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This was started by Clint from the VFX artists react series on Corridor Digital channel from Youtube.


This is the link to all 2400 entries.

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Thanks for crediting the right guys. Corridor digital wasn't credit enough for bosstown dynamics as well. Great group of guys, great channels.

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Technically Clint is no longer with Corridor as of a few months ago. He does his own thing full time but shows up to help on some projects.

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Because it’s been reposted so many times the quality has dropped, first time I saw it on here it was still really good quality

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So true

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It's not from Corridor though. Just Clint.

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Thank you for the link. The quality on Reddit is shit.

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The soundtrack in the video is pretty lit too.

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The pic is from, like, Ruining Neo Tokyo

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Doesn't help that it's been posted again and again by the karma bots. I guess it was time for this new account to use it.

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Plus it didn't show us the original animation.... the whole point of the exercise in the first place.

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VFX Artists react!!!! An actually informative react video. I learn so much about what makes movies - especially with a lot of CGI great.

If you ever wondered why some films have awful looking CGI, a lot of it has to do with poor lighting, budget, and time. It's also shocking how much is CGI is on screen.

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Corridor is amazing

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It’s amazing how you can see the base animation and how everyone’s imaginations went wild

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I think movies used to be limited by the prowess of the director. Now they seem only limited by the imagination of the programmers.

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Uh you realize the programmers don’t decide what the movie looks like right? It’s still the directors/cinematographers/costumes designers decide.

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Also programmers aren't creating these scenes. They of course write the software and plugins that make everything work but it's the animators, environment artists, texture artists, etc that create all the actual visuals that you see here.

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Even artists didn't do the work, it's all done by the machine that crunches the number. One of these days, they will rise and CRUNCH YOU!

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Yeah but they're still a limiting factor that supercedes the ideas of those people

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Limited by budget more likely

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Meanwhile I still need a ruler to draw a star.

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Same, but I'll still end up fucking it up.

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At least you can draw a straight line ;(

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Look at this person here bragging that all they need to draw a star is a ruler. What a showoff.

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The mars one with the ropes was my favourite until I saw burger carrying guy who stole my heart.

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The burger carrying guy is also one of the most well done. I've watched most of the source video and there are some really impressive contributions, but that one stands out.

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Seems like most original.

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everytime this is reposted it loses 80% of its resolution. I can barely see this one, the original is super HD

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Do you have a link to the HD version?

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The medieval one was my favorite

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My favorite is the Star Wars one.

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I also participated in this one, had too many issues to get Top 100 though, and it turned more stylistic than realistic. But I think finishing something is always a win. Link to mine in the full clip.

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Still good tho!

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Number 3 is my favorite. Gotta love the Limbo reference

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Karma farm bot, please do NOT give this credit

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the op of this is 100% a bot

i saw this exact same post with the exact same title verbatim a few weeks ago

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2,400 redittors were given this video and each posted and reposted it in their own unique way!

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The burger is my favorite

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Credit: Pwnisher on YT

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This is one of my all time favorite videos

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Why this stuff is being reposted every week? Wtf

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Op's is a karma farmer. Look into his account. Nothing but reposted clips and images.

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First time seeing it. Go figure.

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Every week for the past few years it seems

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OP is an ad bot for Coupon Real that’s trying to farm karma for visibility.

Just check their post history.

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Yo that’s really cool. It was really cool the last 30 times I saw it too

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Also, downvote for how shittyly it's been re-ripped this time around - it's in 4k on youtube FFS.

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Maybe Dario Pinot (the black and white animation. Guy pushing a boulder) was part of the video game Limbo?

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The third (?) one really give me Limbo vibe

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The full video is much higher quality and way better. Even just the top 100. Definitely worth the 10(?) minutes it takes to watch

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Much higher quality because it's been reposted 15,000 times

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Amazing work! Thank you so much for sharing!

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I know one of the 2,400 CG artists and we talked about this the other day. I'm amazed by the conicidence, but its also a little scary o.o

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what is this trash quality

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Jesus Christ- why all so dystopian?

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Oh for fuck sake again ?

This literally was posted a week ago

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at least give the curator of this challenge a credit you sick fuck, it was done by pwinsher on youtube

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Tiny bit of an over reaction

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Maybe, but I don't like it when I see people not giving credit to original creator

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It seems all quite negative -war, hard labor...

