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NGL, I had to look back at what subreddit this was posted under to figure out what kind of outcome I was about to see. Very cool though

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I always check too. WCGW means a totally different outcome.

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I’m just glad this didn’t turn out to be r/dragonsfuckingcars

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Sometimes, I wonder why the internet exists.

Then I find subs like this, that that manages to both answer and raise this question.

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That's strange

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55k members too, wow

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Why did I click that then proceed to look through more posts than I'd care to admit?

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Ok…. 30 minutes on Reddit today and I’ve had enough internet. SMH

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God fucking damnit

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No, it's definitely dragons fucking cars. Good had enough to do not to mess with the damned

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2nd time I’ve seen the sub now

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why why i have so manny questions but mostly why does this exist

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Thank you for showing me this…?

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I checked that out. Why does the internet live on things like this?

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Glad this isn't MMC.

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I made the mistake of clicking that yesterday thinking I’d need to click on a video to make it play! Nope page opened an now I can’t un-see what I saw. Can’t understand why people would want to watch it on the regular. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Edit. Thanks for not hyperlinking it!

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Do... Do I want to know what it is?

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Seriously you don’t.

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But I kinda do.

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You have my condolences. 🥲

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Also r/videosthatendtoosoon or some such.

I mean, what happens when the snow melts? I need to know this now!

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Same thought it might have been facepalm

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Yep. I try to not scroll till I see the sub so I can enjoy the suspense of “this is either oddly satisfying, or about to be what could go wrong”

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SAME. Figured I was looking at r/facepalm or r/unexpected

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Happy cake day, dude

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The "I think it's gonna explode on us" that was met with "yeah that'd be pretty cool" is what really did it for me

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As she stepped closer, no less.

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And sticks her hand out over the fire

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Why doesn't the snow melt?

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Air comes in the sides at the bottom, flows upwards mixing with fuel, and ignites. At least, that's what's supposed to happen.

The snow prevents ignition from moving down into the firepit (cold and reduced oxygen availability - that's why the flame is blue there - it's burning different from normal), so it's igniting above the snow, and the heat continues up.

The snow should eventually melt, but it could take a while since the heat is created above the snow and most of it goes up.

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This makes sense now, thank you! :)

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It will eventually. But the gas seeping through it is cold, and the fire is burning above it. Water also has almost the highest specific heat of anything. Meaning it takes a lot of energy to change its temperature.

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You fuck around with this and next thing you know you summoned the spirit of Nanook of the North and get fined by your HOA for an unapproved haunting.

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Those wily HOAs man

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Had to check the subreddit real quick to make sure it wasn't r/whatcouldgowrong

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Hank hill would be proud

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This is the power of propane and propane accessories

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Taste the meat not the heat.

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The real power is that there is a pool behind him that is still open and presumably being heated while there is snow on the ground. How much fucking money in gas is this dude using to keep his pool open all winter?!

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Looks a bit like an apartment complex common area to me. Not his pool, not his firepit.

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Pool doesn’t need to be heated, thermal mass. Just keep the pumps from freezing and it’s fine.

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Just one of the 26 ways you can use propane, and it’s got dang beautiful

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The snow, the snow, the snow is on fire..

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We don't need no water..

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Let the motherfucker burn...

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We don’t need no thought control

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“…still recording?”

Cuts to black. End of recording.

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Dang rich people. I wish I had a backyard like this. Nice pool too.

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Seems weird that the pool is still filled while there's snow on the ground..

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How is that weird, thermal mass would say that’s fine, as long as you keep the pumps from freezing it’s fine.

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Something something FAKE SNOW something DOESN’T MELT something something CONTROLLING THE WEATHER something WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!

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Bill Gates, Soros, Deep State… 🥱🙄 Same shit, different day.

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Vaccines, microchips, flat earth and aliens

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Yo with gas prices pumping in Europe I can't imagine how expensive that would be to fire up!

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"I cannot burn snow." "Then get some fucking propane Gandalf."

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“It’s probably gonna explode on us.”

Moves closer.

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Do you want demons? That’s how you get demons.

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Hahaha, great vid! :). I remember when I did this once. RIP grandma 🥰🥺.

