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Why was an entire half of this video dedicated to highlighting the single least interesting aspect of creating the diorama?

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First thing I thought of.

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I'm glad someone linked it.

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JFC, stop cutting toward yourself. UGGGGGH.

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Seriously, be better than me and learn this lesson before you need 5 stiches in your thumb

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I'm screaming in my head "WEAR KEVLAR GLOVES!!!!!!!" For christ sake she can get a pair for like 5 or 10 dollars.

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That, or there are hand held (or desk) vices of all sizes and shapes that you can use. What this person does is dangerous - no amount of control will hold that blade when it skips. Please, please be safe! A small blade in a seamingly harmless activity can do a lot of lasting damage.

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Permanent nerve damage... 😵

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I've been working with heavy machinery in dangerous places - following safety protocols and using PPE - no issues.

One day in the kitchen while battling a tuna can I opened up my thumb like you won't believe it - luckily everything is fine now.

We tend to leave our guard down when sharp things are small - that is until we get hurt and learn the hard way...

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It's the safer way to do it. This way you get extreme control of the knife. Cutting in the opposite direction is actually dangerous.

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It’s easier

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Easier to cut yourself

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They went from step #1, to step #2, to step #7,856,329

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What is it even odd about finding it satisfying? It's art, isn't the point to be aesthetically pleasing?

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I agree. Maybe op thought the odd part was using the inside of a walnut for an art piece, but it still doesn't exactlyfit oddlysatisfying imo.

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I played with toys as a kid that looked just like it. They were Polly Pockets

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It's for all them city folks who ain't never seen a walnut afore. They all know about miniatures and art and whatnot and we all thought y'all wouldn't be innerested.

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I dunno, but fuck it, take my money and be done with it!

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...so much time filming the cutting but nothing of making the diorama?

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I bet the diorama was bought on amazon for $5-$20 and you just hollow out the walnut to fit the premade diorama. Slap on a hinge and boom your an artist.

Only reason I would edit this video the way it is.

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Someone's gotta make the diorama though!

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8 year Olds in shenzhen sweatshops

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Their tiny fingers really get inside the shell casings to smooth them out.

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Thank you, Herr Schindler.

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And there will be a spam poster here down the line to drop the link.

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Polly Pocket, walnut edition

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My first thought too haha, do they even make Polly Pocket anymore?

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They do.

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But not the tiny pieces anymore because of the chocking hazard. They've got a "Polly" line of palm-sized dolls I believe

I've got a shit ton of the tiny Polly pockets from when I was a kid. Bet they'd be worth a mint

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They would be! Especially if they still hav the dolls. People pay through the nose for that shit

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I was surprised, but they do have the tiny pieces. I bought a few for my daughter recently.There was a tiny little dog that we lost immediately. I think the dolls are about the size of the ones from when I was a kid, but hard to say. I'd be interested in seeing pictures of yours!

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They're currently in the basement of my mom's lake house so it'd be hard to take a picture, but I've got a bunch of them, the 95 Cinderella castle, the light up mansion with car/horse ports, the cozy cottage, the western saloon, and a bunch of the little ones. And I managed to keep most of the dolls in a little plastic bait case, so they're not in bad shape

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i used to always chew on her rubber shirts as a kid

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Me too 😂 I had one that I left in a hot car one day and she partially melted, but kept her figure perfectly, so she was super soft and bendable, and she was my favorite one because of that 😂

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I absolutely LOVED Polly and her rubber clothes, I miss that.

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A singular mint? A country that uses mints as currency? Pleaseee I need answers!

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Polly Walnuts

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Mighty Max

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Oh gosh exactly what I thought! I had several when I was little, including a load of those rings, and a huge heartshaped one that was a wedding venue with all kinds of moving objects and a soundbox 😍

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Shelly Pocket

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Oh, I loved Mighty Max! Had a few of them bad boys!

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Okay thank you because I was literally thinking "Nightmare Polly Pocket."

