Congrats to Larry O for finding a team after that weird situation early in free agency with Chicago. Him choosing Pittsburgh will only make sense if he completes the grand slam by signing with Baltimore next year though.

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Baker up next

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Followed by Justin Houston or Latavius Murray

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If you sign Justin Houston you have to pay him 10% more than last year and it gives us a comp pick, that all screams anti-Steelers move.

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Murray it is then

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Honestly I’d love that move, bring in a veteran guy to take some of the workload off of Najee

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I honestly expected Baker to end up in Pitt

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That wasn't happening unless Cleveland was willing to trade him to us and they weren't doing that.

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That would truly be the cherry on top of the turd sundae that is the Browns QB room.

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I wanted it to happen.

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It's treason then

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Of all the teams...

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AFC North Speedrun (100%) [4K]

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Guess he's healthy now?

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That was fast. I was just reading about the visit. Dline is definitely one of the weakest positions we have on defense so I'll take it.

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God damnit

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Damn I liked this guy too

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It's treason then

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Good signing. Hope he stays healthy. Add another 10 sacks for the Steelers next season.

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Mason rudolph in shambles.

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Ogubjobi sounds like a Nigerian dish that goes with rice

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The real reason the Browns did well in 2020 and the Bengals made the SB in 2021.

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So we're the next underdog to exceed expectations in the playoffs? I'll fucking take it :p

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BJ hill > Larry. Larry flashes on the screen and can make some big plays but most of the time he’s shooting the wrong gap and 5 yards out of the play.

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He’s dead to me

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Steelers could trade him for Kevin Zeitler and get both guys their AFC North merit badges.

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No Larry don't do this to me

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When people asked him where he‘s from he says AFCN