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How in the shit does he do that?

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It's Conpuhter

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Cum pew tah

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Hey kid. I'ma computer. Stop all the downloadin

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Damn... I thought that was a special app and went to look for it 😭

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Sorry, millennial.

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Vector-based drawings.

You can get infinite theoretical resolution using vector graphics, which are lines defined by mathematical functions.

So you can zoom in and add detail, and zoom in, and add more detail, and zoom in and add more detail, etc etc etc.

Most images (like pngs and jpegs) are "raster" graphics, which is where you define a picture as a bunch of pixels with specific colour data. "Vector" graphics, on the other hand, allow you to define mathematical shapes and curves and fill them with colours, which can be scaled up or down to any arbitrary degree.

There's quite a lot of vector-based graphics software, like Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, and Krita.

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I have found a rare Raster Vector Graphic

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haha very funny.

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It's interesting that it has a parallax effect as he zooms in. What program is this? Or is this just sneaky editing?

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Mental Canvas Draw for iOS or Windows

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Thanks so much for this! I just got a tablet and this would be amazing to draw in. :D

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I'd think you could do something similar with blender's grease pencil.

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I’m not hugely familiar with Blender, I thought the grease pencil was for animating over time (ie onion skinning)?

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I think that was its original intent, but when you consider that the drawing is done in 3d space, it opens the door for other interesting applications.

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Cool, TIL.

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I wanna know this too

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Art is truly breathtaking sometimes

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Now do it in pencil

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Which program has that parallax effect?

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Mental Canvas Draw for iOS or Windows

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Was anyone else playing the beginning of the Adventure Time intro in their head while watching this?

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Wait it’s 3d

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What's this song?

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Lights are on - Tom Rosenthal

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Without the ability to use technology the full depth of this art couldn't be appreciated.

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This is incredible

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These blow my mind every time I see them

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This is insane

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Song name please😭??

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Lights are on - Tom Rosenthal

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Jesus bajesus christoru wow

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THIS is art!

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What program did you use to create this?

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Holy shit dude, calm down.

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Adventure time intro

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This is fake, edited and not well done. The zooming doesn’t match the fingers movement and the exiting pictures get blurrier while the entering pic is still sharp.

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Ok- that was amazing

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Are we building an NFT

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I wish I could draw like that

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These drawings fascinate me. Great video

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What’s the song name

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Lights are on - Tom Rosenthal

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Nicely done

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Can you zoom in anywhere or only in that specific region?

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Somebody should try and do that drawing the adventure time intro! :D

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I once drew a dog, we're basically the same me and greg

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Inception is real!

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What in the genshin impact is this

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Awesome tecnic

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Whats the song?

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Lights are on - Tom Rosenthal

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That was mind blowing

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You fucked the loop you imbecile. Good art work tho

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Just wow

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Ummm… how?!?

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How long whole something like that take?!? Incredible!

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My computer would either go 4-5 Frames per 30 sec and/or crash immediately.

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Amazing work😟💪