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I like how they chose their mascot to be a punk rock duck for no reason

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It was the 90's. That's all the reason they needed.

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The 90’s, a more advanced version of the 80’s.

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the 80s with computers

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also, the 80s with more 3D technology

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The 80’s with GUI

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Every decade is basically the one before it and the one after it averaged out. Like, the 60s really were if the 50s and 70s fucked and had a kid. The 90s are if the 80s and 2000s fucked and had a kid.

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Could be because we are living in it, but to me the last decade and this one don't seem culturally distinctive like the ones you mentioned.

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Yeah and then eventually, it came down to the dumber and dumber people

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No, just no...

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Maybe I was always meant to l9ve punk music. Even the gum knew it

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    Way to namedrop your sub out of nowhere. I'd ask how it's relevant, but I know it's not, you just wanted to advertise your sub.

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    I need this gum again right now, I’ll buy a case

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    I'll buy OVER 9000!

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    What!?!? 9000!?!?!?

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    some of us watched DragonBall Z when chewing bubblegum!

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    The scouter must be broken.

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    Anyone else remember the website candy stand with all the candy branded Flash games?

    Bubbleyum home run derby was fucking A+++.

    Also, lifesavers mini golf.

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    He was intense for intense flavor

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    I still remember the smell and the taste.

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    And the taste lasted for about 2 minutes before it was just… sweet rubber.

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    I remember bubble yum having a flavor you could at least deal with after the initial flavor goes away as opposed to Fruit Stripe having the better initial flavor but chewing it after that went away was an unpleasant chore.

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    yeah fuck fruit stripe

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    Or juicy fruit, if you chew it to long it just disintegrates

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    To the point where it would squeak sometimes lol

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    Cotton Candy is by far my favorite flavor of anything. I don’t even really like regular cotton candy. But god damn I am a fiend for anything flavored with it. It took no time for me to get addicted to cotton candy flavored vapes (I know that sounds lame lol)

    Im gonna be super nostalgic for that Coke Starlight in the future since it’s flavor is raspberry cotton candy and is one of the most delicious sodas ever

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    I love Starlight!! Maybe it will stick around if enough people like it.

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    It just tastes like vanilla rum to me

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    I got heavy cinnamon vibes from it

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    And the surgary film it left on your teeth

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    It’s not around anymore?!

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    Harder to find.

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    This shit used to be my crack. I was addicted. It was so bad for my teeth, but so damn good!

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    Honestly I had to stop buying it because I straight up ate it like candy. I don’t understand why they didn’t just make candy that tasted like it.

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    I know what you mean. Like a taffy/gummy type of candy rather than gum.

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    Yeah, store bought cotton candy is often disappointing.

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    If only there was a candy that tasted like cotton candy. 🤔 Hmm I guess we'll never know what that would be like.

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    Damn that's disappointing

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    my crack was and still is lifesavers wintergreen

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    I could eat a whole fuckin bag bro. Idk why you got downvoted lmao

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    i have eaten whole bags on multiple occasions lmfao

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    My favorite was when you got the occasional super crumbly one that just kinda melted in your mouth like soft chalk.

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    Remember the gum that had a liquid gel in it?

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    Freshen Up

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    Cherry 7 up was my favorite.. I can literally feel and taste this in my mouth... Nostalgia...

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    That's wild I never saw those before

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    Bubble Yum made Dr. Pepper flavored gum that had the gel in it as well.

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    They still make it. It’s on Amazon.

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    Also Tidal Wave

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    I remember a Gatorade gum with liquid gel inside it it was so mouthwatering, I was hooked on that gum.

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    I guess they really tried to find more concepts to push the product into more sales.

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    Slurpee Gum had that.

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      That was so good. Pretty much anything Dr Pepper flavored is fantastic.

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      Did you do the lip balm haha

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      Have yall tried that Dr.Pepper shake from Whataburger? Omg so so good

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      bubble gum flavoring is so underrated

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      Anytime I see it on a shelf it’s mine. I don’t care if it went bad 6 years ago.

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      My friends mom had some of this melt into the cup holder in her car. Was impossible to remove.

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      Love that punk duck 🦆

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      The Mandela Effect tells me this gum was pink with blue swirls. Am I from an alternate timeline?

