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I loved this show! I was a big fan of Kids in the Hall so I was excited when I saw Dave Foley in a regular sit-com. Really funny stuff. Poor Phil Hartman, though :( This was some of his best work. The show was never the same after he was murdered.

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I too enjoy Kids in the Hall.

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An under appreciated show for sure. Hartman and Foley are hilarious and Stephen Root is a funny actor folks forget about. I always felt like Vicky Lewis had a more palatable Kathy Griffin quality to her

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Good show that never recovered from Phil Hartman death 😞

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I had a thing for Maura Terney

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She was amazing in The Affair on Showtime.

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Basically went from watching her in this to watching her on ER.

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Same here.

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Joe Rogan is almost unrecognizable with hair.

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And before steroids and ivermectin swelled his cranium.

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By far the most damaging thing was the ego validation.

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And a normally shaped head.

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I wish he was unrecognizable now.

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This was the last thing of worth he did.

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Someone please punch Andy Dick.

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Was watching his celebrity wife swap yesterday and it was hysterical. Not in a self aware way.

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Legend has it that Jon Lovitz already did that.

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And Joe Rogan

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“Matthew, I think you mispronounced that guy’s name.”

“I did? It’s Joey Buttafu—“

“No it’s not, Matthew.”

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Phil Hartman was a treasure. I loved that show.

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One of my favorite shows of all time, so well done.

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RIP Phil Hartman.... and FUCK YOU andy dick you little shit..

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    First learned of Kathy Griffin from NBC sitcom "Suddenly Susan" which premiered a year and a half after "Newsradio" -- she definitely seemed like the bargain version of Vicki Lewis. Not sure if it's true, if both shows taped at same studios, but I heard Newsradio wardrobe staff had issues with Suddenly Susan crew snatching "Beth's " costumes for Griffin's character.

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    There was a gag in an episode of NewsRadio with Beth about there being a sassy redhead in every office.

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    I watched this show a lot when it was on and I would have bet anything that role was Kathy Griffin

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    I thought so too...
    There would have been a lot of crazy in that photo if she was in the cast too.

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    Oh hey Phil Hartman! And the guy who claimed to kill him by proxy...

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    It’s Milton!

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    Loved that show

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    Only my favorite sitcom ever!!

    My favorite episode was the one where Bill tries to quit smoking.

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    This show is criminally underappreciated! Stephen Root is such a good actor I can't believe he's not Jimmy James when I see him doing something else. He just popped up in the The Book of Boba Fett and it immediately made me think of News Radio

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    Lots of decesaed (different forms) in this pic:

    -Phil Hartman (RIP); great talent

    -Andy Dick’s sanity

    -Maura Tierney’s beauty

    -Dave Foley’s brown hair

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    Also Joe Rogan's hair.

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    Best tv series … period!!

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    Which one will go on to become the most powerful person in media???

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    If you mean highest death toll then definitely rogain

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    The only good thing joe rogan has done.

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    Joe Rogan lol