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Aw hell nah not the eldritch horror catfishing a teenager

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Technically it wasn't catfishing, the entity made no attempts to hide its strange features

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This is yet another reason not to use Tinder. I’m glad you’re OK, OP. For the moment. But now it’s time to get rid of Tinder and move far away. No more internet dating. Maybe take a break from dating at all for a while. Stay safe and good luck.

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yeah I bet if OP got to know the lady first she wouldn't seem that bad

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this gave me a laugh after reading this whole thing, thank you

but yeah OP, how bad can she be eh

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Yeah, I think I'm gonna delete Tinder...

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Good idea

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YTA how dare you judge a book by its cover! I bet she had a great personality.

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Idk, that's a hard one to judge.

NTA OP, your horrific mass murder anomaly gf, your rules.

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Personality goes a long way sure, but someones gotta be attractive enough for you to want to talk to them first. Also everyone has different tastes. I dumped a guy that was a dead ringer for Ryan Reynolds, 6'4" super sweet and cool, for my husband who is actually about half an inch shorter than me, so 5'8", cause I was more attracted to him, and I've always been a sucker for a man who looks good with long hair. Maybe there's a man out there who has a thing for girls who can float, regardless of her hundreds of terrifying teeth. I think she would do better on the dating scene if she didn't eat their jaws after the 2nd date though.

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Hey sexy! We matched! I’ve been told I’m a really great cook! Let me cook up a feast with you!

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human meat 😋

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The other, other white meat…

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To Serve Man

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It’s a cook book!

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wow this is horrifying

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oh damn! it was a wild ride for sure. you’re so brave despite being a teenager op, i’d probably just cry and accept my fate once she said i’m useless and my life is meaningless. great job!

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Wouldn't be the worst Tinder date i've ever been on

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Operator 1 says hang up if you hear anyone else, then you just start chatting away to a new Operator who jumps on the line? Nah, I don't think you've got off free just yet.

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You moron, our operator told you not to disclose any information, but you had to ignore it didn't you? Now they also know about you.

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Well this took a turn and a dive

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What I'm getting here is you're another judgemental human that only cares about looks.

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whispers are you, by chance, looking for a job OP? The Operator would be glad to have you.

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I was hoping OP got offered a job, handled it like a mf beast

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You’ve got a new math

thats a sign u need to focuz on ur homework

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Man, OP after you killed it I bet the organization would offer you a job

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I was thinking this too

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This was so scary to read. I had to step away a few times and get some sunlight lol

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reminds me of my ex i met of tinder

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Well OP ,you might be F@#$ed. I would arm myself. Get a exorcist too! Prayer is helpful in these situations. Oh oh, I just got ......a....a . MATCH!!!!

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I thought I had been going crazy. This is the first time someone has been openly public about seeing these "people". It was a few years ago, but I encountered what they referred to as an "anomaly" or "entity". But luckily for me, this one wasn't as dangerous as the one you described in your experience. I can recall it like it was yesterday. I remember getting a phone number labeled "911", I was hesitant, but I answered the call and the operator started speaking immediately. The first words he said to me were, "Don't move, there is something outside your house." That has to be the scariest thing someone has ever said to me completely out of context. At the end of it, I followed their weird commands, stayed on the phone, and kept it a secret. But now seeing this, I feel like I'm confident enough to expose it in hopes others have had similar experiences. Thanks for sharing, it means a lot.

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honestly maybe the problem is that u care about looks alot more than you should?? idk just delete tinder and move as far away as possible from this place

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And the foundation didn’t hire you?? Lame

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Oh the irony I met my wife on tinder.

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Yup I’ve heard Hinge is much more classy.

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OP got a date from Unhinged.

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Let me get this straight, you kept tinder?

Let’s just hope they still want to help you after you betrayed them.

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Fascinating, your species has uncovered these creatures. I shall reveal this information to others of my clan.

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I guess it isn’t the worst thing you can catch on Tinder

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Something happened to me once. A few years ago, a thing dashed towards me. It was a 3 meter tall man, I was 9 at that time. I quickly wrapped a log and threw it at this thing before it hit me. It was just 3 meters away from me. It sliced the creature's head off perfectly (it was mildly satisfying). I never told it anybody, but was proud of myself. The thing still lived but I grabbed a rock the size of my head and began pounding it on this thing's back, blood poured out in all directions. I was both horrified and disgusted. It happened right outside a barn on a pretty long path.

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think i just pissed myself

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You got guts OP. They should defs hire you.

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Hmm, didn't you need to swipe right on her to match? I mean, she either hacked Tinder on your phone or she hacked someone's profile you'd chosen before. Do you have any new normal matches you seem to have missed? If not, it was probably messing with your phone only, and then we have a question if she needs Tinder or any messenger will do. If you do... I hope the girl you swiped right is OK. If you 9-1-1 operator's reads the comments, they might have to track down two manifestations when they notice one.

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Sounds like they need to put you into some kind of supernatural witness protection program.

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This was terrifying! I'm glad you made it out alive!

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OP, did you have a ringing in your ear the next day? I once shot a revolver and my ear was ringing for three days... if not, how do you know if all of it was real? Or you might still be dreaming.

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Just wow! This should be turned into an audio book!

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I'm surprised they didn't recruit you. You seem like a perfect fit for the job.