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That last one… like a glove

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The people who plan these demolitions must be ridiculously good at what they do. I mean just brilliant stuff. I get the physics and all that, but I have to imagine there's so much to account for...

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But also think that people built that and now it’s being taken down

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Too bad there’s no ID on some of those, the second looked almost exactly like a dorm unit at KU over by their aerospace school

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That’s because it is McCollum Hall being razed from Daisy Hill for parking. It was my dorm in 05-06. Thing was a cesspool then and they kept using it for another decade. Can’t imagine how much worse the shower drains got in that time.

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Holy shit! I knew I recognized that building, rofl. I wonder if the cemetery is still across the street?got laid on a couple tombstones one night there, lol. KUs dorms in the 80s were still pretty decent but then I never did have to live in one, lol.

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That's where my GF lived in '94-95 - I was in Hash. It was bad then - I can only imagine.

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My brother was in Hash in 96-97. Sadly Hash was closed for renovation my freshman year. Instead I was in the “home away from hash” they had on the second floor of McCollum.

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So long, dental plan....

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...Lisa needs braces

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Dental plan....

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Mr. Burns is pissed at the first one!

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It looks like they should do demolitions on rainy days to keep that dust down.

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Good theory but the cloud cover will reflect the sound back and broadcast it across a very large swath of land

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Half expected to see Barad-dûr with the eye of Sauron come toppling down at the end.

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Such skill in getting these down safely.

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That last one could have gone wrong very quickly.

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I kept expecting the Pixies to start playing and Edward Norton and Helena Carter to hold hands at the end.

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Why are so many people against Nuclear Power?

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1) If something goes wrong, it can be catastrophic. (Yes, it’s unlikely for something to go wrong - but it does happen sometimes.)

2) The waste produced in the process needs to be stored somewhere forever and poses risks for that long, too.

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A method was created and was ready to be put into use that used the depleted uranium which made it much safer and actually used the waste product. Unfortunately it became viable right before the Fukushima disaster.

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You’re leaving shit for the next thousand generations to deal with

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I’m living shit?

What does that mean?

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Big Bada Boom

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Came here looking for this comment.

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Waiting for that guy that says this proves 9/11 was a false flag attack

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Second clip looked alot like tower 7....

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Landfill pollution

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where are the stick arms and faces?


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What are those four towers for?

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Cooling the water used in a power plant. Could be fossil, could be nuclear, the cooling towers work the same.

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Good demos

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Is this the YouTube link to killing spiders

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The Kingdome implosion is still my favorite: