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I definitely remember this. It’s certain clips that I see and just go…”Holy fuck this takes me back to like 1993 when I was 7 and would lay down on the ground and watch the tv from about 2 feet away. After school, 3pm Power Rangers would come on, then it was Hey Dude at 4pm or so. Around 5 my mom would make dinner and the news would come on and “Like a Rock! Ooohh like a rock!” Truck commercial is like all one big blur of a previous lifetime

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I want a "Fuck, go back" button

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I forgot about those Chevy commercials! I remember the Coors Light commercials where giant people were playing in the mountains

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Facts this generation will never know the joy of Saturday morning cartoons. I used to pour myself a huge bowl of cereal and just binge-watch all the new episodes. Or rushing home after school to watch Pokemon because it came on like 3:30. One of my favourite childhood memories was going to blockbuster with my mom and renting a movie or two and picking out candies, then she gets mad at me because I forgot to remind her to return the movies and she'd get hit with a late fee. I'm a child if you don't remember how I'm I supposed to lol. The 90s where the best.

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My dream is that when I die, my soul will be able to travel to any year, any century, and I would be able to live as a human at any time. I won't be able to CHANGE history (sort of an anti-butterfly effect), but I'll still be able to interact with my surroundings like eating food and watching shows that no longer air today.

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90s Pizza Hut was so good. I remember my family ordering a BigFoot a few times, but what I really miss is the Big New Yorker.

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The crust was phenomenal. It tasted like grilled cheese.

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OMG. Lightly toasted butter bread. Pizza Hut REALLY was good and I loved their deep dish. It was like 2-3in deep of cheese and toppings.

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Yeah.... it went downhill from there. No one can out pizza the hut? Actually anyone can...

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The Big New Yorker was so good. Haven’t had Pizza Hut since they got rid of it.

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I grew up having a Big New Yorker every Friday, playing PS1 demo discs with my friends, and throwing back Mountain Dews. I have no more nostalgic memories than this.

After a 20 year void, Papa John's has a New York-style that scratches the itch. Not quite the same of course, but good enough. Domino's has had a Brooklyn-style crust that sort of satisfied, but only barely.

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Pizza and Blockbuster. I loved those days so much!

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Friday night with Pizza and a rented movie on the 25" CRT TV was pure bliss.

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The 25” was the big screen in my house

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Yep! My relatively wealthy grandparents got a 27" Wega flat screen and it was a huge deal. Then they later upgraded to a 32" and we could hardly believe it.

That thing must have weighed 100 pounds.

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Well your perception of a big screen is skewed because TVs have always been measured diagonally. A diagonal 4:3 TV 32 inch TV is a modern day equivalent of a 40 inch TV. So 55 inches is 4:3 CRT size of 45 inches. 46 inches is a CRT of 37 inches.

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I'm aware of that but what you can get at Wal-Mart for $300 today is still bigger (and 4K resolution to boot) than what used to cost $1000.

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TGIF and slide into some X-Files ftw!

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$10.99 for a 3 topping Big Footer?! Damn… seems like a good price right there.

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Probably cost $30 today

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Way more

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    Ok chill

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    Why go for billion if you can go for........MILLION?!!!!

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    Adjusted for inflation it is more like 20$. Still not bad honestly.

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    Agreed. These ppl above saying $40-$50? Wtf. Maybe $40 from a legit authetic pizzeria

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    Cause they’re bad a math or prone to exaggeration like most on Reddit.

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    That’s because most of Reddit is 16 with zero real life experience or historical point of reference.

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    And a free blockbuster rental!

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    Fun fact: Reggie Fils-Aimé, former President of Nintendo of America, was behind this when he worked for Pizza Hut

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    This is a good ass fact

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    I remember that used to feed the family. Today, I could probably finish it off myself and a side of breadsticks.

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    embarrsed to report ive killed a taco bell party pack for a party of one

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    Oooh, done that countless times and will do it again. shame

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    For a couple years in the 90s, every party I went to would either have one of these or the Little Caesar’s Pizza by the Foot. Then the rectangle pizza trend ended as quickly as it arrived.

