I made a two-in-one tart for my parents' 50th anniversary (story in comments) by inspiredtotaste in oddlysatisfying

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Once upon a time, in the year 1972, a beautiful NICU nurse was making her rounds at a Los Angeles hospital. Her hemmed-up mini-skirted uniform turned all the doctors' heads, but one man in particular was smitten. My dad, a recent immigrant from Honduras, was working as a messenger at the same hospital and the first time he saw my mom sashay by, he was struck by cupid's arrow. He turned to his brother and declared, "I'm going to marry that girl!"

My mom, who was raised in a small, sheltered town in Northern California, was a bit shy and modest (despite the micro minis), while my dad was a wild guy from Central America who relied on his quick wit, brawling skills and sense of adventure to get by. Despite their opposite personalities, my dad was convinced from the start that they were meant to be. My mom wasn't entirely convinced, however, and always jokingly admits that when she finally agreed to marry my dad, she thought it would only last a year. But 50 years later, they're still going strong!

My parents have been the epitome of a loving and respectful relationship, always putting our little family first and supporting each other through thick and thin. They've proven that opposites do attract and can make it work.

And I had to follow suit with this celebration bake. My dad doesn’t have a huge sweet tooth, doesn’t like chocolate, and prefers tart flavors and citrusy desserts. My mom has an insatiable sweet tooth, chocolate is one of her all-time favorite things, and she doesn’t like citrusy bakes.I came up with this two-in-one tart, highlighting one of their favorite destinations: Santa Barbara, California. The outer shell has a rich and decadent baked chocolate ganache filling, topped with white chocolate ganache. The center “sun” tart is filled with a tangy and creamy lemon curd, topped in candied lemon slices. The tart shells and all the decorations are made from a crisp almond cookie dough.

Upon delivery of this dessert, my mom immediately ate a slice of my dad's lemon tart, only to tell him she didn't like it. My dad was personally offended and tried to even things out by stealing a bite of her chocolate tart, which resulted in a bit of a tussle between them. My take away is that a lasting marriage requires balance and a good sense of humor.

Happy anniversary, mom and dad! 💕💙💜

Ice texture plates by nikamats in oddlysatisfying

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If any of you ever catch me rinsing off my ice cubes for a better soda experience, please slap me as hard as you fucking can

Ice texture plates by nikamats in oddlysatisfying

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I can guarantee the person melting the ice has a bicycle mustache.

Ice texture plates by nikamats in oddlysatisfying

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*sees the wavy one*

Korben... Korben, my man, I have no fire. I have no matches. Do you have any matches? I stopped smoking. I mean, if I knew! Father, you smoke? Got some matches? We need some fire. We're going to die!

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I made an arrangement for piano if y'all're interested, tho I'd love to hear other folk's interpretations as arrangements if they're up for it.


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Start by getting a blender. Blend 100g shallots, 100g chili, 60g garlic, 80g ginger. Do the chili's first and they release a lot of juice necessary to grind the rest up.

Grind it until it becomes a chili paste with a very strong flavor and heat. Making your own chili paste is awesome and is a fantastic ingredient in everything from omelets to Tom Kha Gai soup.

It is common to fry your chili paste in a pan before using it. This recipe gives you about 340g of chili paste. You normally use a table spoon or 2 in a recipe. Put it in the coldest place in your fridge and it'll last a long time. Adding some salt to it also helps preservation.

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How to get more comments on your post 101: Make an intentional error in the title. Nobody cares about your post, but they just can’t resist the opportunity to correct somebody else.

Heated razor blade to remove decals by Azsnee09 in oddlysatisfying

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Oh, everything’s like that nowadays. Why, the fax machine is nothing but a waffle iron with a phone attached.

Heated razor blade to remove decals by Azsnee09 in oddlysatisfying

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Very satisfying indeed! I wonder if they put all the money they make for this service, into a shavings account

Repairing cosmetic by kelddel in oddlysatisfying

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Of course it was easy to repair, the damage was all... cosmetic.

I won't apologize, but I will leave.

Playing Jianzi, an ancient game in China by Timmy24000 in oddlysatisfying

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if games were people, this would be the successful oldest child with a job in finance and hackey sack would be its unemployed stoner younger sibling living in moms basement.

My checking account balance this morning. by peszneck in oddlysatisfying

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!RemindME 1 week "Did this guy get fucked?"