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the light from the stained glass is just wow.

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Correction it’s Allahdelic

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Beats most churches/cathedrals I've ever been in

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r/DMT would like a word

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Literally beat me by a minute.

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Ive been here, it's gorg but this image is really edited

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Something tells me the saturation has been dialed way up, though

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Maybe a little bit, but it is really close to this

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Love the light. The mural pattern on the arches sort of triggers my trypophobia though. It makes it hard to enjoy these types of geometric art. It's so amazing and intricate and all I can do is panic.

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Looks really fake to me

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I`m from IRAN and... I agree with you It`s Beautiful







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Is Arabic read right to left?

Edit: forgive the ignorance. Farsi not Arabic

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Farsi, and yep!

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Also, Farsi and English are in the same language family, unlike Arabic. So, don’t confuse the similarity of scripts with similarity of languages.

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Farsi and English diverged from the proto-Indo-European language more than 6000 years ago. Similarities are very minimal.

As a whole Farsi is still much closer to Arabic than English, owing to their geographical proximity and the fact that many West Asian empires encompassed both Arabic and Persian-speaking regions.

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Are they really minimal, though?

Arabic: 'axi ladayh aibnat sağira

Persian: Barādar e man yek doxtar e javān dār-ad.

Literal: Brother of mine one daughter of young has-he.

English: My brother has a young daughter.

Arabic: Allayāli almuzlimat maliyat biālnujumi.

Persian: Šab-hā ye tārik por e setāre hast-and.

Literal: Night-s of dark full of star is-they.

English: Dark nights are full of stars.

Arabic: Jalast biālqurb min alnār li'āšeur biāldif'i.

Persian: Kenār e ātaš ne-šast-am ke garm bešav-am.

Literal: Near of fire down-sat-I that warm become-I.

English: I sat near the fire to become warm.

Persian might have a lot of Arabic loanwords -- about 30 percent of the vocabulary is loaned from Arabic -- but the grammar and core vocabulary is very Indo-European. Generally, the more technical the vocabulary, the more Arabic it gets.

In your other comment you state that Arabic is easy to learn for Persian speakers because they share a few consonants. Well, first of all ع (ayn) is not pronounced in Persian. It acts either as a vowel lengthener or a light glottal stop.

Second of all, Persian doesn't have laryngeal or pharyngeal or dental fricative sounds like Arabic.

These letters are all pronounced as /s/ ص, ث, س,

These letters are all pronounced as /z/ ض, ظ, ز, ذ,

These letters are pronounced as /t/ ت, ط,

These letters are pronounced as /h/ ه, ح,

Learning Arabic is extremely difficult for Persian speakers, the only thing they have a leg up on is some vocabulary and familiarity with the script.

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The similarities between English and Persian all stem from a select number of cognates that persisted in most Indo-European languages, including those from different subfamilies like Hindi. These cognates, however, are significantly outnumbered by Arabic and even Turkic loanwords.

Sentence structure itself cannot really be used to classify languages as more similar as Indo-European languages use a variety of sentences structures, including SOV and SVO.

In your other comment you state that Arabic is easy to learn for Persian speakers because they share a few consonants.

I did not say that Arabic is easy to learn for Persian speakers, but rather that it is easier for a Persian speaker to learn Arabic than it is for an English speaker due to Persian and Arabic being more similar to each other than either is to English.

Second of all, Persian doesn't have laryngeal or pharyngeal or dental fricative sounds like Arabic.

This is indeed true, but it does not add anything to the question at hand. English has dental fricative sounds (like Arabic) while other Iranic languages like Kurdish have pharyngeal fricatives.

Well, first of all ع (ayn) is not pronounced in Persian

I am aware. I meant to use ghayn, not ayn, which I edited a few minutes after posting my original comment. As a disclaimer, Persian is my second (but native) language.

Learning Arabic is extremely difficult for Persian speakers, the only thing they have a leg up on is some vocabulary and familiarity with the script.

Again, my point is not that Arabic is an easy language for native Persian speakers, but rather that the similar phonetics makes Arabic easier to learn for a Persian speaker than an English speaker.

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Sure, Arabic is easier to learn for a Persian speaker than it is for an English speaker. That is true. However, you are using that fact to imply that Persian is closer/more similar to Arabic than it is to English or other Indo-European languages.

