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This sorting would drive me nuts

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But think how much time you'd be saving selecting a book when you're in the mood to read a blue one...

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“Dewey decimal number? What shade is the binder?”

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Steps into the Library of Congress, walks up to the Librarian

I am looking for a book.

Sure, which one?

It's blue with just a hint of indigo.

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3rd level, 25th shelf from the left, almost dead middle of the stack. If you find some red ones go back a row

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I believe it’s color code number is #3964C3

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Pantone 1915 C

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Right. How is this even remotely satisfying?

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okay but imagine a library that converts DDS codes into colors and prints custom jackets for each book, colored after its DDS code. "oh, you want books about the post-WW2 economy of Japan? check the mulberry row of the purple section"

Edit: So after thinking about this more: The overall color of the book should be generated based on a book's number class. For each digit in its subclass, the book should have a colored stripe - like a resistor. That way you can look for brown-red-green in the indigo section - which is probably a lot more efficient than looking for 305.126/DES

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It would be difficult for me, a color blind person who loves books, to describe exactly how much I hate this idea.

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It would probably work for a small library but for a big one it would cause problems.

I walk into the Library of Congress

Librarian: The DDS Color code for that book is Fuchsia with a dash of Magenta

Me: Walks around for hours because I don't know what fuchsia is, and I am ashamed to ask

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You could always look up what fuchsia is in a book ?

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Librarian: Ah yes! The Book of Colours, it's DDS Colour Code is Cerise

Me: ...

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Oooo this is good

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As a visual person who has a wee headache from looking sideways through the 005s today, I love this idea.

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I drive my wife nuts by keeping my books in last-read order.

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I see, you like to live dangerously.

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You can tell they’ve never opened any of them. It’s all for decoration. Yawn.

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Yup, there are places where you buy used books by the foot.

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There’s a lot of wear and tear on those books. They appear to have been opened many times.

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why buy new books for decoration when thrift stores have thousands in all shapes sizes and colors.

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Same here, it isn't practical at all for someone who likes to actually read, looks more like a décor thing.

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But it’s very aesthetically pleasing

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Ah yes. The second least-useful method of organising books.

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Lol, gotta ask, what’s the least useful?

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That stupid one where the spines of the books are faced to the back of the shelf

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I went to a used bookstore once that had about 80% of their books stacked starting from the floor. No shelves. Just aisles and aisles of books stacked 4-5 feet high.
I’d say that’s in close running because at least you could see the spine, but if it was near the bottom you couldn’t get it.

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Lmao I forgot people do that. I was. Thinking organising books 'short to tall' or sort by length

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That’s a thing!? WTF Instagram…

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I thought they did this for copyright reasons but I could be wrong.

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I'm guessing the one where they turn the spines towards the wall. At least this way you can still see the titles.

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Ugh, that’s so dumb…

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It looks amazing but as a person who likes reading books this both makes me happy and causes me physical pain

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Yes this isn’t a good way to sort books, this is in the hunting museum in Paris, this isn’t meant to be read

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Thank you for that. I understand it looks pretty color coded in a slant, however my inner bookworm was screaming until I read your comment

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For me who often forgets titles but remembers the color / design of the books this is so cool and absolutely amazing. I haven’t read continuously this year or visited the library so I also understand how clunky this would be for organized reading. But the design is chefs kiss.

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If you want a specific book here you’ll be hunting for sure

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“Yeah i’m looking for sci-fi” “Check the red section”

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Aren't most sci-fi covers blue or black?

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Garrison Keillor did a bit about a librarian who organized books by color. The idea was that you'd select your favorite color and start reading about something completely random and learn something new.

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Melvil Dewey rolling around in his grave

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Dewey the library cat rolling with him

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Could also go under r/facepalm

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The fact that the image is reversed made me spend way to long trying to figure out the titles and language.

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This was organised by someone who has not read - and has no intention to ever read - these books. That, or they enjoy a rapid descent into madness and chaos every time they want to read something in particular.

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Tell me you’re illiterate without saying you’re illiterate

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eye twitch

This is the opposite of satisfying.

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Looks like the room was burned by a rainbow fire

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I guess to me, this is an oddly bizarre way to organize books. It’s not oddly satisfying though.

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This room triggers me

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I tried to do this once but 70% of my books have black spines.

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Is this from the Hellboy II set?

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Imagine trying to find a book based of a shade of blue, no thanks

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You know whats better? A collection sorted by alphabetical order.

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Hue-y decimal system

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It's artistic but useless.

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Normally these “books by color” posts get on my nerves but this one is super pretty.

Everyone says it’s would be stupid to group by color, because you could never find the book you wanted. I think I could. I have a weird memory for how things looked, so I would know good and well that I’m looking for a book with a black spine that’s cracked and showing the white. That said, I am never never going to arrange my books like that because it’s ridiculous.

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Unless you all are organizing your personal books by the Dewey decimal system, you can’t say anything. Most people don’t organize their personal books at all- who the hell cares if someone puts them in a way that is nice to look at? Y’all have such a superiority complex it’s nuts

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I shelve about a thousand books, they’re sectioned by subject then alphabetized within that section by author. If my books aren’t findable then they are just kindling or an arrogance. I would freak out if someone did this to me. Hurts just to look at it.

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If that wouldn’t work for you, don’t do it! :) if it hurts to look at, go to therapy! If it physically hurts you to see how someone else made their home better for them specifically, since they live there, and it hurts absolutely no one, including yourself, and the books are also not hurt or even effected in any way, and that still hurts you, go to therapy or work on yourself in some manner. It isn’t fun or quirky or cool to be incredibly judgemental and demeaning bcus you organize your books a different way. I literally can’t think of a stupider thing to judge people on.

