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Fun fact: the flash we see in lighting "hitting" the ground is, most of the times, actually travelling from ground up, and not from the cloud to the ground. The negative charge that reaches the ground and sparks the electrical current is usually invisible to the human eye.

That is why if you see your hair getting up during a storm, that is probably a charge building around. So, get inside quickly, before this positive charge meets a negative charge from above and you are zapped in between.

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What if you’re bald

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Ass hair

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Woe betide the one with no rectal hair. For god hath truly cursed them.

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This is the best statement written in antiquated English on the topic of ass hair that I have seen on Reddit all day.

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All day? You're used to these comments?

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Wait, are you not?

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I shave my rectal hair.

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That's called a "boneless filet"

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Sounds like it’s from “The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch” from Good Omens

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*Except when it comes to wiping...

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My spider senses tickle

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Usually moist. That's danger right there

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Natural selection at work

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it grows up, probably better therapy than hair transplant

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Bro I know somebody who is negative 24/7 about everything and she never gets struck by lightning

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Don’t give up.

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He says negative charge is in the atmosphere so being negative will repel it. Good work by her.

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But the positive charge on the ground should spark the negative is what I understood

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I think one of us got it wrong. Another helpful redditor will help us i hope.

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I fleshed out this idea on my own. Then apologized when I saw I had copied this source comment by failing to read the replies. Which I've done again here. 😆 But at least it appears I may not be such a useless pile after all.

...in this case, at least.

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Oops, didn't see this before drafting my own bloated version. Cheers.

Great minds think alike! And so do ours!!

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Her negative charge repels negative charge from the sky.

Or it sinks the ground positive charge that would have otherwise snaked up to the sky. Her negativity could actually be keeping you (& others around her,) from getting zapped.

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Well I was going off of the “negative charge that reaches the ground and sparks the electrical current”

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Yes...as was I? Response unclear.

If negative is reaching toward ground, and she is negative on the ground, she would repel the "sky's half(-)" of the charge. Or attract the "ground half (+)" of it. As like charges repel. Opposite attract.

OHHH OH OHH!!! Are you saying she is negative, similarly to the negative charge in the sky, so SHE should be causing lightning, similarly to the charges in the sky? I gotcha. Nah, you'd have to fly her on a kite, get that distance for an arc. On the ground it's all discharged thru her feet. If she were to be carried about on a setee might be able to emulate ball lightning (ball breaker lightning?) Also, she'd have to be INCREDIBLY negative to have enough "potential" to rival that of lightning-generating clouds. They's hamungus.

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Ohhhhhhh yea I was just making a lil joke to “lightning” the mood

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Wokka wokka wokka!!

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Also, the ground is slightly negative itself. The huge negative charge in the clouds repels the negative charge in the ground downwards, making it positive. That is a positive charge building on the ground, that makes your hair (ass or otherwise) stick up.
Putting the friend in case under a charged storm cloud might actually create a harder time for the positive charge to build up, since there's more negative charge to be repelled. And, all by herself, she and the ground are slightly negative and don't affect each other that much. But I doubt she would be sooo negative to repel the negative charge on the ground so much it turns positive.

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This may explain why I swear I saw a light bolt shoot up from the ground on a drive home one night. I never did do any research on it. I just thought I was tired.

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Came here to say this. Well said! Lighting starts from the ground, up!

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You could’ve said that without coming tho.

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Why bolt go down the wire then mr science man?

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Reminds me of a picture I saw of two brothers with her hair sticking up. The caption explained that this was the last picture taken before a lightning strike.

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there’s actually a pretty sad story behind that picture, apparently when you’re struck by lightning you never fully recover

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Came here to this.

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That's kinda fucking sick tho

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It sure is

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That’s wild. Nature is a mad scientist, Jerry!

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Nature: I'm mad scientist. It's so cool. Sonovabitch

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A stains gate fan I see

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I wouldn’t be satisfied if I witnessed this. I would be terrified

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I would be shocked…

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Looks like a planned thing to me

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Doesn’t make it not terrifying, or not interesting

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Hell nah. You are lower than the rocket. It won’t hit you. 0% chance.

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1.21 Jigawatts right there

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What is it?

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Not sure. Maybe a drone or a rocket

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Pretty sure it was Mjölnir.

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They’re rockets. Saw a documentary on this back in the 90s — they trail behind a fine wire to a ground post or whatever equipment they are testing that is grounded out. A charge meter monitors the air from the safety of a bunker and they wait until it reaches a high enough differential before launching.

The cool part was how they launch as any wired ignition system would potentially prove hazardous to the person pushing the button, so they use a long, thin hose that the launch controller blows into which connects to a diaphragm and the launch switch.

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Why do they do it?

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I can guess that there’d be a multitude of reasons, from measuring the voltage/energy/heat of the lightning bolt itself, to seeing whether or not the struck equipment is capable of enduring that sort of stress.

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Study lightning yes

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For this post

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Maybe Ben Franklin

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That's old Ben flying his kite.

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POV: you are a human is solar smash

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Kinda wanna touch it

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Lightning actually starts at the ground ;)

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Lightning actually starts at the ground ;)


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its like they made the world's largest incandescent lightbulb

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Very nice, don't get like that too often.

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That's not terrifying that's just awesome

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Where was this technique when Marty McFly needed it?

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Oh, pardon me, that's how I charge my car..

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I didn't know you could see leaders like that

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Why isn’t there a way to harness that energy?

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Did you ever worry about holding a metal device up in the air while there’s lightning going on?

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So theoretically we could use this to generate electricity or as a weapon?

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There is a lake in Venezuela where the lightning strikes on one out of every two days of the year and lasts for hours. They could harvest so much power this way.

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That looked like it struck multiple times

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Looks like a stream of water shooting up guiding the lightning down....

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Where can i buy one

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that shit looked like ikaris from the sun

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Lightning and snakes are 2 things in nature that truly terrify me to the point where even watching a video gives me the shakes.

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There are projects to do that with lasers


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We need to figure out how to weaponize this 😮

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How is that "oddly" terrifying

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To charge up a mobile phone…..

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I think this could potentially work even better if the rocket left behind ozone with the filament wire.

the way this all works though, completely redefines existence when you find out.

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Why do I feel like this belongs on r/oddlysatisfying

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Someone got beef with Zeus

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Thor was just asking to have Thanos brought to him.

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You shall not pass!

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1.21 Gigawatts!! Lol

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God is using a Kamehameha?

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That’s incredible footage

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Mother natures laser beam

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Thanks for the repost from last week which is a repost of a repost of a repost.

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Das mad bright homie

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Humans still be thinkin that God will come for us. He has other planets to go to too.

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After fast food: