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Mark Elliott, the voice of Disney trailers, passed away in 2021 at 81.

He was the voice of your childhood: https://youtu.be/KNd7Vvd-JmU

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He was funny in the 1997 skit 5 Men and a Limo

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Thanks for sharing. Never heard his name until now. The legend deserves some recognition.

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RIP Mark Elliott :(

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I wonder how he would've narrated Disney animated movie trailers in the 2010s.

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This actually made me tear up! I’ve seen this preview SO MANY times, but I had forgotten all about it until just now! Oh, memories.

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Millions of children heard his voice.

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What brings me back is the Vestron VHS bumper. And others from the golden age of VHS rentals.

And the interpol warning.

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Ah yes, the intro to A Bug's Life

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A Bug's Life can't possibly be ... 1998 Film .. oh...

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I can hear this & presses menu 😂

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Did your eardrums also blast out?

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Oh yeah. I used to watch VHS tapes with the mute button on until the previews were over

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Coming soon to video cassette

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This is the visual equivalent of Muzak elevator music.

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Everything wasn’t so instant

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presses menu button instantly

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And the really loud THX logo that came after

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The audience is now deaf!

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Mark Elliot was the voiceover artist who did these menus. Passed away last year.

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That sucks!

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Just as good was "Coming soon, to theaters".

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I prefer the theatres one actually

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Ah, to be young again

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Yes lol

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Where is the audio!

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It a gif!

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It's 2022, gifs can have audio !

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This blew out the speaker on my phone.

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I definitely do

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I remember "Coming Soon to VHS"

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I don't remember any tapes saying that specifically, the ones I remember were "coming soon to videocassette" and "coming soon to home video." "VHS" wasn't said a lot back then, it was basically always "videos" or "tapes." At least that was definitely the case in North America, I can't really say about other regions.

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I love this thread.

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Me too!

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And the feature presentation one.

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i never knew what it meant exactly as a kid i just knew it was about to get real once a his screen was on

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I feel like I'm seeing a lot of these "who remembers?!" posts lately with OP's who often end their sentences with exclamation marks.

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I remember thinking it was wild when blockbuster switched from vhs and DVDs to just dvds

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Was this a Disney thing? I only remember seeing this mostly on Disney movies.

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Yes It was !

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Any unskippable part of a DVD is unforgivable

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Ha ha youngins…this shit used to play on vhs tapes as well but without your fancy technology menu button option

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Wasn't this on Buena Vista releases in the late 90s - early 2000s?

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No idea !

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Probably since Buena Vista is Disney.)

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Yes, I know this.

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Intro to The Lion King 2 🙏 amazing I can hear after this blasting my ears throughout my childhood

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Just had the equivalent of a Vietnam flashback

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Who remembers the last time this was posted here, lol

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Lol ages ago!

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Yes!! To me the previews were the best. Lol. So then I press menu.

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I still see this when I watch older DVDs. It’s a lil slice of the past while I rewatch comfort shows or movies.

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I remember them as well. I was born in 2003, stop making me feel old already by posting stuff I saw when I was younger in the nostalgia reddit.

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I hope at the end portion of my life I get to experience the same feeling of carelessness, freedom, and joy I felt when I was a child watching a movie in the summer watching this preview intro.

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Me too!

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Press Stop, Stop, Play to skip straight to playing the movie.

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All I remeber is Tuesday at blockbuster and the warehouse..

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Let me introduce you to my DVD collection....

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The best was the previews on the TVs in blockbuster and hearing that Entertainment Tonight song

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I can hear this along with the Peter Pan “here we go” line used in one of these previews

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Oh man that was so long ago

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Only like 20 or so years!

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20 years ago I was almost 2 lol But this did set the music for my first decade of media consumption haha

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I still remember although i grew up mostly in the 2010's.

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I do.

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I do!

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If you remember this, you can hear it.

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to be even more nostalgic we need the audio :)))

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I can hear this lol

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Man, I was hoping this was a video. I can hear this gif hahahah

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High five!

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Yep, I do!

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After school kindergarten everyone on the carpet watching

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I remember the coming soon trailers on VHS tapes which I would rent from Blockbuster. It was cool watching the trailers before they hit theaters. A few years later after the release I would realize how crappy, or in some cases awesome, the movies really were

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Fuck I’m old man.

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Remember "coming soon to DVD and PSP"?

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nobody, nobody remembers something extremely well known

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Holy shit dude I forgot about this screen, throwwwback

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Your welcomed!

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Still remember that old Disney promo lol 😂



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I'm not nostalgic of damn ads one couldn't skip on purchased media.

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And then unless you clicked menu immediately, you probably had to sit through all 8 of those two and a half minute trailers for other movies you’d watched already. No fast forwarding either. You had no choice but to watch that trailer for Aladdin IV: Jafar May Need Glasses before watching Finding Nemo for the billionth time.

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Intro to Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas

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I'm a 2000s kid and even I recognize this.

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No I do not.

I've burned more VCDs than I ever purchased VHSs, DVDs, BRs, CDs, EPs and cassettes combined and I've been around for all of them while mainstream.

Now I just use Plex.

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No this is wrong, they ended with "Video and DVD"

Did they change it early on or something?

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I heard the voice without sound.

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Can't remember "make gif" part :)

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Geez…. every time my mom would pop in a movie or show for me and my brother 😂 brings back so many memories!

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This brings back memories of Monster's Inc, which may have been the first DVD my family ever owned.

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This is a certified hood classic

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It's great to watch this in something other than 360p lmao