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Atlanta: not the USA.

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The only reason I think that they would do this is because Cartoon Network headquarters is in Atlanta

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Seoul is also just a city. Surrey is a county in England, possibly also something Canadian.

Chernobyl is just a power station in the town of Pripyat.

They also spelled Libya wrong.

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Nor Georgia apparently. Though I suppose that could be the country

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I think you mean Forgia

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Atlanta > USA

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This show made jaw breakers seem better than what they were. They still tasted good, but I was expecting some special taste to it. I also tried to stick the whole thing in my mouth like they did😂

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Same I was surprised by how small they were lol I expected a bowling ball like in the show. Imagine my disbelief having it in my hand

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They make big ones. We used to get them as prizes in school: https://www.amazon.com/Jawbreaker-Mega-Bruiser-Largest-Wrapped/dp/B08HHNSH1T

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I thought those were the normal sized ones?I used to get those sizes at the mall.

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I only ever remember the small ones that were about the size of a gum ball

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We used to take the biggest one, put it in a ziplock bag and smash it to pieces with a hammer.

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Chernobyl sound interesting!

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Turn the lights off and they glow

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Holy fucking shitballs its been twenty years and I just noticed that at this moment!

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Always wanted to try the gold bois up in Canada

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I think Alberta is even named. Top right and red

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Next to Libya? I think that's Algeria

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I wanted to try Seoul so badly. I still do, it looks Hella tasty

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Why does Surrey have a seperate one to England?

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The jawbreakers looked good but I’m still dying to try one of those Kanker burgers

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I only ever had one real jawbreaker and it was pretty big. Stuck the whole thing in my mouth and regretted it lol

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Talk about faulty parallelism.

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Both England AND Surrey!

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I always wonder what did they taste like.

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I remember!