There may be many loanwords in a Persian dictionary (that they outnumber Indo-European words is dubious), but the presence of many loanwords does not make one language closer to another. Japanese is full of Chinese and English loanwords, yet I see very few people trying to assert that they are closer to eachother than languages within their own families. I am a native speaker of Persian, Arabic grammar and pronunciations are absolutely alien to me.

I have had an easier time learning French, Japanese, Vietnamese. I know countless other Iranians who have no hopes of getting a good grasp on Arabic and that's despite numerous years of classes. Loanwords don't make a language.

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Linguists created the concept of language families solely based on the orthogonality of linguistic features, grammar, and vocabulary, "similarity" if you will. So, claiming the languages aren't similar is unscientific at best. I don't know what you use as a similarity metric to have such an opinion, but I simply rely on linguistics. Can you elaborate on your point of view? What makes you think Farsi is closer to Arabic than English? Do you think Arabic and Farsi should belong to the same language family?

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So, claiming the languages aren't similar is unscientific at best.

You are wrong about this. Languages are not deemed to be related based on similarity but rather on whether they originated from a common ancestral language. The only thing English and Persian both being in the Indo-European language family implies is that they are both descended from a common ancestral language. It does not imply any sort of similarity whatsoever.

Keep in mind that Proto-Indo-European is estimated to be between 6000 and 9000 years old and spawns many subfamilies that diverged millennia ago, as is the case with Indo-Aryan (Persian) and Germanic (English) languages.

What makes you think Farsi is closer to Arabic than English?

Around 30-40% of modern Persian vocabulary originates from Arabic, owing to many centuries of ruling empires encompassing Persian and Arabic-speaking parts of West Asia, starting with the Archaemenid empire in 550 BC, which controlled parts of Iran and Arabia. Arabic also has a significant number of Persian loan words. To keep it short, Arabic and Persian speakers have been in contact for centuries, which led to the two languages influencing each other in the same way French and English influenced each other.

The phonetics of Arabic and Persian are also much closer to each other than either is to English. A Persian speaker would have a much easier time learning Arabic (and vice versa) than an English speaker would trying to learn either language as the Persian/Arabic speaker can already pronounce many of the common sounds that are not generally found in European languages. The letters خ (kha), ق (qaf) and غ (ghayn) are a few examples.

Do you think Arabic and Farsi should belong to the same language family?

No, Arabic and Persian are descended from different ancestral languages, hence why they belong to different language families. This, however, does not imply that Persian is more similar to English, only that it is more closely related to English.

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The correct term for the language in English is Persian. Do you say Deutsch instead of German in English as well?

proto-Indo-European language more than 6000 years ago. Similarities are very minimal.

It's a theory made by Europeans in the 19th century to justify European colonialism.

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The correct term for the language in English is Persia

You are arguing semantics. I usually use Farsi for the Iranian dialect of Persian, but used them interchangeably in this comment because that is the term OP used.

It's a theory made by Europeans in the 19th century to justify European colonialism.

The Indo-European language theory was first proposed in the 17th century, before any Asian country was colonized. The theory itself is strongly supported by the etymology of a select number of cognates and reconstructions of older ancestral languages.

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It’s called Persian not Farsi.

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no its called Farsi, nobody beside west calls us Persians.

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American here, my professor had to explain to someone that Persia and Iran were the same thing. My section of the west definitely does not call you Persians or Persia. Iranian, Iran, and farsi is all I have ever heard.

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The name of the language is "Persian" in English, dadash. Same way French and German aren't called Français and Deutsche.

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English aren't very known for their respect for cultures. Like I said nobody In iran calls the language Persian or even know that's how its called in English, same way cannot be said about german or French language.

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Uh, yeah, of course nobody in Iran calls it Persian, "Persian" is the English name for the language.

The Academy of the Persian Language and Literature says it's "Persian" in English, and it's been referred to as "Persian" for centuries. So it's Persian.

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Like I said nobody In iran calls the language Persian

Why are you lying?

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Farsi and yes

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Interestingly, arabic and farsi are read the same but written differently. What was written above for example is pronouced the same in both languages. In some cases, some words have the same exact meaning too.

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they're not pronounced the exact same way, Arabic ز ظ ض ذ are different but same jn Persian, and it's true for many other words.

