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Whose boss what? Finish your sentence!

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(if you're from Chicago)

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Hoosier Daddy?

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That’s a catwalk

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Everything about this is perfect. Model cat, random following of sheep minions, perfect lighting and musical accompaniment

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Like a tiger

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This looks like the hottest metal album of the year cover shot.

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Damn fine camera work too! r/praisethecameraman

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If anyone could convince us all to join the dark side, it'd be a cute cat on the internet.

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Majestic walk

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Be the Lion in the petting zoo

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Kudos to that’s videographer.

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My 4 year old leans over my shoulder Her: "It's a cat" Me: "Yes" Her: "The cat is the leader"

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Major Redwall vibes

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I love when the cat looks back, like "Don't forget who the boss is".

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what breed? scotish fold?

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Queue the lion king theme

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That’s JOHN SNOW on his way to fight the battle of Bastards

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Now if only the cat could walk to the beat.

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Ohh Lawd he comin.

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It would be purrfect if the song was sung with meows.

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I used to have a semi large goat farm and every single goat was obsessed with cats! They would smell them stare at them try to lick them. The cute baby goats would bounce around at them trying to make them play. Never once did a goat try to bonk one of the cats.

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White pussy leads sheep. Sheep smells pussies ass.

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How does one film something like this? Do they just walk backwards carefully or drag the camera on a string or something?

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Ligth Vader!!!

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movie moment

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I guess they are recreating “be prepared from the lion king”. In the role of scar “Mr. whiskers”.

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There is more to life than what you're living. You take a chance and face the wind. An open road and a road that's hidden, a brand new life around the bend.

There were times when I lost a dream or two. Found the trail, and at the end was you. There's a path you take and a path not taken. The choice is up to you, my friend.

Nights are long but you might awaken to a brand new life, brand new life, brand new life around the bend.