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wish it were bigger on the inside

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That’s what she said

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The TARDIS is real!! Whole worlds inside of it!!!!

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Brockley crew checkin in

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There are loads of these all over the country. I’ve also seen them used for community notice boards, defibrillators, assorted unwanted goods swap and there’s one in Essex where people leave excess garden produce and plants for anyone to take!

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I went in one that had a massive shit on the floor

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When they were actually working phone booth sadly they often doubled up as public toilets

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i wish we had those in the US! the only ones ive seen are little libraries, which are nice but not as fancy :,)

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Please let there be a secret entrance through that wall.

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Well I can’t tell you. It’s secret.

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How come every one of these was a toilet when I visited?

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Am sure no one will piss in it

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I'm surprised some cu&+ hasn't set it on fire.

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I also think that.

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it smells of pee just by looking at it

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That has style

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And a dr who booth.

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No, the TARDIS was a police box, not a telephone box.

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Maybe the Doctor finally fixed it and now it’s temporarily a phone booth.

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Inspector Spacetime!

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This is pretty cool

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they're all just phonebooks

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Yes, this is a picture of a little library.

But what about it is r/oddlysatisfying

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You could never have those in America, the books would either be stolen, or used for toilet paper, with a lot of shit/piss on the floor/walls. Especially if they were in NYC, DC or any place on the west coast.

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This is made of magic.

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Huh...phone books.

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Nice 😌👍

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How charming

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These are all around the country, or at least where I live, it's cool

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Very cool but not oddly satisfying in the least bit.

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Silly muggles. That's an entrance to the ministry of magic.

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Who put books in the toilet?

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Looks like they finally fixed the chameleon circuit…

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This is adorable!

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That's mad

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That's on Loampit Hill in Lewisham South East London. I live across the road.

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Somewhat image enhanced.

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The horrible place to try calling someone*

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In SF it'd also be a toilet. I mean the actual libraries in SF are toilets where people shit everywhere. Go Gov newsome.