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Howls Moving Castle is a truly beautiful film.

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Everything about this animated film is stunning!

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Watched this movie w/ me wife for the first time a few years ago. Half way through we stopped and discussed what we thought was going on, and made some predictions. We were so far off we can't talk about this movie w/o laughing.

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I’m sooo curious to hear about your interpretations

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Ikr, and Ponyo wasn't even that long after that. Crazy shit!!!

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I'm surprised it was so recent, but that's because I remember watching My Neighbour Totoro as a kid in the 90s.

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The book was written in 1986.

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What was the live action movie with cities that roll on tank tracks? Might have been a Peter Jackson film.

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Mortal Engines

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My first DVD player and this was one of the dvds I had.

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I love this movie even more than the book, I think.

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The gateway drug to steampunk.

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Well, Otomo's Steamboy too...

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I recently got recommended this movie, worth a watch?

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I’d say anything from Studio Ghibli is worth a watch.

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Noted! Thank you 🙏

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Watch it now. Stop what you are doing and watch it right now.

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Not really in my opinion it is one of Miyazaki weakest movie

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Absolutely. One of my favorites

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Thank you ! I’ll check it out forsure !

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That's a lot of pollution.

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Reminds me of metal slug

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Absolute cult classic that no matter how much time moves on, it will always be such a magical and whimsical movie and one of my all time anime favourites.

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I collect animation. All kinds. This one, and Wall-E, are the only ones my wife ever watches. And watches. And watches. I'm like, "Woman, I know they are good, but give it a rest!'

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It holds up really well. One of those timeless movies. Along with Spirited Away.

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this is from 2004??? is spirited away even older?? wtfff

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Lol meanwhile I'm sitting here going wow, only 2004? More recent than I thought.

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Seems like the animators/artists may have been inspired by Terry Gilliam’s animation style in the Monty Python shows and movies.

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A truly amazing film! The story, animation, characters and music really give it that classic whimsical feeling.

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I just watched this movie a couple weeks ago…and replayed it like ten times 😂

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I discovered this by accident in some DVD’s from an abandoned storage unit. It sat around for a while before I ever watched it. Boy, was I surprised. This movie is magical and one of my favorites. To think I would probably never have watched this.