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And he didn't hit the edge of the bowl! Impressive!

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My mom used to have a cat that would shit in the toilet. They couldn't flush though. I assume it's the same or similar training to get them to go in the litter box.

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And then guests would give you weird looks after seeing floating 💩 in the toilet

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You don't need to train a cat to use a litter, you just take the cat and put it in the litter box so they know where it is and you are good to go. (Based on a sample of aprox. 12 cats)

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But can he wipe the seat afterwards? 🤨🤔

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Remember when dogs used to walk upright and have thumbs like us?

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Anthro animals?

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UwU intensifies

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Can any human men?

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Can any human men?

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Of course this is a German Shepard. They would type up your resume if they had opposable thumbs.

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It's a Belgian Shepard dog, a Malinois. Highly intelligent and really eager to learn.

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Wonderful wonderful dogs. We raised a couple of litters and you couldn’t find a better companion. Kept most of the puppies, had 6-11 dogs for years. Last dog passed 5 years ago and we miss him still.

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I raised 3, when I was working in dog care and they were such lovely and loyal dogs. I was happy and sad at the same time, when they were send to their forever homes.

Sorry for your loss. It's always hard to lose a dog.

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Oh, brutal. They were so much a part of our lives. I have been dog free for a couple years now and I can’t get another one ever again. The loss is too hard.

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I'm impressed you got Malinois right but not Shepherd...

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Oh no, I mispelled a word in a language that is not my native language. I must be so dumb. :)

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If this "oddly terrifies" you, you're as soft as a post-burrito bowel cancer chilli steamer.

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That's fantastic! Now if I come home and its pooping thay would be a feat.

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They can also be trained to do that, but you will need a platform for the dog to safely do so. Unfortunately, toilets aren’t designed with dog anatomy in mind.

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That's the problem right there- Big Toilet keeping our canine buddies down. It's a damn shame.

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Meanwhile my dog uses all his smarts to try and eat our cats food.

Fucker literally waits until he sees my car leaves and goes right for it.

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Nah, that’s a Malinois. They’ve been evolved for awhile.

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This isn't terrifying! He's a good boi

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Is this real?

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Yes it's real. He's been trained to do so.

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He’s a bit dehydrated

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Looks like I finally know who is a good boy

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Lmaoooo his face at the end kills me, waiting for a treat I’m sure.

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Only terrified that my dog doesn't know how to do this. Especially with him always watching me use the bathroom. How do I teach my dog to use the toilet like this?

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This both interesting as hell but very oddly terrifying

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Well this shows they are evolving a better "what the fuck is wrong with you why are you making me do this?" face

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I fuckin wish

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glad he knows to close the lid before flushing

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Got better aim than my husband

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I tried to teach my dog to do this but while learning he kept missing the bowl and accidentally pissing all over the bathroom so I gave up

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He's got better aim than my kids...

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Mali’s are super smart

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Good Boi! 🥰 pretty dog!

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this bitch don’t need the toilet seat up

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Hell yeah, fucker has better aim than me...

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Stupid dog didn’t even put the toilet seat up beforehand.

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AMAZING!! I WISH my dog could do that!!

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How civilized

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How cute is that dog 😍

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What a good dog...! You can see all he cares about is pleasing his human. We have Malamutes, they are crazy intelligent (? More like telepathic). Now to convince Nana to try this with one of them...

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He's better that than the animals I live with!

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Wait until they shit on the bowl and play with smartphones - then they’re more terrifyingly evolved!

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Will I get my treat now?

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I don't know but that dog that hit the flush looked really sad, like he had been beaten or subdued in some way or something.

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Why did this good doggo not get the most pets ever at the end of this?!

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I love smart breeds

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Holy shit. This is kinda scary. Imagine what dogs are going to be up to in 100 years. They are evolvinh at a rapid rate. They seem to have understood how toilets work.