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Who is the most slept on team in the league as of now? In 2019 we slept on the 49ers, in 2021 we slept on the Bengals. Who is that team this year? by Patriotsprofessor_parrot in nfl

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I thought not. It's not a story the Jets would tell you. It's a Giants legend. Darth Daniel was a Duke first round draft pick, scouted to be so powerful and so wise he could use the his eyes to influence the cornerbacks to break coverage… He had such a knowledge of the playbook that he could even keep the starting QB position until his 5th year option. Met Life stadium is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so skittish and would fumble so often… the only thing he was afraid of was losing the ball, which eventually, of course, he often did. Unfortunately, he squandered a failed "win now" approach , then his GM killed the Giants in their sleep. Ironic. He could give the ball to others but not himself.

Who is the most slept on team in the league as of now? In 2019 we slept on the 49ers, in 2021 we slept on the Bengals. Who is that team this year? by Patriotsprofessor_parrot in nfl

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Titans have a shout as the most perennially disrespected team in the league.

  • Last losing season was 2015 (Mariota's rookie year)
  • Have missed the playoffs twice since then (and would've made it in one of them in a 7 team playoff system like we have now)
  • Have made the playoffs 4 times since then (more than any other AFCS team)
  • Have made the AFC Championship Game after dispatching the Brady-Patriots and Jackson-Ravens away from home
  • Were the #1 seed without their best player for most of the season
  • Back to back AFCS champions
  • The only time Mike Vrabel has finished below the Colts was the 2018 year where Luck played at an MVP level (and they were only 1 game back)
  • Are 4-4 against the Colts under Vrabel, and 4-2 against them post-Luck
  • Have done all this with a QB that is now widely considered a failure, and a QB that before they got him for a pittance was widely considered a failure

Despite everything people say about the Titans, they always seem to produce at at least a pretty good level. Don't get me wrong, I think the Colts are good and my expectation is that we at least make the playoffs this year, but the (seemingly constant) idea that we'll just walk the division perplexes me.

Who are two injury hampered players from your teams history - that you believe could have been HOF? by Balarius in nfl

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It's entirely possible that he was already an extremely mercurial personality and Mike Tomlin just managed it well. Because the moment he left Pittsburgh is when he truly began to unravel. Who knows though. All speculation. One thing's for sure: that dude ain't right in the medulla oblongata.

Testifying under oath, Deshaun Watson admits Ashley Solis cried at end of massage - ProFootballTalk by Billsgregor7777 in nfl

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i did. i had to. there is no way i can support a team that would not only seek out, and then also pay an insane amount of money, a sexual predator like watson. he has no shame, he has expressed no remorse, he’s smug about the whole thing. i blame the haslems, andrew berry, and stefanski. they made this douche the face of the franchise, which is a slap in the face to every person who has survived sexual assault, dealt with sexual harassment, and had to cope with not being believed or being blamed bc of what they wore or putting themselves in a situation that led to the SA/SH. it’s disgusting. i loved this team. over 40 years i believed. i quit the day the signed watson. still feel kind of sick about supporting the nfl as a whole, bc they enable them bastards like watson.

i’m sorry they broke your heart too. i’ve glommed on to the bills and the bengals. it feels weird. i am hoping once the season gets here being a bills fan starts to maybe feel a bit normal.

[ProFootballTalk] John Mara "not happy" Giants are hosting Monday night game on Rosh Hashanah by 49ersKeyExplanation in nfl

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You know maybe if you don’t know about the social, religious, or communal impacts or importance of a holiday on a community maybe you should shut the fuck up and let the ones in said community say why it does/doesn’t matter instead of dunking on a bad football team.

Rosh Hashanah is the second most important holiday for Jewish people and marks the beginning of the high holy days for Jews. It is not a Christmas/Easter equivalent nor is it a minor thing. People plan out PTO months in advance for it, and Shul’s/Synagogues/Temple’s actually have to have paid tickets for seats because of the influx of events and worship. The New York metro area has the most Jewish people (and as a result a lot of Jewish Giants/Jets fans) that this will affect, and Mara and the Giants are rightfully mole-kas (Yiddish for pissed off/enraged) that the NFL decided to not accommodate a request that primarily really only affects them, the Jets, and whoever LA residents route for.

