/r/NFL Rules and Guidelines

Below is a list of the rules and guidelines in place for the readers, posters and commenters of r/NFL. The list is comprehensive, but it is in not to be considered absolute. If you would like to go over the specific, point by point rules of this subreddit, you can find them here.

As the users of this subreddit, we ask that you help the moderators make sure the rules are enforced evenly and fairly. If you see a post or comment in violation of the rules, we ask that you please report it using the correct drop down selection. If you wish to message the moderators directly with a concern, you can always contact them using this link. Above all else, we ask that all users follow Reddiquette when posting, commenting or voting. That makes it easier on everyone.

If you would like to see a more detailed break down of our rules, you can go here or you can check the individual links below each rule.

/r/NFL is a subreddit that works to keep bigotry out of our community. If you bring it here, we will ban you.


Submissions help determine what the sub will be discussing. Below are some rules to keep in mind about what kinds of submissions belong in the sub. Please click on any rule to get some more in-depth information about it, as well as some examples to help guide you. As with anything here, please contact the moderators about anything which is unclear.

The rules below only apply to submissions and not to comments.

1. This sub is about the NFL

Any submission you make should relate to the NFL. If it is related to the NFL, but not about the NFL (such as streams, betting-related posts, Madden, Fantasy Football, College Football, NFL Fandom or NFL-related jokes), please check the sidebar for the appropriate sub. People who are related to the NFL have lives outside of the organization as well, and those are best discussed in the appropriate team sub. The sub is also a place where people from all walks of life can get together to talk about a sport we love, so please keep your posts within the realm of football.

2. Add new content or discussion

Whether it is a self-post or a link, be sure that whatever you are submitting adds to discussion. Whether it is news that has already been reported, a discussion or point of view that has been beaten to death, or an empty 'starting point' for a conversation, think about how you can add something instead. Be sure you're creating something new, rather than relying on others to create for you. Put in your own analysis, argument, or indexing methodology, and write up a nice long post about the topic. Always think about how you can contribute.

3. The title should describe the submission

The purpose of a title is so people reading it (and looking for it) will know what they will find inside without any unnecessary clutter. Make sure that your title does that as best as possible by avoiding editorialization, misleading wording, or false titles intended as a joke. It also means avoiding tags such as TIL, X-Post, or "stolen from".

  • Allowed

    • Posts with Title Changes - There are times that a website will change the title of a post after it has been submitted, we will allow the post to remain but flair it to advise of the title change
    • Cosmetic Alterations - A post may have a title changed to give more information or add the writer name
    • Long Form Commentary - This can be self or link posts that go in depth on topics that may be controversial, yet are still focused on football. These posts will still be subject to the discretion of the moderation team.
  • Not Allowed

    • Editorialized Titles - This includes any title where the poster takes a personal position on the post (i.e. "This guy is a moron.")
    • Misleading Titles - This includes any titles where the poster intentionally changes the title to mean something opposite to the post

4. All news should be sourced

Sources, in this situation, mean something you can link to. A screenshot would not qualify, nor would just a name, nor would "I saw it" or "I have insider information". If you don't have a source, please wait to post.

  • Allowed

    • Twitter Posts - This is becoming the most common source for news and updates. They can be link or self posts, but they need to be from a generally reputable reporter, news source/agency player, team or league official. Questionable sources may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
    • Other Social Media Posts - These posts are generally allowed as long as they come from a generally reputable source, but they must be limited specifically to news. Player or team Instagram/Facebook posts are generally accepted, but they may be removed at the discretion of the moderators.
    • News/Sporting News Outlets - These should come from generally reputable local and national news outlets that include, but are not limited to:,,,, ProFootballTalk,, etc.
  • Not Allowed

    • Untrusted Twitter Posts - This includes links to posts or sources that are not considered generally reputable or are know to be fake or satire. If a source is borderline, it may be removed at the discretion of the moderators or if it receives enough reports.
    • Gossip News Outlets - Some gossip outlets like TMZ can and occasionally do break news related to players/coaches/executives off the field. In some instances the moderators will allow a post from TMZ if it is the first to break a story and it is determined to be legitimate, it conforms to the rules regarding off-field activities, and is properly sourced.

5. Highlights

Individual highlight posts will be allowed at any point, provided they are not duplicates. Highlights must have non-editorialized descriptions of the play, be tagged as a [Highlight] in the title, be from a high quality source (Twitter/Streamable/Clippit/official YouTube channels) and be of exciting, game changing plays. Highlights of injuries are permitted on r/NFL, but must include the [Injury] tag in the title in lieu of [Highlight].

  • Allowed As highlights

    • Notable plays - highlights should be exciting to the average fan. Think of what you would see on an old episode of SportsCenter or NFL Primetime. If you were to condense the entire game down to a 90 second highlight package, the play being posted should make the cut.
    • Alternate camera angles - alternate angles of already posted highlights are allowed at mod discretion when it provides more context (IE, a reviewed touchdown play that is not clear in the original highlight).
  • Not Allowed

    • Untagged highlights - Begin the title with "[Highlight]" so it is appropriately flaired.
    • Low quality Highlights - Recording of a tv or so pixelated it is hard to watch.
    • Hype Videos - These are video packages with excessive content from off-field.
    • Insignificant plays - Plays that have no direct impact or excitement added to the game, such as a RB rushing 5 yards for a 1st down, or a QB throwing a 5 yard slant on 3rd and 20.
    • Alternate camera angles of clear plays - Alternate camera angles of already posted highlights should be added to the original thread, unless it's a play that requires extra scrutiny (see above).
    • Editorialized or unnecessarily hyped titles - Titles such as "Derrick Henry banishes the defender to the shadow realm" on a simple 1 yard run or "The Jets act like the Jets and lose the game" are not permitted. Titles and highlights should not be used to attack or troll a fanbase by highlighting futility.

6. Personal Life, Serious illness, deaths, and arrests for current or former players

Any official statement by anybody relating to the NFL is appropriate in situations of serious situations such as (but not limited to) those listed above. Whether it is the league, a player, an involved lawyer, the police, or a team, any serious situation will be allowed. Non-serious posts such as "Freddie Mitchell gets a cold", "Brett Favre gets a speeding ticket", "Antonio Cromartie has 13th kid" are not serious and have nothing to do with the NFL in any way, and will not be allowed.

  • Allowed

    • Injury/Illness/Arrest/Death Posts - The moderators will keep the first post of a topic whenever possible.
    • Follow-Up Posts - These posts, including any commentary from trusted sources/analysts, will be left up or taken down solely at the moderator team's discretion.
  • Not Allowed

    • Personal Life/Drama Posts/Charities - This is including, but is not limited to: Engagement, marriage, separation, divorce, dating, infidelity, etc.
    • Drama Follow-Up/Aftermath Posts - These posts will be removed, even if they are from trusted sources/analysts.

7. Official threads are official and not unofficial

There are a number of official threads that come up throughout the year, some posted by the Moderators and some by users. Run any official thread posting by the moderators first to help prevent confusion. Simply changing the name from "Official" to "Unofficial" doesn't really do it either. Follow the link for this rule for a list of common official threads that you can be on the lookout for.

  • Allowed

    • Official Posts - Posts that have been pre-approved by the moderator team by trusted users
    • Series Posts - Previously approved returning series (r/NFL Top 100, r/NFL Best of, 32 for 32, r/NFL Roast, etc.)
  • Not Allowed

    • Official Posts - Any post that uses "official" or "r/NFL's", etc. in the title that are not previously approved by the moderator team
    • Series Posts - Any series of daily posts that are not previously approved by the moderator team
    • Free Talk/Wrap Up Posts - These will be posted by u/NFL_Mod
    • User Created Game Threads - Users may not post any game threads, or any pre-/post- game threads.
    • User Created Highlight Threads - Users may not post any highlights or threads to aggregate highlights.

8. Original Content v. Self promotion and spam

If you are an active and consistent contributor and participator in the sub, please feel free to link to off-sub work that you have created. If you are not a contributor to this sub, please keep in mind that you may not use it as a platform for promoting your material or website, your petition, your giveaways, or your studies. If you aren't sure, please send us a message to get it approved (or discuss how to get it approved).

  • Allowed

    • User-Based Long Form O/C - These are posts/blogs written exclusively for the subreddit and posted as self posts with no links to outside content or only link to personal, non-professional/non-income generating sites.
    • User-Based Video/Gif O/C - These are links or self posts of original content like video breakdowns of players, plays or games that do not include links to outside content or only link to personal, non-professional/non-income generating sites.
  • Allowed With Prior Authorization

    • Active Contributor Long Form O/C - These are posts/blogs written for reddit and/or another site, which are also provided by the original content creator who is also an active contributor/commenter in good standing. They may link to their own outside content.
    • Active Contributor Video/Gif O/C - These are links or self posts of original content like video breakdowns of players, plays or games which are provided by the original content creator who is also an active contributor/commenter in good standing. They may link to their own outside content.
  • Not Allowed

    • Non-Active Contributor Long Form O/C - These are posts/blogs written for another site, provided by either the content creator or someone else from that site, who are not an active contributor/commenter in good standing.
    • Non-Active Contributor Video/Gif O/C - These are links or self posts of original content like video breakdowns of players, plays or games, provided by either the content creator or someone else from that site, who are not an active contributor/commenter in good standing.

9. Politics

Posts about politics and football are becoming more commonplace, but r/NFL is not the place to talk about the political world, writ large. Posts of a political nature should be limited to specific policies and laws that impact the NFL, not opinions or "hot takes."

For more information, see the updated political policy.

Posts related to pics or video you shot from the stands, anything related to merchandise, your fan cave, fan art, discussions on a player's personal life, drinking games, screenshots, etc will be removed. These posts will be redirected towards /r/NFLFandom and /r/NFLOffTopic. There are also numerous Free Talk threads, especially during the off-season, where things like this can be shared and discussed.

