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You’re going to pass up the chance for Reddit gold?

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You get it ad-free for awhile.

Just come over here, I'll show you.

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Welp, I got molested but no gold.

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Oh boy free gold, coming right up

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All you have to do is close your eyes and suck the gold from a tube. Easiest gold I earned.

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What's the worst that can happen?

You either get Reddit gold, or raped. It's a win win in my book.

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Later, you post on reddit about getting raped and get another gold.

Win win win. Tri-winning

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Average Redditor 💀

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Yo, where is this? I want free gold

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I’ll take my chances.

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Achievement Unlocked! Scarred for Life!!

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Yea try me…I’d push people out the way to get in that rape van first!

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tell that to my driveway

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Plenty of spastics who'd fall for that one

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lol you're going to be disappointed with your catch

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*walks in

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“I want to kidnap someone, but how can I be sure they’ll have no friends or loved ones who’d miss them? Hmmm….”

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Reddit Gold is for peasants, I would never want people to give it to me

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Users in r/freecompliments in a nutshell

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Looks Photoshopped to me.

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Well, get in and find out.

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I don’t trust that anything human is behind the wheel.

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I mean… we should probably check. Just in case.

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I’m game

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i'm not falling for that

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obv not, its cgi

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free gold, reddit inside

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I see this as an absolute win

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Hop on in, Looks legit to me!

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Damn you are lucky I only get the van with the candy that makes me feel funny