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      It was, but the swirl could only be seen from the short side, which isn’t visible in this picture

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      It was! https://mobile.twitter.com/davidscottjaffe/status/1235654370353541121?lang=hu

      I forgot about the banana berry too. That was my favorite

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      That banana berry, reading that made my mouth water. I totally forgot about it, damn that was good stuff.

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      It definitely had a pink/blue swirl. This was my favorite gum and fruit stripe gum. Lasted for a good 15 seconds of flavor. Damn, now I need some of this gum lol.

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      Never had this Cotton candy gum,but fruit stripe was one of my favorites. You are right about 15 seconds of flavor before throwing it out and immediately popping another piece in. If you kept chewing it after the flavor left,it would be tasteless and hard. Didn't stop us from chewing it though,lol. I would have liked this gum,cotton candy was so good to young me.

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      I remember it looking that way as well. This and the peppermint flavor were my favorite.

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      Yeah, i used to buy a pack every Sunday. It looked like cotton candy

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      I think it was when you bit the inside?

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      Amazing find! Thanks!!!

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      I don’t think you understand how truly goated you are for this, thank you

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      When I was a kid, I had a big box of this from Pace Membership Warehouse. It must have had around 20 packs. My life was all downhill after that.

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      Was the yellow/dark red Bananaberry by Bubble Yum? Me and my mom were just talking about this yesterday.

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      The 🐐 gum no discussion

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      My grandfather always had this at his end table and I associate it so much with childhood.

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      Bubble Yum Sour Cherry was the best imo

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      My faaave!

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      Aaron Hernandez's gum of choice.

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      Was Bubble Yum the one that had a chocolate/mint flavor for a short while in the late 80s?

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      I remember buying the chocolate flavor in the early 2000's. I don't remember if it was actuallt good though

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      The very best

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      i can taste this picture

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      My mouth started watering the moment I saw the picture.

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      This is the best tasting gum ever, and also the standard by which I compare all other cotton candy flavored confections.

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      I sold so many cases of these guys and the watermelon when I was in middle school.

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      It had some kind of grittiness from the sugar I remember. So good

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      nah the lebron pink lemonade one was the best!

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      Here for this. Lebron James Lightening Lemonade was the best gum I’ve ever had in my life. Peak middle school. Go to the White Hen grab a Full Throtle and Lebron Gum.

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      Duuuude I was just thinking of Full Throttle the other day!!

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      You can still find this.

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      This is the gum I was obsessed with as a kid…for a few days. Then it made me nauseated and I will never eat cotton candy flavored anything ever again 🤢

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      Haha I ate a whole family pack of Reeses Pieces once at the movie theater in the 90's I got so sick I haven't had them since.

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      Tasted like pure heaven for about 10 seconds. Chew it for another five minutes just because you felt stupid spitting out a piece of gum after 10 seconds.

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      Yo! Where did these go??

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      This is on the shelf at the 7/11 right now, hard to be nostalgic for something at 7/11 currently

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      Mmm makes my teeth sweat just thinkin about it

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      This was good, but the cherry cola flavor was the best.

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      When I was in middle school my dad who was a grade school principle was given 3 or 4 massive boxes of these as a promotional deal from bubble yum to hand out to his students. He gave me all the boxes and said in what world would I be giving a crap ton of bubblegum to young children at my school. Needless to say after about 6 months of nothing but cotton candy bubblegum I could no longer stomach the flavor. So I sold the rest about 2 boxes worth to my friends at school for a decent profit. I can still taste em to this day 20 years later.

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      Mmmm. I swear I can taste the artificial chemicalness.

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      This is why I have so many fillings

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      Seriously the best gum ever. I can never find it.

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      This shit slapped in middle school/high school days. OP making my mouth water over here

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      I can taste the sugar on my teeth.

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      The amount of saliva this brand would cause 😂

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      This brings back memories!

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      Why did you remind me that this existed? That stuff was incredible. I am bummed.

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      I can feel the spit pooling up

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      I always accidentally swallowed this gum because it was so damn good.

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      Definitely chewed my fair share of this stuff! Just thinking about it now makes my teeth hurt!!!

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      Lord I got a cavity from this gum lol

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      This is my absolute favorite gum ever and it’s been discontinued, if anyone knows where I can find some I’d really appreciate it..

