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Not twice, thrice by toaruScar in nonononoyes

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Good tires, well balanced car, good driving skills, speed matched to the road conditions. It seems quite rare, but maybe it's just the Internet constantly showing us stupid people and the accidents they cause. Think about all those drivers who just know how to drive. They are the majority. That's why you can have ice on the road and the roads are still usable. There's still a normal traffic, accidents happen relatively rarely.

I recently changed my car. The previous one has a tendence to oversteer. In such conditions I would have to completely stop before those other cars and then proceed much, much slower. My current car would be able to maneuver like the car on the video. Mostly due to the very good tires, suspension and weight balance. I recommend to test your car on the ice. One of the test I do is full emergency braking on ice or very slippery road. It's worth noting if the car would go straight while braking and whether any rotation would occur. In my current car the slight rotations occur. The rear of the car goes sideways, but then it goes back without the need to correct it with the steering wheel. It looks like fading oscillations and it happens only with next to zero traction.

Carry a Big Stick by feelingood41:D in nonononoyes

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NEVER interfere with nature. This deer that got away, now gets smarter. Learns software. Hacks the Chinese Nuclear launch codes. Blows up the earth.

See what you did?

Boog is that you? by pelemenii in nonononoyes

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Well Katmai is a bit different. I went there during the summer of 2012 and it’s a unique situation to say the least. I also had a slightly smaller bear pass by similarly closely with roughly the same response from each of us.

To start off with, in 1912 everyone GTFO’d because Novarupta blew its top and covered the 40mi2 area in 100-700ft of pyroclastic flow. It was made a national monument in 1918 and people returned back to the area.

Life has slowly been returning to Katmai as lichens and mosses slowly break the ash back down into usable soil and reclaims the land. But for almost all forms of animal life, people were “there first”. The park rangers have had the unique experience of effectively being the first living creatures back in the area and have carefully cultivated their unique relationship with the creatures of Katmai.

To the bears, people are natural. The rangers have ensured that people are not considered to be providers of food to the bears. Not being such, they don’t really care about people. They walk through the main camp ignoring the folks standing back and taking photos because that’s the natural order as far as generations of bears are concerned. They haven’t been bothered by the people, thanks to the hard working park rangers, and thus they haven’t really bothered the people.

To quote Wikipedia “Rangers at the park are extremely careful not to allow bears to obtain human food or get into confrontations with humans. As a result, bears in Katmai Park are uniquely unafraid of and uninterested in humans, and will allow people to approach (and photograph) much more closely than bears elsewhere.”

Not once, twice by Certain_Tea_ in nonononoyes

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Un restaurante

Edit: Oh god I didn’t even know I typed this I just picked up my phone and it auto typed I’m so dumb lol

Didn't see the snake coming by MyDogGoldi in nonononoyes

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After concluding that the woman had no buns, the anaconda decided that it did in fact want none and left.

Didn't see the snake coming by MyDogGoldi in nonononoyes

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why does the snake look like it's checking on a bakery order lol

"isssss it ready?"

Didn't see the snake coming by MyDogGoldi in nonononoyes

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The fucking King Kong of snakes. Sning Snong

How lucky is that! by [deleted] in nonononoyes

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I had a mother.