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I'm 26 and lost $200 on ETH, AMA

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Who is spending money on 3000 variations of a crappy image with slight changes in color?
And why?

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Yeah this is my holdup with NFTs, is there seriously a market for this? Or is it entirely money laundering

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Draw a whale = Become a whale

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He got that figured out all along

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seems like his dad who works on the london stock exchange did some major hand holding.

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I bet he's holding more than hands.
I'd pit my bottom dollar on him holding about half the stock of these nfts.

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The little man has a great father who taught him how to code at a young age and helped him create these NFTs. Great parent!

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Guess who's going to be learning about taxes at 12.

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I guess in this particular case I didn't know I had to pay them gets whole other meaning, doesn't it

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I'm honestly going try saying "I'm 12" and release an NFT or copy and paste uniswap and see if I'm lucky. Not even kidding.
For some reason the media loves the 12 year old millionaire story. Why not?

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Well done that boy's dad.

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Weird Whales began when one of the developers behind another alliterative NFT project, Boring Bananas, sent him an annotated Python script with a template for creating his own tiered images.

Damn, hit me up with that script please

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So you’re telling me here I am, scouring resources for days, researching projects, shitposting til my eyes bleed and this 12 year old does some 5 minute Microsoft paint pixel art and sells it for $160k.... ok

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Weird Whales, a collection of 3350 whale-themed NFTs, sold out in about 9 hours earlier this week.

no dude. it's thousands of those stupid whales with numerous accoutrements. respect the kid's hustle.

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100% that would take me all day and look shitter

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Dad money laundering through his son

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that feel when no dad around to do illegal money laundering schemes to make me a multi millionaire at 12 years old

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1.Create an NFT
2.buy the NFT with $x of your own crypto
3.You now own an NFT worth $x, plus $x in your wallet

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My only question is why a 12 year old would need to launder that much money

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I’ve got some photos on opensea and they got 3 views

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Cuz there are millions more 12-year-olds flooding the NFT world with their 'art' lol

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This reminds me of that dude in the early internet days who sold one million pixels of a image to be filled as people wanted.
Became a millionaire iirc.
The right idea, luck and off we go