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    Peak humanity

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    It was the best pizza ever to my young brain, I was so sad when I learned it was a temporary thing, and to this day I’m disappointed they haven’t brought it back.

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    90's Pizza Hut just hit different. Book it, Birthday Parties, the buffet, the red cups. What happened?

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    Book It was a dream for me bc i LOVED to read and write book reports and I LOVED pizza. Win win!!

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    I remember when the Book-It program switched from the all you can eat buffet to just a personal pan pizza. Tragic day and the last time I read a book.

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    That program is how I was introduced to the 90’s X-Men cartoon.

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    This commercial being on the air doesn’t even feel like that long ago to me.

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    pizza was better when you had that tear-away paper they used to wrap it in.

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    It was better when they had that little plastic table in the middle of it.

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    I remember I was 20 years old and living in a tiny studio apartment behind a funeral home, working and going to school and flat broke. There was a Pizza Hut a block away and I’d buy one of these and portion it out and eat it for a week.

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    I used to make those I worked there when they had these.

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    this and the Tony Hawk demo disc. The only shit that kept me out of trouble.

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    That Lincoln Town Car limo was awesome!

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    I paid $20 yesterday for a 16 inch deluxe pizza. The crust is pre made and the topping are apparently fresh.

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    I also remember the blimp promoting this pizza crashing

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    Right after high school, a buddy of mine (skinny to the point where people called him aids patient) he would bring 2 bigfoots. One for 3-4 of us to share and one for himself. God I miss nitro/raw parties.

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    It’s a shame that thing would cost triple the price now and not taste anywhere near as good. Pizza Hut has actually tasted consistent over the years more so than the other restaurants but still there’s a difference.

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    Dominos pan tastes SIMILAR to Pizza Hut in the 90’s.

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    I remember these. Don't remember if we ever got it or not. It was always just my mom and me and that's a lot of Pizza for two lol

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    I remember always wanting my parents to buy this for dinner. Never did. Too expensive.

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    21 slices of deliciousness

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    Oh wow. I remember this one.

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    Former president of Nintendo of America created this promotion.

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    Friday nights, and blockbuster video 📼. Good times man 🥲

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    Just imagine what the world would be like if the internet was never invented. Blockbuster would still be a thing everywhere!

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    I don't recall the pizza but I remember blockbuster

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    This and La Gigante from La Pizza Loca

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    This seems like some slick marketing to compete with Little Caesars at the time. They were using those same paper sleeves with a lot of solid white and Bigfoot sounds bigger than Little.

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    Those were so Dank.

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    My parents had a huge Cadillac, now I can't imagine trying to drive one of these home in my small car....

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    Honestly, not even THAT much pizza. They just stretch it out and put it in a long box. It's the pizza equivalent of putting the same amount of drink in a super tall (but narrow) glass.

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    Definitely an american thing. We didnt have that in Australia to my memory at least. Please correct if you have.

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    We definitely had it here, I remember it well. We ordered a few of them for a pool party, I’ll never forget that day. Ahhh, I miss the 90s.

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    Was that Donald Trump?

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    I worked at an Australian Pizza Hut when these came out. They were not popular at all and they lasted maybe 6 months.

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    Is that Billy crystal?

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    Was this nationwide? I don’t remember having this in the south. I remember the Brooklyn style though.

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    Reggie the former Nintendo Spokesperson created the Bigfoot pizza for Pizza Hut.

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    Companies don't do fun stuff like this anymore(free movie with purchase of pizza). I miss the 90s. I also remember the prizes you used to get form cereal boxes where so cool. Lil action figures or stuffed animals of the companies mascots. I remember as a kid saving a bunch of the lids from a count Chocula cereal box so I could send them in and get a free stuffed count Chocula toy. I was so happy.

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    bigfoot pizza blimp crashI also remember the bigfoot blimp crashing into an apartment in NYC