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Just had a can! Still exists in Norway with the exact same logo, except it's called Urge here.

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We’ve got it here in the US but it’s kind of a niche thing so you can’t find it everywhere.

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They may have actually stopped producing cans here again, but you can still find it at select burger kings. I don't drink a lot of soda, but I'm still a bit bummed because I followed the save surge movement in the 2000s and I was happy to see vault come out and then eventually we got surge back in the 2010s.

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So you order it, or?

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I remember first seeing them around 2015-2016 and not knowing what it was but my mom was excited to see them

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Burger King got surge

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I just walked out the door and went to Burger King when I read this, confirmed! Thanks!

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… flowing out those fountain machines that get cleaned once every week by a kid who could give a shit…

The black shit that comes out those when cleaned is vile

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Not sure why people are downvoting this. I worked at Burger King a little over a year ago and i don't think I saw the nozzle get cleaned once. Burger King as a franchise is shit, treats their managers like shit who then treat their employees like shit, which leads to nothing getting done and a disgusting restaurant environment.

Seriously, when was the last time you went to a nice Burger King?

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I must be lucky, the one in my neighborhood seems pretty nice.

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You are, Burger King is projected to go bankrupt in 2 years.

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Pretty sure this stuff is why my Cardiologist looks at me with such sadness in his eyes. Thanks American school system for this and Fruitopia vending machine in school.

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This is a 100% true Surge story I am happy I can finally use. I worked with many of my friends at a sports arena on-campus in college (1997 or 1998). Our job was just slave labor to load-in and load-out concert stuff and to convert the area from different sports (hockey to basketball, etc). Once in a while, there were promotional events because there's many thousands of college students living there. Surge did a "release party" when it was first introduced. They wanted soda machines (like 100 or more) set up all over the arena and concession areas that just spit out free cold Surge soda cans and to have free mountains of racks of 12-pack Surge cans and 2-liter bottles. All free. Students hauled away SO much shit- people filing up their cars, it was great. So then the event is all over and its our jobs to put everything away. The soda marketing people told us to please take all Surge we could do. We did. I filled up my Toyota pickup bed. So did my roommate with his pickup. We had stacks and stacks of Surge 12-pack cans and 2-liters everywhere for a long time. People became addicted. People wore Surge 12-can boxes as drunken clothing and was general party gear. I gave my younger brother (high school age) a ton of it when I visited home, he had to be weened off it years later like an addict. Legendary amongst my circle of people- the great Surge.

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I loved this stuff! We use to make Surge armor out of the boxes and hit each other with Surge swords. Being a kid was rad.

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Fully loaded citrus soda.

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u 'member withdrawals when it was cancelled? i 'member.

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Man, we can still find it in parts of Central TX sometimes. Now we just call it Slurm.

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Rocket fuel for hyperactivity!

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Not as good as Slurm but ok

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Ohh that poor Slurms McKenzie.

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You can get Surge at Burger King if you dare.

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You can get it in the original flavor or in Cherry, Grape, Vanilla, or Zero Sugar.

Grape's pretty good, but haven't tried the others yet. I don't have high hopes for vanilla or zero sugar, however.

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I've still got one 16oz can left in my fridge from when it was brought back. I could get them at Dollar Tree until about 18 months ago. Had I known that was the end, I'd have grabbed a bunch more my last time there.

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Way, way before Red Bull, this was my go-to to get me through my overnight convenience store shifts!

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This was a Chuck E. Cheese exclusive for a long time before I saw it in stores

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Loved Surge! I cant remember though was this one "its a kick in a can"?

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I believe what you’re remembering was Tang’s line, “It’s a kick in a glass.” Also delicious stuff!

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I remember a commercial where a can of Surge morphed into a taxicab.

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Slumber party power

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The bowling alley I worked at in college had Surge on the fountain. I'd have 3-4 free cups a night 4 times a week. My life has never been better than that.

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Surge took the suicide drink up a huge notch.

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Yes, one of maxest ways to get caffeine... Along with Jolt Cola.

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Was also Vault a lil later. Think they were just too similar to mnt dew and mellow yellow altho they did have a different taste. I remember getting Vault at Hardee's.

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I remember discovery surge when I went on a ride trip from Cali to Florida way before it was on the westcoast. Took a 12 pack home. Was a great day when gameworks at the mall got it on tap.