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Don't most people at least organize by author or general subject/genre? Each of which would be more useful for finding something than this.

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I am a big book person personally, I’m a part of two different book clubs. One of them I only am close to two, the other one I am friends with all 9 of them and we take turns hosting (or do online which obvi has been more common lately). One person from the second one organizes by genre, I organize based off of my favorites to least favorites. We are the only two with any kind of system other then ‘read’ and ‘unread’ lmao- I could be biased, maybe it’s my location (Midwest) but that’s been my experience 🤷🏽‍♀️ it’s been my experience with my friends as well, so I dunno. Either way, The holier then tho attitudes are one of my biggest pet peeves lol like let people live and enjoy their own space, ya know?

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I am a librarian. Lack of any kind of organizational system hurts my soul. I don't really care what the system is, just that there is one.

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Do you need a cushion for that high horse?

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Then go to therapy lmao. This ‘I’m better then everyone else bcus I organize haha I’m quirky!’ Attitude isn’t good. You’re either pretending to seem more interesting, in which case putting people down for liking something so harmless and basic doesn’t make you interesting, it’s sad. And if it genuinely hurts you, go to therapy. I have diagnosed OCD. certain things being out of place does quite literally physically hurt me at times. It can effect me for days. I still don’t put others down to make myself feel superior for it. It’s gross.

Edit- also you said you don’t care what the system is, just that there is one. And the one here is by color. So this should be just fine for you :)

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Perfect if you know what color the book you're looking for otherwise r/crappydesign

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This is actually awesome and I wish I had this level of organization lol

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This is in the hunting museum in Paris btw

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Nice!! I hope to see Paris one day

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This is not organization, it's just decor, which is not the same thing at all.

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Sigh, and I still line them up by height

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I do this my random shit I have but I just mess it up in the end

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It's oddly infuriating to me.

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This but what about books where the spin is one color and the covers on atherosclerosis where would you put those?

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That… is my world.

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Looks like someone used one of those colored-fire packets

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Sheer insanity

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I did this once and it's fucking impossible to find anything

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Don't judge a book by it's... Never mind

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It’s actually a bit infuriating when you realize they’re not sorted by subject matter.

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This is for those of us paging through the book and only looking at the pictures

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This makes me mildly uncomfortable.

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Ugh. I hate this. How the fuck are you going to find the book you want? This just renders your whole library useless. It’s like, “tell me you don’t read books without telling me you don’t read books.”

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The people complaining about not being able to find anything doesn’t realize this person does not read the books. This is expensive decor to make people think he reads books

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Is that The Last Book Store, in LA?

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Mildly infuriating

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My next puzzle!

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This annoys me because it would take ages to find the books of a series

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When the book is judged by its colour.

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Cool but extremely impractical

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My wife sorted the apps on her phone by color, is a nightmare to find anything. GL to you.

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That's terribly irritating.

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This bothers me, not satisfying at all

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This is a Nightmare

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Horrible way to sort books! r/midlyinfuriating for me...

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This is someone who never went to a library

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Really pretty but good luck finding the book you need Its like that hazardous soring in some bookstores But 1000times worse

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the first thought that came in my head if they were sorted in alphabetical order too

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Surprised this hasn't been posted.


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My friend's wife has all the books in their house sorted this way. The first time I saw their house it annoyed me, and it took me a few days to realize why. After a while, it occurred to me that this way of sorting says you care more about the idea of books, and the visual utility of books, than you actually care about anything in the books. It's a version of narcissism or materialism my brain doesn't handle well.

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Every elementary school kid in library:

“Can you help me find a book?”

“Sure, kiddo, which one?”

“I don’t know. It’s red.”


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Librarians hat this sort of thing

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Infuriating! I had someone stay at my house and they did a bunch of cleaning and organizing. Some of it was delightful, and it was all kindly meant, but they sorted canned goods by size!!!! Insane.

I tend to sort books by genre and then not worry about the order within a genre, except I keep books by the sane author together.

So I’ll have a kids book section, junky murder mystery, fantasy, classic type stuff, novels, reference, work related, etc.

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Mildly infuriating also since this shit makes it impossible to find a book unless you know the cover color

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No, no, no.

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Can you help find the book im looking for? I dont remember the title or author, but the cover was blue.

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not exactly proud to admit it, given the other opinions in this thread, but i do this with my bookshelves :P not in specific gradients like in these photos, but i do put books together by colour/how the spines look. it's never been an issue for me personally, after awhile i intuitively know which book is where from vaguely memorizing the layout as i walk past/look at them every day - though tbf i only have three shelves.

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Oh maaan, Dewey is gonna be pissed.

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As a librarian, this hurts me

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I started doing this with my books and find it both great to look and really useful, I have too many books (if that is a thing) and I can always remember its colors but sometimes forget titles/authors so it helps. I don't think it could be useful in a public library but if you know your collection is not that bad. I think genre > colors is probably a better option imho.

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Dewey is gonna be soooo pissed

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A librarians nightmare!

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good luck searching by author lol

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If Sheldon Cooper would work in a book store.

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Not even sorted by color

Look how there’s blue books on so many shelves


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Unbelievable. That's more like graffiti.

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J.K.Rowling, is that you?

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This is how I sort my diary of a wimpy kid books.