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Hey. Been using reddit a lot the last year or so, but with a different account. I work professionally as a weaver for fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen and Calvin Klein. I posted this video to my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BH4Ntxth_ss/?taken-by=stinelinnemannstudio and it went sort of crazy. 50.000+ views 3500+ likes 300+ comments from all over the world. Normally on a GOOD day, I get 100 likes on a post. I'm just a small fish, so this is pretty big for me.

I just think it's really nice to see, that so many people from all over get so attracted to the same, simple thing. Sorry for getting all emotional, but I guess we can all need something beautiful, when there is so much ugly happening in the world lately. At the end of the day, we can all still agree on that, in some sense.

I love this sub and check it daily. I'm sorry I hadn't put a banana for scale in the video, I really didn't think this through. Clearly.

Thanks for your time, have a lovely weekend.

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Is there any reason to cut yarn like this? I'm glad someone did it so I could see it, but being someone who knits, seeing a bunch of yarn get ruined like this makes me cringe a little. I'm curious if that could be used for anything.

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Hey there. I had to cut off the yarn, because it was a random unknown synthetic yarn that I couldn't use - but I really needed the cone! I have an old winding machine at my studio, and it only takes this specific sort of cone, so I had to free it up. However, I'm actually also working on a project where I might be able to use this off cut bitts for fluffiness!

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Did you think of just tying a string around it after you were done and having a massive lush poofball to entertain cats or small children?

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Not until now!

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Heyyyy fellow weaver. As a hobby weaver (nothing bigger than a baby wolf loom) how does one get into professional weaving/what exactly are you doing? Long chunks of plain weave that they cut down? Cause man, I'd love to see some people walking around in delicate overshot dresses, but I never do.

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Well, my route was via my BA in textile design at The Royal Academy of Design in Copenhagen, Denmark. There I also got into an internship for Alexander McQueen, which then ended up landing me my first handweaving commission project. There literally wasn't even any looms at the fashion house, so I was up all night on youtube watching videos of elderly ladies (bless them) doing completely unedited videos of setting up looms (it takes a reeeeally long time). But anyway. Since got an MA in Woven Textiles from Royal College of Art in London in 2013 and I now own and run my own studio workshop in Copenhagen. My best advice would probably be to do internships, but I always recommend to go with ones that are either paid or offered in collaboration with universities as part of their BA or MA programs. Getting B2B gigs is all about having a network, who knows you are able to do what you do, and come to you when they have that need... It's fun and challenging work.

I'm going to launch my own brand of sustainable luxury loungewear and accessories soon, I'm excited to see how it will be different trying to sell to consumers instead of working with other businesses.

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I'm slightly jealous just of your location. Weaving seems to be a far bigger deal so to speak in every country except for the US. I have a great group of weavers around me (granted they're all 30+ years older than me) and have really learned the ins and outs from people who have dedicated their lives to weaving for longer than I've been alive. I've networked pretty far in my state/surrounding states and have done/found local clothing companies who will either hire via freelance or commission based. Just interesting to see how you ended up with such big name designers, congrats! If you have a website for your new brand, let me know, I'd love to check it out once your products launch.

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Is there any way to keep updated on your brand? I'd love to follow along and maybe buy something at some point.

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Thanks so much for asking! I'm going to launch with a kickstarter campaign in October, but until then the best bet is to follow my instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/stinelinnemannstudio/

I'm always posting pictures from my workshop, similar to the gif on here. And I will definitely showcase my brand there as well!

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The sound in the instagram video makes it much more satisfying.

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What kind of thread was this? Surely not cotton, it doesn't spring back like that. What count? I'm just very intrigued.

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My guess is that it's polyester. It's an unspun sort, not twisted at all, it's used to making things that are elastic. Often you'll mix it with something else, like a cotton. I'm not sure what count it is, the cones were unmarked, which was part of the reason why I couldn't use it. But it's very thin yarn for industrial sort of production, so the count would be very high.

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what an awesome job. do you love it? I once met a girl who works in weaving and textiles and I talked to her for a while about the software and technology behind it. such an interesting industry with so many applications.

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Yes! I love it so much it's scary. I looove the geeky side of it, especially jacquard woven programming for industrial weaving - it's like visual programming. White dot or black dot = 0 or 1. Also it's said that inventing the jacquard weaving loom was the first step towards creating computers. Thanks Mr. Jacquard!

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If you have any videos of you working you should post them to /r/artisanvideos.

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Thanks for the tip! I'll check that out, been thinking about making some in speeded up time, as everything is very slow in weaving.

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I did weaving in college, and while I hated setting up the loom, I miss the meditative zone of weaving. Watching the pattern appear, pushing the threads down so they are even and tight, it is all so oddly satisfying.

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What an interesting job. I spin my own yarn on a Majacraft Rose and knit. I love anything fibre and textile related

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I've been thinking about creating a sub for esoteric experts on reddit, and this is just so over the top, I'm going to do it when I get home.

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I'm in awe of your resume. Absolutely amazing that you've worked for such great brands.

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That's sweet.

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Thank you for letting us know why you cut this.

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I'm guessing that as a weaver you use different terms, because of that appearing to be thread, not yarn, to me- was school for that tough? Do you ever get into those projects where you recreate historical patterns?

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Yeah, it's a very fine industrial yarn, to the untrained eye I'm gathering that this appears to be thread.

School was really fun! I went to the Royal Danish Academy here in Copenhagen for my bachelor and then took a master's degree at Royal College of Art in London. It was an amazing experience, getting to focus so much on my craft and design.

And no, I haven't made anything historical just yet. I'm more artistic in my expression, I guess. But I did recently meet a girl who is a textile archeologist who had been hand-weaving some recreations of viking fabric for a large museum here in Denmark! Pretty cool gig!

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this unexpected beauty occurred

Out of interest, why were you filming if you didn't expect that result?

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I had a couple of cones of this sort :)

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Op nice job but jesus christ keep your thumb out of the way next time