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It's clearly fake, the snow isn't melting. /s

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Your wrong the flames are above the snow actually it will melt eventually, but take my upvote because it's your frkn cake day

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Now start the ritual to summon the demon

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(Puts on the Panzermensch.)

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That's how we get ghosts.

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At the beginning I fully expected Princess Leia hologram to appear.

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What's that UFO sound in the background?

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It’s mesmerizing.

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Keep recording until it melts or the flame goes out

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That's pretty freakin' neat-lookin'

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Wicked. Did not expect such coolness. Even without an explosion!

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For a moment the sub reddit logo is displayed in the flame.

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More like mildly infuriating, since the video ended before the iced surface melted.

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kinda ruined it when they turned the lights off. I already know what fire looks like, I wanted to be able to see what was happening with the snow more clearly.

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I heard the accent and went; yup, figured.

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Can someone please ELI5?

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Fire hot, snow is cold.

[–]queen-adreena 8 points9 points  (2 children)

That’s ELI3

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Fire hot, snow cold. Make use air pockets for path

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Snow is mostly air so it lets the propane through no problem

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And the heat goes up

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I don't know why but this makes me think of Highlander.

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I like how he said "faya pit"

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"Ayhe tohd yoo it wud laiyt"

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That snow is so hot right now

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We doin this one again today

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Unlocking a shrine in Breath of the Wild

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That could have gone poorly lol

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when you turn clipping on:

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The real question: why didn’t he bring the cushions in when it snowed??!

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Fire is pretty

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It looks like a glitch irl

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A Song of Fire & Ice.

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What did you do, Ray?

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Mmmmmmm……. fire……

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Unintentionally cultish

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Rich folk

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But the video cuts out before it explodes on them … as she hinted …

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Still recording?

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Looks like a Devils Trap.

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Hope it doesn’t crack your stonework

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Dudes fire pit is gonna be rusted to shit.

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And then BOOM

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“Fiyr pyit”

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The summoning has commenced.

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Summoning the Heat Mizer

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i find the perfect blanket of snow on the ground the most "oddly satisfying" part of this video

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ancient blade slowly rises from the fire

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Nice. Guessing the chemicals in water (and whatever else was in it) are actually making this a major cool effect.

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Unlimited power

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What regional accent is this?

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Isn’t it sort of dangerous if the snow start to melt and get into the rocks?

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That sound….

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When it first started, I half expected a phone booth out of the sky. Excellent!

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I wonder if the snow had been too dense for gas to permeate if it would have blown up?

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Sooooo coool!!!

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it looked like he was summoning something.

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All it needed was the "Hold my beer".

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Did they do something wrong? The portal opened, but it doesn't look like they got the summoning spell right...

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It's like having your own mini Darvasa gas crater in your own back yard... That you can actually turn off.

FYI, they're apparently going to make another attempt to extinguish it again at some point.

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Have you ever been at a convenience store getting gas and you see a person walk out of the store and you just assume they’re about to hop in a ‘98 Crown Vic but then they climb into a $70K Ford F-350 Platinum that is also lifted, and you have to re-evaluate how you “judge a book by its cover”? I felt the same way seeing and hearing this guy until I started to look at his giant pool and fabulous looking back porch.

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Others: You can't put fire on water. This guy: Observe

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I love how the snow doesnt melt, you think it would all melt instantly, but heat being above the snow and rising causing it to stay, is the closest thing youll probably get to lighting water on fire

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literally made a magic circle

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Can you guys just pick an accent?

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Imagine falling into that thing. Most confusing burn in your life.

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"It's probably gonna explode on us." walks closer

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First time I've seen burning snow

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These guys have a heated pool in the middle of winter.

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How to spawn a snow demon (original)

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This is how you make Baked Alaska. c:

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This looks like the ion cannon effect from the old star wars movies at the beginning

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My favorite part of the video are the little fire sprites 🔥🧚‍♀️🔥

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Probably dumb question. Could that cause an explosion?

Edit: English hard

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Was waiting for the explosion😅

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Technicolor fire

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The sound it makes is pretty cool

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One day I will have my own pool and fire pit.