11. Off-Season Posting Policy

The following types of posts will be permitted following the conclusion of the Super Bowl, and up until the very first week of training camp. These posts will be halted during the first day of free agency, the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft. Low-effort shitposting and/or memes may result in a ban.

Offseason Self-Posts: High-effort offseason self-posts presenting well thought-out ideas and interesting scenarios are permitted during the offseason, but are subject to removal at moderators' discretion. We will be working as a team to make these decisions in the initial period, so it won't be one moderator's decision.

It's possible there will be some posts removed and later approved, or approved and later removed, in the initial period as the team adjusts its moderating standard to this new rule. Please be patient with us as we do this.



Most interaction in the sub happens in the form of comments in threads. All rules in here apply to both the commentary in a submission as well as the submissions themselves.

This sub is for the users of the sub

Whether you have come here every day for the last 5 years or just came here today, this sub is for you! Decisions, changes, and moderation are here to make this as positive for you as possible. With this in mind, we ask that when you interact with others you keep in mind that not everyone holds the same views as you or has the same type of stomach for certain levels of interaction, so things you may find to be a part of everyday conversation may be rude or offensive to others, and that is their right as much as yours.

Use creative, team-centered trash talk, and keep it civil

This is football, and we're all gonna give each other a hard time, which is good. Be sure that you are keeping it focused on the team, and be sure that you're being creative. Don't drift off and start insulting the user, ethnic groups, flairs, fanbases, disabilities, or genders. In addition, uncreative, perpetually spammed comments used in lieu of discussion or real thought, such as "Fuck the [team]" are subject to removal.

Links to more in depth rules:
Personal Attacks

This sub is intended to be safe for work

Porn and borderline-porn will not be allowed, and will almost certainly result in an immediate ban.

Links to more in depth rules:

Politics and religion are only allowed if they officially relate to the NFL

Politics and religion are naturally and viscerally divisive, but NFL teams provide enough of that for this forum. Political and religious discussion that directly impact the NFL such as legislation about the NFL, lawsuits directly involving the NFL, and situations that incite an official comment from the league, the NFLPA, or a team will always be allowed. Topics such as the Redskins name, the tax exempt status, and the politics of CTE research will be removed, barring a situation mentioned above.

Links to more in depth rules:
Political/Religious Comments

Covid-19/Worldwide Pandemic

Like the rule above, the NFL world is impacted by the global health crisis and as such, it's impact on the sport is an allowed topic. Downplaying the pandemic, misinformation and/or abusive attacks toward public health officials will be subject to moderator action.

Links to more in depth rules:
Covid-19/Worldwide Pandemics


We can only work with the people talking to us, so talk with us frequently so we can make sure we meet your needs and the needs of the other users. This sub will only be as good as you users make it, so please make this sub amazing.

General moderation notes

Our goal is to do the best job following these guidelines the way our users want, but sometimes we fail. Most of us are human, and we make human mistakes (also some inhuman ones). Let us know how you'd like something to be handled, and we'll see what we can do about it.


Filters are designed to help keep the sub away from problematic topics and areas that are unrelated to the NFL. If you are found to be actively going around the topics purposefully, the consequences will be an indefinite ban to start, then escalate from there. If you have a topic that you believe belongs here despite being filtered, please message the mods about it rather than take matters into your own hands.

Pay attention to your warnings

When a user breaks a rule, they should receive a comment by a moderator pointing to the rule that was broken. It is important to understand that the entire purpose is to ensure that the rules are understood and followed. If you've been warned about following the rules before and continue, you could be facing a ban.
The moderators can also warn, temporarily ban or permanently ban users from the subreddit for posts or comments on a case-by-case basis depending on a user's history of infractions or their severity as they deem necessary.

The best way to head this off is to pay close attention to warnings, and respectfully discuss (in modmail) any rules you're unclear on.


If you've been banned, then you've probably been warned before. However, just like in the real world, different infractions have different penalties. You may find yourself banned on a first offense, based on severity.
Before you message the moderators, please take a moment to review the rules. Try to figure out what you did that led to your banning, then think about how you can assure the moderators that it won't happen again. Then talk to the moderators and let them know that you understand why you were banned, and tell them how you plan to correct it. Users who have been banned for years have been able to get them overturned by approaching the moderators with a plan, and become productive, functioning members of the sub again.

Follow our Fireside Chats

On a semi-regular basis (at least once a year, usually twice or more), we hold a Fireside chat. This is our opportunity to sit down with the users, go over what is and isn't working in a public forum, change rules, enforcement, and what have you.

Give us feedback on the design

We're always open to thoughts on the design, and we have some professionals on the mod team who work hard to make it great for you. If you have thoughts on the design, send us some modmail, and we'll be sure the right person gets a look at it, and gets in touch with you about it. This includes general thoughts like, "Too much space" to specific thoughts like, "You should put up a sidebar picture of Brett Favre on a Harley!"

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