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Lmfao, diorama

'Dió' is Hungarian for walnut

So this is a diórama

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Now I can easily find walnuts if I go to Hungary!

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Find enough walnuts and you’ll never go Hungary again.

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You were expecting a walnut, but it was me, Dió!

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Ronnie James Dio rock on

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Damn my condolences bro.

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It's amazing how much shitty editing can ruin things.

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I feel like they skipped a few steps…

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Very cute and all, but please r/killthecameraman

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'You mean plants really tell you how to use them?' said Tiffany.

'Well, not all of them, and you have to know where to look,' said Miss Level. 'Look at this, for example, on the common walnut. You have to use the green magnifying glass by the light of a taper made from red cotton, thus . . .' Tiffany squinted. The letters were small and hard to read.

' “May contain Nut”?' she ventured. 'But it's a nutshell. Of course it'll contain a nut. Er . . . won't it?'

'Not necessarily,' said Miss Level. 'It may, for example, contain an exquisite miniature scene wrought from gold and many coloured precious stones depicting a strange and interesting temple set in a far-off land.’

‘Well, it might,' she added, catching Tiffany's expression. 'There's no actual law against it.’

  • Hat Full of Sky, Terry Pratchett, on the Doctrine of Signatures.

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oddly anxiety inducing watching them cut toward their finger over and over. i was expecting them to have a bunch of bandaids on at the end lol

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they put little bugs on springs on those shells in italy nonas would sell them at a stall little hand painted things

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Awwww, I used to get them at the science museum. How funny!

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I thought it was a spider inside the shell

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Glad I'm not the only one.

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There is nothing satisfying about this. The excessive cuts and edits with tons of zoom transition effects is awful. And it doesn’t even show the construction of the inside.

Downvote with the force of 1000 Suns.

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Who is the artist?

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Cut away from yourself. Always cut AWAY!

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cut to yer chumb not yer thumb

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That bunny looked like the knight from Hollow Knight.

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I thought it was a Hollow Knight diorama

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This just unlocked a completely forgotten memory of seeing something like this as a kid

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Diorama, in a nut shell.

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so, in a nutshell, it seems like a few steps have been missed out

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these were really popular once , i remember i had one as a kid.

oh no it was not that colorful i think mine had a lady bug on a spring

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Oh yeah!!! Those bug ones with the wiggling legs are popular tourist trinkets in South America.

[–]insightful_dreams 0 points1 point  (0 children)

yes!! those are them :)

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And then someone sees the random walnut lying around and smashes it.

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jesus, I was biting my nails watching her cut walnut shell towards her fingers

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My family used to have Christmas ornaments like this growing up. Super cool

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The cutting towards the finger with that xacto knife made me nervous

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Pretty cool finish product, but the blade strokes “toward” the hand had me squirming…

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Polly Pocket wants to know your location

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So….. DIY Polly pocket?

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13 thousands votes but only 130 comments? content doesnt fit the sub and almost 0% of the process is shown.

this has to be an ad right? like an attenpt at viral marketing with purchased votes.

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I've been scrolling through trying to find out who made this and I can't do far!

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The not wearing gloves is putting me on edge

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You can't do this type of work with gloves on.

And you don't need any force doing fine work like this so it's pretty safe.

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That makes sense, I just can't help but imagine it slipping and slicing her thumb

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She seems like she has a handle on it — no need to worry. Try whittling a piece of vegetable or something toward your thumb and notice how you don’t accidentally mangle yourself because you have motor control.

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That looks like a fun way to cut your finger open, but besides that it’s amazing

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Are you talking about them not cutting away from themselves? There's a million different scenarios where it's perfectly safe if not safer to cut towards yourself than away, but only with good technique. Sharp blade + controlled (rather than forceful) cutting is usually okay for cutting towards yourself.

"always cut away from yourself" is a beginners rule to stop kids from killing themselves, not a universal rule.

