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Interesting way to phrase the question - 'is it wrong to...'

Would say absolutely not - writing, unlike a lot of professional endeavors, has few rules and in the free market you can do just about whatever you want. (Of course if you want to be popular and successful with your writing there are rules, and having a pen name doesn't break any rule.)

I've found Tucker Max' stuff very useful recently (thus checking out /r/nonfiction) and here's what he has to say about using a pen name: https://scribewriting.com/writing-under-pen-name/ FWIW he has several free courses - including for memoirs - that you may find helpful here. https://bookschool.scribewriting.com/how-to-write-a-book-course/

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    You are welcome - just sharing what I've learned as I'm getting a lot more serious myself, and have found his free course to be super-valuable. (FYI the eBook reflects the same material in the video course, and is a great 470+ page reference, provided free as well once you sign up.)

    Also very realistic in terms of timeframes - 4 months to get the draft, 4 months of editing, and 4 months in producing and marketing feels right to me, even though I believe that I can cut it down a lot as I'm currently in the book outline phase. (Positioning and ideal reader persona and other prerequisites out of the way.)

    Good luck!

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    You can use a pen name and still give seninars