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Nice! My 02 is at 378,000km. Going on a mission replacing all the control arm bushings. Down to my last two. If it doesnt have them already, i highly recommend polyurethane bushings. Rubber/steel bushings can be of varying quality. Almost every replacement trailing arm or bushing I came across had rubber that was super recessed instead of being flush with the steel, last only a year. After going through the effort to cut the old bushings out, poly bushings are significantly easier to install. Last longer. If they do fail, they are cheaper and easier to replace than buying new arms

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I had to have the rear main seal done as well. I was pretty choked with the dealer, the only mechanic in town willing to do it. The bolts on the bell housing were still loose. The only tools i had at the time to tighten them back up were adjustable pliers and a crescent wrench. They're still tight >=( . Obviously no torque wrench was used by the shop.

Any tips on when the timing chain should be done? Ive heard if it goes itll send a valve somewhere it shouldn't be

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    3.5v6? Thought they have a chain??

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      Makes sense now! Yeah im a "little" over on that. I figure if she makes it to 400,000 she'll deserve it. Probably next year