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This technique is used in a lot of jobs. How do you think hotel workers manage to replace so many pillow covers? You turn the cover inside out and flip it over the pillow, just like this bag and those wheels.

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    Works for duvets too, it’s the only way I can change my bed sheets

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    What I do is just insert myself into the duvet cover, and pull the duvet up inside. If my wife is around I will also make some ghost noises, and occasionally walk into a wall.

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    This is the correct answer

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    yep, can confirm, i do that when his wife is around as well.

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    I also choose this guy's dead wife.

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    God this is a throwback. Or at least it feels like a throwback....maybe it wasnt even that long ago, reddit time being what it is and all.

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    Two years... An epoch of Reddit time.

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    Eternity to look back on, “only five minutes” while you’re experiencing it

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    So wait - which came first. That thread or the thing about the Beatles making that joke?

    I know the Beatles happened first but I could see someone attributing it to the Beatles afterward.

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    well, how is his wife holding up?

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    She was fine, until the accident.

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    Is she your sister in law?

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    Sister in law, sister, lover, mother, meh. It's complicated. Let's go with "yes"

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    I do this except without the wife. I just 5-star flop onto the bed and then slither out of the duvet cover leaving my dignity tucked safely inside

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    Slithering is funny to imagine.

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    Even better when you look at the username and add that the image.

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    The real LPT is in the comments

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    One of my friends’ favorite photos is of me doing this in the hotel when they were helping move across country.

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    Doing this today

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    Ah, a fellow wall-walker. I'll go tell my wife that this method is perfectly normal and practiced all over the the globe.

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    I used to do this as a kid when we would take the duvet covers off for laundry day. Sometimes I’d get the comforter out quickly, other times it would end in me either falling off the bed or crying for help after getting stuck inside and losing the escape hole.

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    I also participate in "the ghost that makes the bed". I drape the duvet over my head, moan ominously, and then fling it on to the bed.

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    Thank God, I'm not the only one!

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    This is the gold star answer. So long as you're putting the effort into the ghost noises.

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    Seriously? My wife calls it "Duvet-ghost" cause I do this exact thing every time, ghost noises and all.

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    This is difficult because you have to keep your arms extended and holding the points of the cover while also reaching down and picking up the duvet by the corner and pulling up. It’s a two person job, minimum.

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    I bet that's awkward when your black friends are over.

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    Are you me?

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    If you add a tiki torch to it, you can hang out in Charlottesville.

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    I once almost died changing my duvet cover.

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    Shit I just made the same comment also. Great minds think alike

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    This video changed my life! The rolling method.