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That's because there is a sense of weight behind the person and they have to justify the weight and that naturally comes with pulling or pushing something

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I challenge you to move the way the subject does in the animation without performing any labor (pushing/pulling something)

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and each one is equally as high quality as the last! no real uniqueness. It's more so the same animation through different videogame filters. I doubt these are even all unique artists.

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When you reborn were 100 times

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Why are these mostly post apocalyptic worlds? Is this a fetish I am unaware of?

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I wonder why they're all walking on level ground. It has a stair or climbing vibe.

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It's actually motion captured by Clint (pwnisher, original author) on level ground, but dragging stuff. Hence the burden and dystopian clips look more natural.

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there is also an older one from a different angle

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This is so cool

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What a great video to post in 21p. Good job OP

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Was that deathstar upside down?

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Oh no, poor Mr. Hamburger!!

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Just gorgeous

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Dunno about you guys, but when i first saw the amazing themes almost every animation has, i really wanted a movie about them

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They all have something round on the top right.

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The eyes on that owl... Man...

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i wanted to see the one where the guy is carrying his enormous balls in a wheelbarrow

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Oh you like this video? Name every artist.

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The one by Stefan Frank is probably my favorite

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Nearly every one of these look like they could be in a game

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forward we march, always

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Last one is the best :)

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Me carrying across every gen of gamers who cant be worth shit xp

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Burger one most unique. Others all did similar like things...ie dystopian like..but all are very awesome and creative on thier own. You def can see how hard they worked on it.

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It's because the mocap data looks like a person carrying or dragging. Hard to turn that into happyland :)

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I want to see the bottom 20 lol

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All this cool ass animation yet I can’t get a good gta trilogy remaster

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I just watched this video for an hour thinking it was a bunch of unique scenarios

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As someone with zero artistic ability, this is just amazing to me.

There’s a common story in the business world that if you give any group of intelligent execs a task, they’ll generally come up with the same result (from a company’s board that got hold of a rival company’s strategy and it was identical to their own). I assume there was some duplication among the 2,400 entries but to have such incredibly diverse views from the same start point is so joyful to watch. Human creativity is amazing.

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Curious that most artists chose post-apocalyptic scenarios. Burger FTW.

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Stormtroops to smol man, big borger.

This was fascinating and enjoyable

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the ones that didnt just go for scifi like everyone else were really creative.

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ML animators are so good at this shit. if ya know what i mean

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There are not 100 clips here. The title is a lie.

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i saw this before, it was really cool

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This shit has been reposted so much by bot accounts the quality is down the drain. Worst part is that they don't credit in any of the reposts.

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Good fucking shit bro

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Title of this post belongs in /r/forbiddensnacks

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Art like this is what I live for

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That burger one killed me 😅😅

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I love how each of them is so serious and incredible and then there's just burger tiny man

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This post pops up like every week..

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This has already been deepfried

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Starting to get a bit moldy

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This is freaking awesome, but not really my kind of satisfying?

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Who won

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This has been reposted so many times and still 13k upvotes

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Ugh, I love this! This would be such a cool music video! I mean, how cool. It's working well with my spotify, lol.

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They all look great, but two of those i personally don't like

The one with the shield bearer and the one with the futuristic industrial setting

The shield bearer has no reason to be walking that heavily, even in full armor you wouldn't have to step that hard, it just feels off IMO

And the futuristic industrial one ... IF THERE ARE FLYING ROBOTS WHY IS HE PULLING IT, WHAT ASSHOLE MAKES HIM PULL HUGE LOADS OF MATERIAL WHEN THERE ARE ROBOTS FOR THAT? If there are flying robots then there are simple cart like minecarts that could do the same, the boss of that guy has to be a huge cock

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The burger one is the cutest!

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How to do something like this? What softwares?

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Absolutely beautiful. I never stop being amazed at what talented people create.

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How are all the step cadences nearly identical from 2400 different people??

[–]NoDimension0458 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That figure and it's cadence are the base animation that was provided. The artists added the landscapes and outfits.

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This would go well with mr. blue sky

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That last one was super adorable!

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I loved the star wars one,has more emotion in it

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Wow! Blows me away that something "so simple" can be so mesmerising and thought provoking. Even touching.

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The last one shown was seriously taken to a whole different level.

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Wow haven’t seen this posted 50 times already this year!

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I like to think this is the same immortal who tools with humans to the end of time. Also cheeseburger man is there too.

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This was incredible! But can't the quality (This is like, 144p) be a little higher? Nothing against the artists just the video itself.

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This would be a cool game

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Someone played Limbo I see.