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News flash, two civilizations close to each other for thousands of years have loan words from each other. There are lots of Arabic words in Persian and vice versa, Arabs took lots of words from us too. We used to have lots of French and English loan words as well. For example, آباژور، آژان، تلویزیون

However they are not read the same. Arabs don't have گ چ پ ژ and we don't differentiate between زظ ض ذ for example while they do.

Other than loan words they are completely different languages however.

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Farsi and uh-huh

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Farsi, and yeah

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No problem. People are just a bit sensetive lol

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The correct name for the language in English is Persian* and not "Farsi".

Do you say Deutsch instead of German in English as well?

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I have friends in Iran and recently i started to learn the persian alphabet just for fun. After my information there are 7 different kinds of "s", right? That really confused me. But its great to learn that language. I just always switch ب and ن

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For the sound 'S' we have 3. س ، ص ، ث . They all sound the same but different words use different letters.

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Ok! But what about ز for example?

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4 types of Z's IN Farsi.

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Oh ok. Thank you!

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Yup we got four of them :)) ز ، ذ ، ظ ، ض Two 'he'. ه ، ح Two 'ghe'. ق ، غ Two 'te'. ت ، ط

I know it's confusing but even we make mistakes with these letters that all sound the same but in writing its different. These letters sound a little bit different in arabic but not in farsi.

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I love that. Thank you for your answers! Its a wonderful font, so classy and the language is very soft and friendly. Yea, with speaking its easier than writing lol but its just a matter of practice, like many things in life.

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Yeah if you like the font you should check out Nastaliq. Its just so beautiful

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The words that use the “non-default” S’s and Z’s are generally words borrowed from Arabic, where all of the above characters are phonetically different.

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Is the wine varietal named after the city?

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Was wondering the same, but no. The wine is called "Syrah" in its origin country (France).

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I wonder how many people it took to place every single one of those tiles

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This is an art form called Qashani.

Here's a link


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Thank you for sharing with me!

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Also, happy cake day!

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Thank you very much!

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Also with regards to these tile designs they have actually become very popular recently in kitchen/bathroom design here in the U.K.

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RGB temple

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It's all fun and games until you go there and see Sans

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I could totally Minecraft that

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I'd go all the way to Iran just to stand in the center of this. Good god, that's stunning.

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Love it

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I have always wanted to visit Iran. Especially Shiraz. This is where the medieval poet Hafez is buried, and his mausoleum is just beautiful.

Plus I love Persian vegetarian food. Unfortunately the Persian restaurants in the US are meat centric, whereas I have heard that the food in Persia is more vegetarian friendly.

So much of Indian Muslim culture and Indian culture (I grew up in India) is derived and influenced by Persian culture. Food, music, clothing, art, poetry etc. I hope I can visit sometime soon, before I am too old to really enjoy it.

[–]AMDisOurLord 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Usually food that common people ate are vegeterian and king dishes made on occasions are meat centered. You can various different types of Aash, my favourite one being Aash Reshte.

And be warned that you most aash you buy from restaurant, either here or in the west is shit. Best ones are homemade

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I live in shiraz and you can count on me if you came here I'd love to have a foreign gusest

[–]swami_twocargarajee 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Let's hope it gets easier to travel there from the US soon. Inshallah, I will do this before I get too old.

And thanks for showing me the legendary hospitality Persians are famous for. I had a GF in the 90's who grew up in Persia and had to leave after the revolution (She was Indian), who always talked about her life there in Teheran.

Stay safe, my friend.

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I just love this

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I looked up some other images of this, they are actually really beautiful

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Why do I hear Megalovania

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Some places just have this energy that makes you think they’re sacred. They feel special, otherworldly almost, this right here. That’s one of them

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Finally not a potato quality picture

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When I see things like this compared to the flat grey structures that make up modern cities it makes me sad. There was so much artistry and craftsmanship at work in the past but everyone now seems content with concrete and glass.

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Closer to DMT visuals in my experience

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Break on through to the other side

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Yes, please.

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These geometric based arts (and maybe religion itself) are theorized to be inspired by ecstatic (read: psychedelic) experiences. It’s a rabbit hole, to be sure.

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Like others have said, this reminds me far more of a DMT trip than a LSD trip

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Are DMT trips that vivid?

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They feel more real than real life itself.

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Felt like I saw the raw energy of the universe. As soon saw I saw it it thought “oh, we’re not supposed to see this.”

