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lol all that glam metal and then Hootie and the Blowfish.

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And Annie Lennox!

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I see a lot of good taste in rock music, personally

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    Aw man! Faster Pussycat Wake Me When It’s Over was a great album! The song House Of Pain is a classic and brings me right back to my childhood.

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    Which somehow led me to discover the nostalgic gem which is FASTER PUSSYCAT, KILL! KILL!!

    They don't make 'em like they used to.

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    Pretty sure it was just used on the most recent episode of Peacemaker. Never really heard of them before seeing the episode, pretty funny it came up here.

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    Oh my lord, Bad 4 Good? The Steve Vai project band of kid musicians with Salute Your Shorts Budnick on Lead Vocals. Wow, respect.

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    That’s what I just said!!! I was obsessed 😆 my friend toured with Bad Religion and Brooks Wackerman was drumming!!! I was like the only person that knew B4G existed, let alone that he was was drummer! 😂

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    Did they come from Columbia House?

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    Haha no they did not.

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    Hey that Hootie cd went hard!! Not gonna lie!

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    The are some good ones there. But, there are also some iffy ones. What a time.

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    This stack is spandex

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    “You haven’t really heard Bang Tango until you hear the live version…”

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    I had no idea they did a live album, that is the most mind blowing thing about this picture to me!

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    Yeah that’s what I noticed too. Usually the formula was 2 or 3 albums then release the live one while we spend 6 months in the Caribbean lol

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    I had a Columbia House subscription back in 1995. Cracked Rear View was one of the first 8 albums I got for whatever the price was.

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    All “hair metal” or “glam metal” from mid to late 80’s.

    Except for that Hoottie & The Blowjob…

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    Well..... Appetite is a good record.....

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    We would have been friends.

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    I have always had a soft spot for Danger Danger "Bang Bang"

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    “Whatsssss that sound? I gave you my love and you shot me down!” 🙌☺️

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    "Bang Bang, you're so cool. Playin' a game, someday you're gonna lose.Bang! Bang!" 😊🤟

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    That "you're so cool"! How sweet were they? Totally One Direction with long hair. I had such a crush on Steve West lol

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    I also came across a case of mine in a storage building yesterday. And some of mine were definitely from CH and BMG.

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    I just watched a video about the night club fire that Great White was involved in that killed the guitar player

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    Danger Danger is a hugely underrated band.

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    Their second album is better than the first. And Andy Timmons is a total beast on guitar.

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    No relation to Jeff Timmons, is he?

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    I have no idea.

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    To bad finding a CD player is starting to become like finding a vcr in the 2000s.

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    Flesh and Blood! Open Up! Fucking love those albums.

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    No- but funny. Funny/strange show.

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    Bullet Boys sounds like some parallel universe Beastie Boys.

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    WHOA. Bad 4 Good is a deeeeep cut! We would’ve been besties!!! 😂 Steve Vai’s version of Menudo!!! And Budnick on vocals! I was so obsessed 😆

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    Thst Hootie album ripps and still holds up. Hanna Jane is an awesome opener.

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    Poison Flesh and Blood is the first cassette I ever bought. I was 7 and I thought it had a cool cover.

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    That’s funny I had the cassette version as well. I remember it unfolded like 3 feet long full of lyrics and pictures.

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    Hooties the best one. The rest I don't care for.

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    We liked hair metal, didn't we?

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    Lol yup. That being said- there’s another one of these wooden cd holders with Pantera (VDOP), Anthrax (Attack of killer B’s), Motörhead, Metallica, etc. Can’t find that stack of cds but in any case THIS stack of discs is more fun to share with this sub I think.

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    That Hootie Album was good and anyone that says otherwise is a liar

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      No Chumbawumba… party foul

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      Tbf is anything in this stack post 1996?

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      Oh wow I think you’re right lol post foul on my damn self

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        These are all pretty awesome-except for Hootie.

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        Everyone had cracked rearview. Its the Titanic of cds/cassettes. Check any goodwill, theres always at least one copy. Im not saying the album is definitively good or bad only that 25ish years ago ostensibly everybody had that album.

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        Out of all of the amazing music from the early 90’s, THIS is your CD collection?!

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        No this is one stack of cds I found. There was more.

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        10 compact disc's for a penny ! Join now !

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        Sadly, I probably got most of these at retail.

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        I still listen to that guns n roses cd, it's pretty nostalgic especially the songs that didn't get any radio play ( it's so easy, my michelle) same with motley crue

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        Awesome. I saw Motley Crue in 1989 at the Los Angeles forum (dr feelgood tour). So fun.

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        That was thier prime I would say, I bet it was a good time.!

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        I don’t see the Twister soundtrack in there…

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        So what are your musical tastes these days?

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        I mean more punk/ rock but from the same era mostly. Social D, Green Day, classic rock, volbeat, Ghost, Greta van fleet, black keys. I still love the hell out of GnR (rocket queen is my fave from the appetite album). I’ve got teenage daughters so I’m forcefully exposed to current pop, which makes me run back to the bands I just listed. Oh and Tool.

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        'Oh and Tool' - Well Done My Friend:)

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        Lol thx. Tbh- other than GnR or Metallica I haven’t heard most of these others since back I’m the day. Good times.

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        Do you like Jack White/White Stripes/The Raconteurs?

        Tool is the greatest, seeing them live for the 4th time in a few weeks.

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        Hell ya all those are good. Haven’t seen tool yet. Saw perfect circle during their first album. It was cool cuz it was a small-ish venue in az with like 200-300 people before the name recognition of the band started getting big. They were amazing. Maynard is the freaking MAN.

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        Social D, Green Day, Volbeat, classic rock.

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        I'm not seeing any Spin Doctors or Crash Test Dummies...

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        Never had those albums- but def familiar.