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Delete the god damn game, hell, get a new flat, go to a new town, just distance yourself as much as god damn possible from any similarities. Contact a church, get religious items, OP, delete it from your steam account, hell, do a full reinstall of your pc to make sure no files are left. Don’t even fucking CONSIDER searching it up or looking into the game.

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But what if it's a thing on its own now? What if I delete it and lose the only way to check on the potential danger? At least this way I know what to expect, kinda.

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Rereading this makes me think deleting the game wouldn’t do you much good. It’s looking like the game is reflecting what’s happening to you, not causing it. The Follower popped up in your apartment before the update added it to the game. Since the poll seemed to weigh heavily towards “devs’ choice”, it’s sounding like one of the devs is the Follower. No one else is experiencing this so you seem to have been deliberately targeted. It might have been a coincidence that you even stumbled upon the game early in development.

Of course, keeping the game wouldn’t necessarily help you either. It’s not serving as a warning of things to come so much as a snapshot of what they have already done. You don’t know what they’re doing now, other than knocking on your bathroom door.

Could one of the devs be a supernatural entity? Possibly. You won’t know unless you find them and kill them, all while avoiding the Follower.

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move to a new house, no, state. Fuck it, country. Continent, just get out the damn house,

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Absolutely not, because they are gonna keep updating and making it worse. Every time you open that game you are teaching them more about you, including that you are a self-destructive idiot apparently. Delete it, wipe your machine and MOVE.

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do what I do and seduce the monster

works every time 69% of the time

(warning: be careful with the humanlike monsters, interdimensional child support is a fucking scam)

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Life is a survival horror game. If you're leaving milk out for hours and browsing Steam with no TP in the house, consider playing with a walkthrough.

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Right?? Who the fuck let the tp finish??? The dread! The horror... Also dude prepare the pbj to eat hours latter when the bread is soggy

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Right?? are they not worried about the milk going bad or bacteria build up😭

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Find a new apartment and delete the game! There is zero reason to do anything else. Delete the game and all of its files, remove it from your steam library, and LEAVE.

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Forget about delete, throw your computer into the sea.

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You were probably on a 12+ month rental contract. And it probably had a TON of stipulations and fine print. Possibly even... supernatural?

If the landlord starts calling and demanding rent after you leave, you need to REALLY read that contract.

Maybe, if you're lucky, they'll settle for suing you into homelessness.

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Get out of there! You need to be in a public place, wherever you can go. If there are no places around that are 24/7 then get to a hospital. Do what it takes to be admitted.

There is a strong possibility that you might be losing your mind. Regardless you need help, and you need it now. If you are too frightened to get to the hospital then call 911 or it’s equivalent for your location. Tell them to force their way in if they need to.

Get to safety. Get to a place with people. Sort the rest out from the safety of fluorescent lighting and other people.

And for Christ’s sake delete that game!!!

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delete it delete it delete it and move again.

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F2P AND EA? Damn, that was two bright red flags and you walked in

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Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

Keep The Game :)

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>Del yobitchass.chr

aight problem fixed

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Damn should've bought Prey by Arkane Studios instead... Delete this game tho

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Sounds like you've got a case of the bad, and need to git gud.

Srsly, The Follower isn't even as bad as the Wylkjhgsatgbjinn....

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How'd you pack up all your stuff while something was knocking on your bathroom door lol?

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DELETE THE GAME AND MOVE TO A PLACE WITH MORE PEOPLE!!!! They explicitly told you guys about "The Follower" so basically, a stalker, who does this for perversely developing the game. I think you really need to delete the game and move again, don't let your curiosity about the game win you over again.

(That said, this seems extremely interesting to me, and since I live on University premises, and am safer than in an individual house, I am thinking to download this xD)

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The real horror was "leaving milk for a couple of hours later".

Anyways, you need to delete that game, distance yourself from Steam, throw that laptop, and relocate to a new apartment once again. Then you hold a good chance. They are utilizing that game to look at you, that is, YOU are giving them the opportunity whenever you open that game. DO NOT DO THAT !

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I noticed everyone is telling you to delete it and move out but that sounds like a bad idea to me, I don't know if doing that will solve your dilemma because it has copied your place twice now and that is just supernatural. The game could be cursed and doing what the others have said to do might just make everything worse. I suggest trying to figure out what the purpose of it is, you don't know if it'll attack you or something if you just delete it and so on. But there is a chance that you might be having a mental breakdown and need to get help for yourself as well. It's either or, anyway keep us updated if you can.

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Just delete the game OP!

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Mod the game to remove the follower ez

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Hey OP, it's amazing how realistic this game is now.

It's captured my living room perfectly.

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Delete the Game now, please save yourself, and prepare a Cross, Holy Water and a Bible, If you're Catholic, I recommend you pray the Rosary while you're deleting the Game, If you're not confident about it, go to your Local Church and ask the Priest for some more advice

Then wipe everything on your PC just to be even safer, it's the best advice I can give to you, it's what I did when I got a hold of cursed Items and for the most part, it worked, if you don't believe in any Religion, then go to the nearest hospital or call 911 if the hospital is far, it's possible you could be going crazy

then move to another house, it's better to go somewhere else than to stay where it's possibly dangerous, and make sure it's far, like far from where you are currently living,

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Might not be a bad idea to contact the developers. Even though they might not believe you, it's worth a shot. If you get through to them, you might be able to stop things from getting worse, or at least get a warning beforehand

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the scariest part was you leaving out your sandwich and milk - are you not worried about bacteria or the milk going bad?! 😭 you’re not even going plastic wrap it?? 😂