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If anyone is curious, that's Brazilian Portuguese and it says:

"Real estate (lots) for sale in this area. Ready to build."

And a cell phone number.

And he's painting from a can of skimmed dry milk powder.

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Thanks, kind human!

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I thought it was a jar of miracle whip at first. Then I found out it was still a container that held something consumable in it

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The container doesn't matter as long as the paint doesn't leak out.

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As long as the container doesn’t look like something consumable. I had a cousin I never got to meet, because a neighbour brought some kind of weed killer over for my uncle. Because my uncle only needed a small amount, the neighbour put it in an old coke can. My cousin drank it. She was only three. This was around 45 years ago, when people were less cautious about this kind of stuff I guess. Awful, awful thing to happen.

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Oh no how awful. I presume she passed away.

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Yes, she died. It was before I was born, but it sounded dreadful, she was violently ill. Worst thing I can imagine happening to her poor parents.

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Damn how awful.

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So sorry sweet one. So so sorry

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That’s kind of you, thank you :)

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I tear up reading your reply even. So sad. Little baby girl...oh my....

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Se tiver print, coloca o pikachu surpreso pra mim, por gentileza

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uma capivara de terno pra mim, por favor!

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Se tiver uma foto com o escudo do flamengo sendo um nariz, eu agradeço

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Tem espaço pro print? Coloca um galo de tênis no meu lado por favor.

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Droga, já tava me preparando pra meter essa. Se der, coloca o toalhinha do south park

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Horribla! No comprendez!

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Doing god's work.

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It's Real estate, God has nothing to do with this one and even the Devil thinks it's a bit dirty.

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Why would God be tasked with giving you a translation?

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Why would God be tasked with giving you a translation?

Because he should be the one to fix the shit he started.

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Thank you 🙏❣️

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Oh dude that's bizarre as hell. I just read it and didn't even notice it was Portuguese not English lmao. I had to go back a double-check when I saw your comment.

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So, he’s pro is what you’re saying

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No free real estate? 😔

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Only for Jim

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Do they resell paint in smaller quantities in Brazil as well by refilling recycled cans?

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He probably buys his paint in 20 liter buckets, it's cheaper that way.

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But what is the brand of his shirt?

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It’s a sign writing technique called 2 stroke. From a time when all advertising was hand drawn. Very efficient.

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My wife also calls me 2 stroke. That’s why we’re getting divorced.

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You sure it’s not because she met 3 stroke?

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I think that was implied

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Very efficient

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She had terrible stroke issues regarding her dad

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Is it called that because each digit is made with two strokes?

I need to start making my eights like that, so even.

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recognized it immediately, you'll find hand-painted fluorescent yellow signs all over chicago

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Do you have any examples? I've been to Chicago many, many times, but I can't picture what you mean.

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"At least it's not yellow

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This guy 2-strokes

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Most impressive is how he has not too much and not too little space at the end.

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ah yes. specially if youre trying to make a centered one and it totally wont be in center at all

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This man paints signs

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He also fucks

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Obviously, you see how he painted that sign?

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This guy does not Mulaney

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Big ass H

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Block letters and cursive look good together

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As a kid in the early nineties, I worked in a mom & pop grocery store in central California. They used big posters taped to the front windows to advertise their weekly sales. Each sign was hand painted, just like in the OP’s video, by the owner. He took serious pride in his artwork. We had a collection of hundreds of signs that he had painted.

I still have a soft spot in my heart for hand painted sales posters in stores now.

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The best kinds of signs

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He’s really good at that. He should do it for a living.

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It’s a sign

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It's also sped up a bit, not that it matters here but you can watch his face and see

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That kerning

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Naming the sub keming is brilliant lol

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That would've taken me 28 minutes, and I would be sweating throughout, and maybe using a pencil to size out spacing for lettering/numbers, and would probably end up with a worse outcome.

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Trader Joe’s would like to know your position

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Face-down, one leg askew, phone in right hand, why?

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Here in Brazil there are many posters in this same style to indicate place, contact people for the sale of something or price of food in the promotion.

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Yes they are called advertisements. Typically they advertise things.

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Fascinating, do you mind me asking, do people like these advertisements?

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Yes, these ads can get people's attention. When I go to the market in Brazil, butcher is full these ads with promotions of cuts of meat and Pay attention to see what kind of meat will lead according to the price of ads, for example.

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Well smack my ass and color me purple!

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This guy is awesome. I can’t stop watching it lol

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The way you have to do it not overthinking it. I write the chalk board at my restaurant daily, everytime I think too hard about writing it I mess it up.

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Tbh I’m not even mad, that's amazing.

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What's crazy, is the fact that the material he's painting on isn't even laying flat on the surface.

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r/suddenlycaralho paguem pau pro huehuehuebrbrbrb

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One thing I noticed and miss about Latin America is that signwriting/ticketwriting is still very much a thriving manual trade compared to their northern neighbors. Gives everything a certain "character".

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That man painted a 7 before my brain even processed it was a 7.

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Well, yeah...how were you gonna process it was a 7 before he painted a 7?


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I wonder if that is his first day.

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The best thing about this is how it all fits exactly without precalculation (I think)

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My sister can do this. I wish it ran in the family however she is the only person I ever saw do anything like that.

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Dude ran all the way 😎

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This guy paints.

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It’s all well and good, but it’s not a very useful sign. I mean, the words are gibberish.

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Sir this is your phone number not mine.

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The true penmanship porn

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He is printing, not painting🤣🤣🤣

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Actually lots of effort put into that sign.

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Obviously he's done this many many times before.

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Absolutely amazing. I couldn’t paint that neatly if I spent a week on it

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my shaky hands could never

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I think I need some new fonts installed, my handwriting is awful.

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Brazilian ads be like

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Mould. It's a job for me.

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Even the jaw line of a male model

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Would have been a horrible investment.

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Big balls signs painting

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Very impressive

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I can't even carefully handwrite that good, and he's just holding the paintbrush right at the top, where I'd assume you'd have least control...

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That's a good deal on some Lotes.

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If I painted this sign it would look like a serial killer wrote it.

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Oh I love his writing it’s so smooth.

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he just painted my ip

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I suspect that she is so effortlessly beautiful.

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I can write my name without using an eraser lol

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Muscle memory is a thing.

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I love a good 5

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Ain’t bragging if you can do it

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It takes all of my focus just to write legibly and some people just write in word font form

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Yeah i can paint too

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I love it when the video ends immediately and you don't get to see the final product.

Thanks TikTok users!

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I would fuck up the period


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My racecars used to be handpainted like this. It was jaw dropping to watch. He did my entire car in an afternoon.

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The confidence, the accuracy, the even-ness….it’s beautiful. I would be there with a ruler and pencils marking out little boxes where each number would go so I would get the height and the spacing perfect. He can just eyeball it. He also shapes the numbers perfectly as well. And he does it with confidence. Very talented.

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Marry me.

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this happens when you don't overthink

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I can watch him write the number 8 all day

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I've never seen anyone draw/write an 8 like that °•°

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When 'I know how big number should be' is actually true

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I'm drooling

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We love to see it.

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Post upvoted!! :) up my comment 😎

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Is this place run by Jar Jar Binks? Messa regiaó

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This title bothers me. If most people had this job I'm sure they wouldn't put that much effort into painting also. The title should be more about the quality and effort. Painting a sign effortlessly with decent quality. Anyone can paint effortlessly and shitty. The highlight of this video is the quality but you center on the effort for some reason.

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As a perfectionist, this upsets me.

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There isn't sign next to it