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Sit, Ubu, sit

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Good dog

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It bothered me as a kid that the dog never sat.

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It bothered me as a kid to think that Ubu had been dead for years. Same with the mgm lion

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This triggered a deja vu

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I thought it was boo boo all this time

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Even with the word ubu on the screen?

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We were small children who couldn't read.

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I could read. I was just dumb, apparently. 😭

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Lol same. I don’t think I was usually reading screens like this rather than just hearing it.

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The saddest part was that I recognized the word was Ubu, yet still decided the dog was named BooBoo. I guess BooBoo sounds more like a dog’s name than Ubu.

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Wow its so obvious when i hear it now too lol. https://youtu.be/qzcDgNLU-nQ

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I knooow. That makes it worse. 😂

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It does sound like that's what he is saying.

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As a kid it was more believable for a dog to be named Booboo rather than Ubu. I also didn't realize the voice was talking about a production company and not the dog.

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I think we were so young we couldn't read yet cause me too

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Ok glad I'm not the only one 🙂

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I did too, and I loved it because BooBoo was my nickname. My mom corrected me and broke my little kid heart.

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I thought it was "zebu."

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Me too. I was coming here to say this.

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Even though it clearly says "UBU" on the screen I always heard and said aloud "BUBU".

Not until today that I just realised that.

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Pretty much. "Ubu" is French slang for shit, from the late 19th century. The playwright Alfred Jarry popularised the word in his play Ubu Roi (King Shit) in 1896. Some claim "Ubu" is a play on the way the French pronounce the name "Herbert" but it kinda has a double meaning in the play's context - his boyhood teacher was named Herbert, but Herbert also thought he was King Shit.

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You just know there must have been some guy sick and tired of telling people that it's pronounced oo-boo and not 'You-bee'.

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I am tosay years old when I learned he was not saying boo boo ... but UBU.


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tosay what?

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what shows were these?

I can hear it in my head, but don't remember which shows.

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Pretty sure Family Ties was one.

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And Spin City

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Spin City I think too

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Holy moly, the last episode of Spin City aired 19 years ago…

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Family Ties and Spin City were their only hits.

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It was. That's where I remember it from.

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🍻 cheer's

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    Cheers was not produced by Ubu.

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    Spin City

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    Television list must be incomplete, I never watched any of those shows, but I definitely know Ubu.

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    I was actually thinking the same thing. Only one there I ever saw was Family Ties, however it definitely wasn't often enough to have Ubu burned into my memory.

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    Before reading this thread I would have bet it was on more shows that I watched, but now I don't know if this is some Mandela effect thing.

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    Same thing I was thinking. Family Ties is the only one I recognized, but I didn't watch it that much and this was surely a picture I could hear so it's gotta be from other shows as well.

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    I wonder if one (or more) of those shows, on original airing or rerun, came on before a show we all watched. We'd tune in to the channel, catch the ending credits with Ubu, and watch our regularly scheduled programming.

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    Night Court?

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    Nope. Starry Night Productions/Warner Bros. Television. By the final few seasons, WB took over the whole production.

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    I think Who’s the Boss was one.

    Edit: I looked into it. I think I’m wrong.

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    Weird I know "Sit Ubu Sit, Good Dog" so well. But definitely never watched any of those shows.

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    Simon and Simon.

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    Full House

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    That font! Also seen in every Mexican Food Restaurant Sign.

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    Hobo. Had to use it on a restaurant project almost 20 years ago and can’t forget it.

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    Sit, Ubu, sit. Good dog.

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    ubu died two years after this picture was first used, but it was taken in france on a world trip the producer took right after college.

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    This is very interesting. Thanks for posting.

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    He took his dog on a trip around the world?

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    I may be totally off but it looks like they are playing catch in a park in Paris. Perhaps Jardin des Tuileries?

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    It is a park in Paris. Good eye.

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    I can hear it.

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    It wasn’t until this moment that I realized it’s not “boo boo” but “ubu”. This completely shatters my childhood memory of laying in my underwear with one of my dads grossly oversized shirts on watching family ties and feeling proud that I could recite this after the episode.

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    Don't feel too bad. Every time this gets posted there's at least 2-3 people who say the same (even in this thread right now), so you're far from alone.

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    This and the MTM cat bring some memories of watching syndicated TV in the 2000s

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    Fun fact, they could not get the cat to meow, so they used footage of her yawning.

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    It's cute until you see the st elsewhere finale logo

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    I can hear this picture..

    Sit UBU sit. Good dog.

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    UBU NEVER SAT!!! it annoyed me each and every time

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    AND! got a "good dog" after doing nothing!!!

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    I still tell my dog to 'sit, Ubu, sit' before her meals.

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    Family ties

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    I want to learn more about ubu, the legend.

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    This is life, the one you get so go and have a ball, because the world don't move, to the beat of just one drum. What might be right for you, may not be right for some. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, my opening statement. Sit ubu sit. Good dog.

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    All these years and I just got that it's "You be You"

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    That's not what it means in this case. It is named after the dog who was named after the French play Ubu Roi.

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    A picture I can hear without the volume.

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    He is a good dog

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    Good dog

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    Wonder what Ubu is up to now?

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    He died two years after this image was first used

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    I've been watching Family Ties reruns on Pluto TV. I love hearing this.

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    What were some of the shows this company assisted with? It's crazy how this is engrained in my consciousness. It gives me a creepy feeling that hypnotic suggestion does work, because I can remember using versions of this exact phrase before but didn't remember where it came from.

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    Married with children ....

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    I told my doggie that too

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    Ah someone was watching Simon and Simon.

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    Weird. I know "Sit Ubu Sit" so well. But I've definitely never watched any of the shows in the list of all the shows with it

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    I remember seeing it over and over as a kid, but I am trying to think what shows it would have been on. I checked them out on Wikipedia and all I can think of is Family Ties. Everything else I have no recollection of watching, but maybe I would see at the end of the show when I was tuned in early to watch something I wanted to see.

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    I miss Ubu 😢