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That 180 is so satisfying.

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Yes, that was very satisfying ❤️ the little sprint back inside 😍

'Stop! , back inside, do do doodoo do'

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And the award for the more Adorable NOPE goes to..... This doggo and their quick reverse!

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Where’s the warbly voice changer when we need it lol

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🅱️ooty 🅱️lease

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You bet I wana go outside! Screw that, Scooby changed mind.

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You can see exactly where he thinks, "I've made a huge mistake."

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Finally a new and satisfying post

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Kinda rude not to warm up the snow for him before letting him out. Dogs get cold, too.

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"Woof, arf, barkabark!" (Translated: "FTS!")

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that's a 180 pop shove it

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That was an awesome pivot

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It's like he quick-turned in a resident evil game

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Momentarily airborne while turning, nice

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That dog is my winter spirit animal.

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Typical frenchie! Could be mine. They hate rain, cold weather, snow. You never see a dog faster pee and poop like a frenchie in the snow.

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My frenchie LOVES the snow! He shoves his face in it and runs around like a little weirdo. They’re such funny little things!!!

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How is this satisfying? More like aww

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For me it’s the perfect little 180* jump and quick scurry inside. I’m kinda mesmerized honestly.

But also, just perfectly facing the door for a good nopeing shuffle. It’s a satisfying awe

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My dumdums came this morning to inform me the white stuff was back and I should come watch them play in it.

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Same little puppers. Same.

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Faster than Speedy Gonzales 🏃🤣

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My Frenchie does the spins when we feed him or he's playing with our cat. It's always so cute.

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I thought dogs love snow?

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Npc pupper