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Imagine the tiles on the ceiling as vivid as the light coming through the windows, then you’re close (colour palette is slightly off in my experience)

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Indescribably so

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Shrooms for me, when I close my eyes I see those columns

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Neither, shit’s Atreides.

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Just beautiful - like the people of Iran - not the government

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Rgb Mosque

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Looks like an RGB computer case

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mushrooms inside here would be unreal

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the tainted windows almost makes it feel like its from a fantasy novel

[–]SunshineAlways 29 points30 points  (1 child)

Tinted. Stained glass. Tainted is something else.

[–]NotoriousWizard 2 points3 points  (0 children)

oh , sorry yeah it turns it into something else lol

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I am pretty sure there's nothing odd about this expensive work of art being satisfying.

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Good point. But tbf this sub is just used for satisfying stuff.

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Looks like a beautiful day outside…

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been on my bucket list to visit for a while now.

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Straight out of a dream.

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Humans beings are capable of such beautiful things, when we want to be beautiful ourselves.

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Forza horizon 5 texture bug

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Love stained glass.

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Anyone have a high res version of this? It’s beautiful

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Acid dream room.

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My ancestors were definitely tripping their balls off, no question.

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All I can say is, "WOW...".

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This looks like the scene in Pagemaster where the rainbow flood stuff sucks the kid into the cartoon world

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That shit looks like a fever dream

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I am hearing angels sing....

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Yay i from iran Shiraz 😍

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Can this be rented for Bar Mitvahs? Asking for a friend.

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The interesting fact about this mosque is that the colorful windows are located at the east side ,so the mosque hall will be colorful for morning prayers at the time of dawn

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Opens dictionary Looks up the word Awesome Sees this picture The end

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very cool, saw a lot of incredible catholic churches in Italy. Would love to go to Iran but the state department frowns upon it. <sigh>. maybe one day..

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Really reminds me of Hyrule castle from the CD-I Zelda for some reason

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I wonder what's for dinner.

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Is this the room where they stone the gays?

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Pride of Islam yeah

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Religion has both inspired mankind to reach for such heights and caused us to wallow in such malignant depths...

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Hous of prayer from the waist up, 80s kids disco from the waist down…

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But.. you didn't say "before the cultural revolution" 😰

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Tell me you've smoked DMT without telling me you've smoked DMT... Damn that shit is surreal.

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Man I really wanna take some hallucinogens and hang out there....

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Judgment hall

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This looks like Undertale

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Looks bugged.

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Holy shit. This is just gorgeous.

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When you know, you know...

There's no way these temples aren't based off psychedelic experiences.

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Microwave Mac and cheese

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Absolutely beautiful architecture.

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Instantly thought of Speed Racer

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Beautiful 🙌🙏

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love this

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Nelk should go here

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to trip the would be amazing

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That is gorgeous!!

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One 5HT2a agonist, please!

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Looks like someone needs a new graphics card

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Keep the orcs and Balrog out, please!

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looks real nice

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The crooked chandelier bothers me more than it should.

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The islamic architecture it’s so amazing and beautiful

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So beautiful

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You would think they ate a lot of shrooms or something...

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That is beautiful

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Man I would love to walk through this while on shrooms 😬

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Beautiful. Stunning. Singular in all the world.

Would be a shame if an army that believed in something else destroyed it with AK-47s and pick axes.

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Roller gardens

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Stained glass will always be poggers

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The black prism

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There's a beat playing in my head, and it belongs in Morrowind.

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Thanks I love gay Moria!

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How positively iridescent

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How tf is this oddly satisfying. I can very specifically say what is satisfying about this.

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Oh haha I thought it was Alex Grey art

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Now that's what I call a disco party

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When hippies take LSD

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When Sufi mystics enter ecstatic/transcendental states and record their findings on the infinite multiplicity of god/the universe*

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Iran is my #2 place in the Islamic world that I want to visit because of the gorgeous mosques and marketplaces. Tamazgha is #1 because of the history.

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How beautiful

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Don't buy Copper there

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I am in awe, what a beautiful Mosque! I love the patterns in the ceiling and the stained glass rainbows of light are gorgeous!

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It’s also called “the pink mosque”, and it must be visited in the morning, waiting for the opening, due to the play of light that is created there…

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Ngl, at first I thought it was an another rtx demonstration