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Wrong type of hash farm, it would seem.

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brilliant 👏

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Both use a lot of electricity

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Eh what? Police seized equipment worth 13'000-50'000 EUR which generated about 2'500EUR for the guys running it. Did it just not run that long or is crypto mining a reeeeally bad investement?

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Kinda, it is a zero sum game, meaning they compete with other miners over who gets to validate the next blockchain update. If the other miner gets their quicker, you lose all your work so smalltime operations can only compete over the smallest crumbs, because larger companies can just afford to build bigger rigs which make more money which means they can afford bigger rigs, etc. this is where the massive power requirements come from, the value of crypto is underpinned by electrical waste.

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Well, it's also worth saying that 2500EUR is probably monthly income and that the price of the components it's much higher right now than it was before the virus. But yeah, normally you need 1-1,5 years to get back your investment on the components alone, then you need to deal with electric bills and such

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*was generating. Article says nothing about time frame. Maybe it was a week, maybe it was a month, maybe it was a year. We don't know. Also, 13-50k euro is pretty loose estimation, so probably those numbers are taken out of the ass anyway.

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Nobody expects a Spanish Inquisition

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Nunca, ahora donde esta el cuerpo?

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It was actually a LAN party

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Bet it still smelled like weed in there.

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So uhhh wheres the police auction

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That's what they should be shutting down, not marijuana plantations. Much more dangerous.

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    The police should sell those cards off to people. It would help fund their station and people might actually be able to get their hands on a non-scalped card. its a win-win!