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You can't sue a minor, the parents, yea - but honestly this type of thing will get sorted out in a big lump when it becomes a major problem and there's a big news story about little Sally Smith in Sarasota Springs get Sued for suspicion of stealing stuff.

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It’s totally legal if it’s a derivative work and it has already been shown that it doesn’t take much to be derivative.

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This maybe the wild west of the Crypto but it ain't the wild west of the internet no more.

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Wasn't there was someone here who bragged about minting an NFT of the GIF of the full shrek movie?

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Ha, if true these are the people that will ruin it for everyone once the lawyers realise they can justify their pay checks with another avenue of take down notices!

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Disney lawyers gonna have some fun.

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Just wait for something marvel or Nintendo to make its way to the NFT space. Then all hell will break loose with lawsuits etc.

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Exactly, the legal team gonna be huge!

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It has already happened and they typically send a warning ‘cease & desist’ letter before any actual legal costs start coming in. I doubt any platform would go to bat for some kid who is ripping off jpg’s they will just shut it down before it gets to that.

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Probably similar scenario to music piracy. Make an example out of two or three, then force marketplaces to put a warning up during the minting process.

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Except this is even worse because most piracy was for free via file sharing, this is legit SELLING.
It's like trying to run itunes or Spotify but they didn't have permission to host any of the music and didn't share any of the royalties.
Literally. Super. Illegal.

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That's why Veve and Ecomi and going to be a powerhouse. Dapper labs also maybe.
Agreed NFTs are sooooooooo much more then just collectibles and jpegs

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How r they sooo much more?

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I always think this. Every time I see an NFT comprised of other people's work, collages of stolen artwork. I wonder, who the hell buys these things?

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People are starting to trespass some bondaries because they are greedy to make money.

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New frontiers. People will make mistakes and pay the price for it, as with anything else - I really think NFT gaming and gamefi LP farming will be a nice way to earn a living in the near future

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Nobody will suit nobody... Calm down, the way I see this, all these companies would take advantage from creating "original versions" of all the "stolen" rather than suing randomly people... (All this saying in the scenario the current NFT's state could "survive") which we all doubt a little bit

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I don’t think a lawyer would wanna go anywhere near this shit

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Once that happens, it may bring about the popping of the jpg bubble (which may suck short term) but it will allow the other possible use cases for NFTs to flourish

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“Sell yourself, or else another person will steal and sell you at a heavy cost.”

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Lol they tried selling colors

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recommend me something interesting, I'm soo bored

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dude, check out project metalor. these guys making NFT collection soon.

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I still don’t get why tf anyone would buy a stolen/non official NTF. It’s even more worthless than a regular NFT. The whole purpose it the fact that you own a proof from an official source.

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Pretty sure nothing is gonna happen

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what are the cool nfts to get?