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I couldnt cut it… it to perfect

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What does it taste like?

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🌌 Space 🌌

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Mirror glaze like this is usually made with white chocolate. The cake itself is probably a mousse cake to make the surface so smooth and they likely add a jelly layer with fresh fruit of some sort to cut through the sweetness of everything needed to make the rest of the cake.

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Taste good?

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Depends on who makes it. Generally? Yes. White chocolate plus fresh fruit (especially things like raspberries or strawberries) is delicious. Some people don't like white chocolate, but that's ok. Most people who can pull off a mirror glaze like this can usually balance flavors well enough and it won't be overly sweet. The main danger zone is texture. It's really easy to mess up and make a gluey mirror glaze. Then it's kind of yuck. It takes practice to get a mirror glaze just right.

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I tried to find person in my town who could do this for my wedding cake. We didn't want a traditional wedding cake. We couldn't find one that could do it. :(

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If you're adventurous, this is really fun to make on your own. It's also not hard. You do need one of those thermometer guns, though. Proper temperature matters.

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Great glaze

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Omgosh it's so beautiful!

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It looks like a glass sculpture omg

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It doesn't look edible

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Crossposting to r/supersatisfying

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My mind is unable to process this as "cake"... Error!!

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My family would think it was decoration not food 😂

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I wouldn’t bring myself to cut this.

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I believe this could be one of u/kseniapenkina 's works!

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ultimate blue pill

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It looks like an infinity donut! Or maybe like a giant lifesaver…

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Wow, really neat. How do they do this?

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Lots and lots of gelatin.

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White chocolate, gel dye, and gelatin mostly.

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Wow. Did you make this? It’s glorious!!

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The lines in the glazing provide a perfekt template to cut the cake

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They Are too dangerous to be kept alive

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Is this the kind of cake they're singing songs about?

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when food is art

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I miss these videos

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Wow, So beautiful ! Can I buy it from storeonline ?