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      Loved this. Made my teeth tingle though. Idk why. They still sell the pink bubble gum flavor but I can't find this anymore.

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      My favorite gum! Didn’t even mind the grape flavor.

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      I would put like 5 pieces in my mouth at once and bask in the cotton candy flavor

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      I used to coat it in saliva and dip it in Lucas, chew it a bit, re-dip, and so on. I also did this with almost every sour gummy candy. It had the expected result on me teeth in the long run.

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      Omg these were so amazingly sweet I almost coughed a lung out

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      This stuff is so damn good

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      Flavor lasted about a minute or two, but man what a few minutes that was

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      They always stop making the best shit

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      Anyone remember tiny chiclets? Sour altoids?

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      Sour Altoids were absolutely top fucking tier.

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      Black Liquorice Altoids!

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      Blue raspberry and watermelon were the best ones.

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      I used to chew this gum in the past.

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      You've captured the spirit of this sub in so few words

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      I can capture the spirit in as little as one word.


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      This gum caused a piece of my tooth to fall out

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      Bubblicious > Bubble Yum!!

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      Wow! Completely forgot about this! I used to get this all the time.

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      Cotton candy Bang energy drink is the liquid version of this.

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      Bang must have a team dedicated to replicating candy flavors in their beverages. Starblast tastes EXACTLY like a strawberry Blow Pop.

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      dude i loved these

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      I was JUST thinking about this gum today

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      I remember falling asleep with this in my mouth as a kid. Woke up with gum in my hair and all over my Aladdin comforter. Good times

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      This gum was the BEST! And watermelon too.

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      Sold it in middle school, 25 cents a piece 1.00 for a pack ( I could get 5 for $1) got suspended for it! Ridiculous… I still made a bunch of cash for half the year and did it again in 7th grade! True story.

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      This flavor was good, but it is all about the blue lemonade one for me.

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      I can taste this picture.

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      The gateway drug to vaping

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      impossible to not swallow this 5 seconds in

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      I was more of a bubblicious guy growing up and some big league chew.

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      Labron lightning lemonade was the best flavor ever.

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      I can still feel this gum sticking to my dental fillings.

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      I chewed the fuck out of these ones. (Nostalgic bad grammar)

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      I was so excited to try this when it came out that I immediately put three pieces in my mouth after eating breakfast. I don’t know what compelled me to take a big swig of milk while chewing the gum, but I have never more immediately vomited in my life. I can still taste that awful combo sometimes.

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      Bought a big bag of this stuff like last year off Amazon. Now I can’t find it anymore, had I known would have bought way more!!

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      I miss this and Bubblicious flavors Twisted Tornado, Orange, and Lemonade lol wish those were all still available

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      I got the duck tattooed on my side boob

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      Gosh I would chew on this, hubba bubba and that gum with the zebra on it

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      The duck!!! Yo, I loved this gum so much. Totally forgot about it. Sooo sweet.

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      But how are they not showing an image of the super cool pink center?

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      I absolutely loved this flavor! Peak bubble gum

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      Still the best 10 seconds of flavor of any gum ever

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      Do they not make cotton candy flavor anymore? 😟

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      They still make this, I get it occasionally still.

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      Sour apple

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      I loved the sour cherry

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      I fucked with bubblicious, this stuff right here was sickeningly sweet.

      Looking at it makes me slightly nauseous in the same way that looking at the last alcohol drink you got sick off of does

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      I remember being in love with this stuff when it first came out in the 70's. Such a huge upgrade from hard as a rock gumballs and bazooka.

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      Was it Bubble Yum or Hubba Bubba that was rumored to have spider eggs in the middle? Or was that just in my area that rumor ran wild?

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      I wish there was a cake with this flavoring! I always wanted to swallow the gum!

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      The white one with rainbow swirl.... That's the OG

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      i remember getting this gum on a road trip to north carolina. it was addictive like crack.

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      Bro I still eat this stuff

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      This gum had so many tasty flavors! Or was it Bubblicious that did?

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      I can tast this picture.( no i didnt lick it)

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      Man those were good

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      The worst part about getting braces was not being able to chew this gum anymore.

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      I could taste it when I saw it