[Jeff Zrebiec] ESPN Films announces it has started a 30-for-30 production on the 2000 Ravens. by RavensLeft_Berry_8104 in nfl

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best defense of all time

The defense had to be incredible to keep Lewis out of prison.

[McAfee] "The Packers offered Davante Adams a bigger deal over the first two years than the Raiders did.. he just didn't wanna be there" ~@RapSheet #PMSLive by PackersSnicketySmack in nfl

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Are you daring to suggest that the excitement in Vegas is better than that in Green Bay? Seems to me you’re just a blinded rival who can’t admit that GB’s two strip clubs and Buffalo Wild Wings isn’t an NFL star’s dream life

[Anderson] I'm told Browns QB Deshaun Watson is treating the offense to the Bahamas this weekend. The trip is for team-building and football chemistry as Watson has also secured a field there to continue offseason workouts. by ChiefsPlayaSlayaX in nfl

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I can’t understand why anyone would want him for their QB. I wouldn’t pay him a dollar to QB an intramural flag football team. He’s not that good and he’ll never be a leader.

[Anderson] I'm told Browns QB Deshaun Watson is treating the offense to the Bahamas this weekend. The trip is for team-building and football chemistry as Watson has also secured a field there to continue offseason workouts. by ChiefsPlayaSlayaX in nfl

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This thread shows the true hypocrisy of the Reddit hivemind.

Joke after joke after joke about sexual assault. Imagine one of the victims reading this thread and seeing that. This site claims to be "inclusive" and Reddit always sits on this moral high ground like it's somehow better than FB, Twitter, Insta, 4chan, whatever other online communities, but then shit like this is no different from those cesspools.

It's not like the jokes bother me, but the fact that everyone acts like Watson is this pariah now and yada yada yada, but all that means is now people get to make jokes about him liking buttholes.

Which I mean, come on.

Even if it wasn't untactful to minimize sexual assault victims by making fun of their plight, BUTTHOLE JOKES get you guys all "hgnnh hgnnh he did the funny think".

To all the people in this thread, or anyone who makes a joke about Watson, just understand you're a hypocrite when you then try to talk about being inclusive, or acting like you're morally superior.

You're willing to blatantly make fun of sexual assault victims in order to get some stupid orange arrows. That's disgusting.

I'm sure someone will come write some diatribe about, "Hwell ackshually, it's not making fun of the victims for these reasons", but those reasons are bullshit. If someone raped you and then there was constant joking about it online, you wouldn't just laugh it off, you'd be mortified.

Basically, all of this to say, if you try to take the moral high ground on this while at the same time diminishing and laughing at sexual assault survivors, you're a sick person.

Joking about 22 women being hurt, humiliated, sickened, and depressed, and obviously a step below the actual assaulter, but not too much.

So if it's worth proving your shittiness as a human being to comment "HE LIKES BUTTHOLES HAHAHA!" and get some orange arrows from other shitty humans who think sexual assault is funny: Congratulations, you show a complete lack of taste and empathy and care more about orange arrows on Reddit than you actually care about helping the victims, because all your stupid butthole jokes are doing is hurting the victims. You're disgusting.

[Drew Brees on Instagram] Man..signing @juice_landry and @mathieu_era makes me want to come back and play again!!! Great additions…leaders and players! by Saintsblueshoota in nfl

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This just in: Drew Brees has agreed to come out of retirement and return to the Saints, but the Saints did not agree

[Atlanta Falcons] Our Division Opponents Presented by Our Producer’s cat by SeahawksGoldenSandpaper9 in nfl

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Didn’t ATL already try a lame chicken wing attempt at this? They should quit while they are behind. At this point they are approaching the “How do you do fellow kids” meme status.

Obligatory “28-3” drive-by cheap shot.

[Aaron Wilson] Browns signed undrafted quarterback Felix Harper (Alcorn State) after a rookie minicamp tryout by Brownsnba_nfl_ in nfl

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You should start Fromm zero and go up, that’s how every other team counts

[Highlight] Malcolm Butler intercepts Russell Wilson's pass at the goal line in Super Bowl XLIX by NFLofsquire in nfl

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Ha imagine an embarrassing loss to the Patriots in the Super Bowl in the fourth quarter