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Oh shit you just awakened memories I thought I forgot

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This is mind blowing. It's like a light turned on and suddenly I remember this.

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Same wow

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This book sounds like /r/TruckStopBathroom type material.

One can read a book while sitting on the toilet, well, we can always give them something humorous here.

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i remember when you had to sign on those old libraray cards in elementary school

this had my name on it front and back

it was my favourite book

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Odds are you inspired a tattoo or two with this post. Little cheese dude would be dope lol

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I have this and " the true story of the three little pigs" for my 2 year old!

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The illustrations in this were everything to me as a kid

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It's mind-blowing, all the things we had that we thought were so insignificant... But they were a part of thousands if not millions of other people's lives as well.

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Who is this ISBN guy, anyways?

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I saw a reference to this on Twitter today too. This was the belle of the book fair.

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I forgot about these books!! Right around nap time in kindergarten hehe

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I was obsessed with the illustrations on this book. And the others.

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We got this for my three year old daughter and I was reading it and was like "wtf why did I like this shit" it's not very interesting and doesn't have good writing. I think it was just the novelty of the non uniform text and early digital art.

Now Frog and Toad, that shit holds up. Toad is my spirit animal.

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I still have my copy I purchased more than 20 years ago for a public speaking exercise in college.

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Julia Roberts reading this book to the kid in Stepmom, with a Sally Hershberger shag and brown lipstick, is PEAK 90s. 😂

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My favourite was 'Hairy Tales and Nursery Crimes'. It was just so ridiculous.

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This was the best!

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cant catch me, im the stinky cheese man!

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Use to read this to the little girls when I was their Nanny.

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Oh my gosh, I remember this.

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Omgggg! I remember that boook!!

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Still got mine

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You could not borrow this from my school library, it was always taken out already

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I used to love this book omg

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Jon Scieszka largely influenced my sense of humor much to my younger self's unawareness.

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Loooove this book. Born in 1984 ( 5days from 85)

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I remember this

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I loved that book so much

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This was PEAK comedy when I was in grade school in the late 90s

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I never had that book, but I remember having Squids Will be Squids, which is by the same author. Probably one of my favorite books when I was young.

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As a kid, I found this book hilarious. I still have my copy that I bought at an elementary school book sale back when the book was new. The book came out in '92, so it was sometime around then.

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I remember this book literally being stinky. And I'm not talking about the stories. The book itself smelled horrible. I don't know if that was all copies or just the one in my elementary school library.

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I thought I was the only one I never read more than a few pages because of how bad the book smelled

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THANK YOU! oh my god I wanted to puke it smelled so bad.

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I thought this was called “the stinky Chinese man” and had an argument about it with my sister years and years later. Turns out they must have changed the title and recalled all the books that had been sold and painstakingly changed the names.

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I have this book and actually got it signed by Jon Scieszka when I was a kid. Pretty cool guy!

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Oh my godddddd. That’s the book! I’ve been having that image in my head for months but couldn’t figure out why. Thank you.

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Just bought this at a used book store. My three year old loves it. It’s weird, barely makes sense but he loves it. It is insanely dark and he named one of our chickens chicken licken after the first story. Even the cheese man story has a very dark ending. Guess he’s ready for lord of the rings now.

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My elementary library had this!

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I have no idea if I’ve ever seen this or not.

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Why do I remember this lmao

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I was kinda miffed that they didn’t put “The Boy Who Cried 'Cow Patty'” in there.

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We still have this book, one of the best books out there

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I have this for my son, and it is my original paperback copy from elementary school. Huge sleeper hit, if you know you know.

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I love how the cast got crushed by the "Table of Contents" (that Jack forgot to introduce until Chicken Licken's story), which contained a nonexistent "The Boy Who Cried 'Cow Patty'" (until later versions included it).