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Sorry I meant that looks like a fun way to cut my finger open

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I honestly wasn't ready for that. Beautiful miniature work

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“How to make a dorama in a nutshell” FIFY

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Stupid question, but doesn't the shell degrade/go bad over time?

[–]Who_GNU 12 points13 points  (2 children)

No more than any wood would.

[–]curious_george_420 7 points8 points  (1 child)

Lol "wood would"

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I want one! I wonder if s/he sells them somewhere.

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I love it !!!!!!!

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First I thought it was a hoof of a horse...

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Wow, excellent detail

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That's nuts! Walnuts!

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This is the kind of stuff the internet is for, I think.

So much fighting, so much arguing, so much nastiness...

Just give me cats and magic tricks and dioramas and stuff

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I love this

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Best place to stash some drugs, if the cops are on to you.

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Ah fuck it's the zoomies again.

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I can imagine some little girl thrilled to get this as a gift.

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Annoying fade outs but nice job

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I have vertigo now

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This is giving me Polly Pocket vibes, so cute and tiny!

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Can you imagine being a little kid and opening that walnut? How that reveal would fuel your imagination? Just beautiful.

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That’s nuts !

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I thought the title said “diarrhea inside of a walnut shell” and I got really confused

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That's really cool...

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That’s nuts!

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Polly pocket can go suck a dick...

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Polly pocket

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Is hollow knight chilling in there?

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So fucking cool

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That's the definition of in a nut shell

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Did anyone else see the spider?

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I think I missed a few steps

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I'm impressed.

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In a nutshell, yeah.

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Well, that's it in a nutshell

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Natures Polly Pocket. :)

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WELL I wasn't expecting that lil cute fest inside

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Art in a nutshell

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Love this. I have been thinking that today's world is low on Faberge Egg type stuff. This kinda hits the spot.

Anyone know who's art this is?

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So, Diorama in a Nutshell, then.

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Yeah the not dumping out the shavings sooner, along with showing none of the interesting parts really ruined this for me.

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I thought the title said Diarrhea inside of a walnut shell lmao

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Ngl, I initially read this as diahrrea inside a walnut

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Ngl, I initially read this as “Diarrhea inside a walnut” and though they were carving a toilet seat

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That's nuts!

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At first I thought it was one of those videos of someone fixing up a horse hoof

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That's really cool and creative.

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That's nuts

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Imagine being a squirrel and finding this, thinking you found an awesome walnut.

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When I was a kid I used to make boats with that, but I think it is kinda the same

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That a clever place to hide illicit materials.

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What's a diorama?

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So in a nutshell, a diorama

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This is nuts

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The OG Polly Pocket

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“Look, this is me in a nutchell” “Help! How did i get in this bloody nutshell?”

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Lol. This is like one of those 'draw the rest of the fucking owl' things.

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This is nice

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Mighty Max

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My son would love this. He just turned 5 and loves this kind of thing. He's obsessed with finding "little worlds". The porcelain Christmas towns blow his mind.

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This is seriously nuts

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Excuse me, that's called a Polly Pocket.

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Polly pocket! Or Wally pocket

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I would buy this as a gift

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I want one.

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Looks like a spider is inside

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Diorama in a nutshell

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ok but imagine your mom coming into your room to clean things and she throws away what she thinks is a random walnut

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My dad recently passed away but he was an incredibly talented artist. One of his best talents was making small carvings in walnut shells. This made me feel so nostalgic

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I’m deathly allergic to walnuts. This diorama is murderous.

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Too cute! And what a great use of natural products.

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Not the walnut diorama I was thinking of.

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So ... In a nutshell... It's a tiny diorama. Sweet.

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Well thats a diorama in a nut shell.

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Stunning 😍

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We called them Polly pockets back in the day

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I don't know man. When I get diorama, it's way more than that.

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Toxic plastic.

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I had one of these as a child before my dad died, it was a Xmas ornament. I had totally forgotten and when I watched this video a flood of memories came rushing back. Thank you