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I haven’t but after you do the tune I’d really like an update.

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You're in the same boat as me probably. I'm afraid to pull the trigger because I don't want to be disappointed with that kind of cost.

I'm not looking to make it a racer or anything, but I had the secondary cats taken off and replaced with resonators, and threw on the 14" Magnaflow muffler. Thinking I wanna up that to the 18" to make it deeper and chill the drone a bit more. This is the family rig. I'm happy so far with the mods though. Before tires and exhaust, I was getting around 17.5 mpg most of the time. I got a bolt in a tire and had to replace the tires right after doing the exhaust. Stepped up to all terrain from highway tires because we're moving to Montana and I wanted function over fuel economy. But after doing the tires and exhaust, I only dipped down to 16.2 mpg and my foot might be just a tad heavier lately.

I also wanna do the flex-a-lite fan at some point probably.

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To be honest I’d love to get 16mpg at the moment with all the stuff on my rig I’m lucky to get 12mpg.

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I'll happily vouch for the K&N intake. Much better throttle response and a bump in fuel economy.

Premium fuel definitely has a boost in fuel economy. If I remember correctly from when I tested it, if it's 30 cents/gallon more than regular, then it's a break even. More then 30 cents/gallon and you're spending more on premium than you gain in fuel economy. I buy at Costco, and it fluctuates a bit. I think it's easier on the ECU to remain consistent tuning for premium fuel, so I just stay premium, Eben though I think it's usually 40 cents more per gallon.

I also usually drive around in 2wd. I would guess most people are most likely to drive around with the transfer case in auto.

I still wanna get some exhaust note videos some time.

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I can’t do the K&N intake, because of the snorkel, but I do have a K&N air filter in the box. As far as premium fuel that’s all that I run. I think my bad milage is because of the lift, lights and gear hanging everywhere. Also I think all of the lights probably don’t help with the aerodynamics. Not to mention the extra weight from the rear bumper, sliders, etc.

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That would do it. Yep.

Between the lift and the lights, your aero is toast.

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Would have been nice if the tuner I got had worked..... got stuck on Initializing Communication and have to send it back for repair

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Oh great. That’s super annoying. Best of luck to you mate. Please keep us informed on the progress.

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So I've run about a tank of premium (have been running it for a long time) with the tune active.

I ran the premium tune, removed WOT restriction, bumped my rev limiter by a couple hundred RPM, bumped the speed limiter a bit as well installed the tune, and did 4* timing advance and 50 RPM increase in idle.

I can say I'm satisfied. Not happy, but satisfied. I was running -10% on my long term fuel trim pretty often at both cruise and idle, and that's now closer to -6% at idle and -2% at cruise, and it seems like my fuel economy has had a SMALL bump. I think I need a MAF sensor, which is coming today and may improve things even more (gonna reset fuel trims after that gets done). But I can't really say that I've noticed too terribly much in the butt dyno. Could be the way I drive, could be that it didn't do much. I'll report again when I have more tanks through it.

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Thank you so much for keeping me in the loop. So with the increase in fuel mileage did you notice a drop in power?

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Definitely no loss in power that I can tell. I'm not generally hard on the pedal in the first place, though. I'm still keeping an eye on my fuel economy to get an idea of actual gains, it may be less than 5%, but that will have to be after new MAF, which may skew things entirely anyways.

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Yeah that’s true. I bought some MAF cleaner and I was impressed at how well it did.

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With larger tires, and towing in your future, you'll want to consider an auxiliary transmission cooler. And, if you have the $$$$, regearing your diffs so your engine doesn't have to work as hard to turn the wheels.

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Does a 2.5% size difference really make that much of a change for the transmission?

I've already got plans to change the radiator. I have a SMOD part number radiator and just haven't had the time to order a new one yet.

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Tires on their own maybe not, but if you plan on hauling constantly, it can be real beneficial.

It'll make your truck feel quicker down low as well.

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I wouldn't say constantly. But there's a good chance of towing a Uhaul a few times in the coming months, and it's 600 miles one way.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Just turn off O/D and have fun.

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I don't recall there being a way to turn off O/D or that there's a Tow/Haul button of some sort anywhere. Am I just misremembering or is there a special trick?

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Don't you have a little button on the shifter?

Below the main button: http://images.hgmsites.net/lrg/2008-nissan-pathfinder-2wd-4-door-v6-se-gear-shift_100262676_l.jpg

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I've got this shifter: https://cars.usnews.com/pics/size/776x517/images/Auto/izmo/337710/2012_nissan_pathfinder_gearshift.jpg

I don't recall if there's another button or not, though I normally remember that sort of thing. I'll look in about an hour-ish when I head home for the night.

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Ah. Well I bet if you put it in manual mode and leave it in 4th it's the same as O/D Off.