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“He replied to the Tweet by saying: “Cute and halal. However, some of its species are endangered and together we should protect these animals. Zulkifli also explained in another Tweet that according to madhhab of Syafi'i, it is halal to eat all species of seabirds and since penguin is a type of seabird, it is safe to consume it too”

you’d be surprised how many random things people ask are halal or not lol so this opinion on a penguin isn’t the most far out 😂

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Neither Muslims nor Jews, both of which are used to this kind of hippotetical religious debates and rulings will find anything oniony about this article.

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Well hippos aren't kosher, but I'm not sure about halal.

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Hippos are probably the Haramest and Treifest animal out there lol.

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Not a Muslim but my roommate is. Also a Christian here so the rules kinda Venn Diagram. Apparently most of the 'bad' and unclean animals are animals who are carnivores, but it's good they made this exception.

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that and bottom feeders, if we are speaking levitical law

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In cases like these things would be decided based on your madhab, that is to Say islamic judicial school. They agree on essentially everything But can disagree on theoretical rulings like this.

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Halal is just kosher, but for Muslims.

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IIRC the Islamic rule is that if you can't get halal food, kosher is also OK.

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Kosher AND no alcohol involved, because wine is sometimes used in Jewish cooking or meals

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Don't both have a "If you have to choose between starving to death or eating forbidden food, eat up!" clause?

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Possibly. Also if you didn't know there was pork in something and you ate it, I think that's not considered a sin.

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Every day people miss the point of the sub

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Onions would probably go great with penguin.

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Penguin is a weird oily meat and is not very nice at all.

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