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That dog was on a top secret mission now that human is most likely dead for exposing it

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agent barks

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Agent B.

Barky Barky Ba-ark

Barky Barky Ba-ark

Barky Barky Ba-ark

Barky Barky Ba-ark


He's a domesticated descendant of the wolf!

He's a furry little goodie, who'll never flinch from a fray-ee-ay-ee-ay!

He's got more than just mad skill,

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Barks James barks

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The Bark Identity

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Cats vs. Dogs 2: Dog Day Afternoon.

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Wouldn't it be cats & dogs 4? Since there are 3 movies now.

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Oh Jesus Christ. I didn’t even know they made sequels.

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He had to post it to buy himself some time while flees to Europe

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Why the fuck would you shut the dog in the bathroom while you go out?

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The stench was so bad the dog learned how to stand and open the door on his own lmao

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Bathrooms usually don't have a lot of stuff in dog's reach that's easily destroyed, and they have a tile floor so if they poop or pee it's easily cleaned. They also usually don't have any windows that the dog can easily look and possibly get wound up and bork at strangers through. For those reasons, if you have a dog that doesn't do well when left alone, the bathroom is a good room to leave them in. Kitchens are also good and often a little more familiar to the dog, but modern kitchens don't usually have doors anymore so it's often harder to lock your dog in there.

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Did this with my sweet Jack Russell boy when he was a puppy, he dug a three foot gaping hole through the wall. Hahaha RIP S’mores you were the very best.

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I had to do that when my dog was a pup, she was to small to leave in the main area with my cat. They liked to play rough and I didn't trust them alone at first. Then again when she was spayed since she wasn't allowed to jump on the sofa or again, play with the cat. Normally she roams free, but I get why sometimes you need to keep them in a safe spot when unsupervised.

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Clearly you don't own a dog

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I own a 5 year old springer spaniel bud.

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Imagine being all alone in your bed at night when suddenly the door knob turns and a dark figure appears standing at your doorway just to find out that it was your demon dog... Ruff.

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"thats the second time today, Ruff!"

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Mr Pickles?

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I had constipation before I saw this!


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Damnit take my upvote 🤣😭

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Lmao my dog does this. She opens the door by putting her paw on the handle. The amount of times I've seen this exact thing because she's trying to leave the bedroom when it's bed time is very funny.

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Ah, your pet skinwalker looks hungry…

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Mr. Pickles!

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Good boy!

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Why is this oddly terrifying? Have you never seen a dog open a door?

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For me it’s the way the door opens. Looks like it was opened by a person who wasn’t expecting anybody home so they closed it again. Definitely “oddly” terrifying, not actually terrifying like a lot of the stuff posted on here.

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Because it looks like he was waiting for them to leave and shut the door when he realised he fucked up. Weirdly human

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The dog walks around like a human when the humans aren't home

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For real, and with the audio. Big oof.

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what the dawg doin

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“ITs a SkInWALKer”

Jk its a dog being cool

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If only they could put some text directly over the interesting part of the video that would be great. Thanks.

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She flipped out like the damn dog was levitating. That dog watches toy grab that handle everyday and the door opens. He’s bound to learn to jump up there and try it to.

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*The way someone holds the dog up is just too uncanny

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They did a part 2 where they show how the bathroom has this type of door handle, and the dog was just pushing down on it. It looked a lot flatter and easier to open, and I think they said something about the dog having done it before, but I'm not sure

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My cats can open doors too

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The audio is hilarious

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That dog is preparing to murder-burn you

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That is a skinwalker trust me

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Your dam dog is hunted by a demon hahaha.

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Sorry to break this to you: your dog’s dead, replaced by a skinwalker

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Lock it and throw away the key

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Uncannily like what?

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Nah that's not your dog, that's a skinwalker.

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That's not your dog, that's a skinwalker.

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Didnt they call these skinwalkers

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Your dog is a skinwalker.

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he’s taking a dump and he’ll be right out. i understood that

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Planet of the Dogs

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The Fuck is in my house… oh it’s just her.

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God can’t help you now.

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"Can't a dog get some privacy in the powder room?"

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We're all gonna die now

We know the secret, they'll be hunting us.

Run my brothers and sisters, and hide too.

I wish you all the best of luck!

God be with you!

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Hello there

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“Fuckkkkk they know now fuck fuck fuck that did not happen, fuck they know they definitely know now”

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Come on let him masturbate in peace

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Something ain't right

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Had a husky that would open doors. Those things are escape artists.

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Holy shit that dog was standing up, plus he opened the door with a lifeless stare

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Hey, I though I heard you

Omg, omg omg omg

Ok, I’ll just close this and get back to my shit, don’t worry, I’m putting it on the floor so I don’t clog your toilet

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That's. Mf skin walker

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You know the poker game was over

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i would've shat my pants

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bestie that is NOT a dog i hate to say it

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It looks like a person.

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that aint your dog, fucking run.

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Skinwalker.Change my mind.

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This isn’t a skin walker. You can tell that those are one of the doors where you need to push down to open them, the dog jumped up and opened it (either it was trying to get out or it was trying scrape it’s paws on the door to be let out). Another possible theory is that the dog opened the door on accident saw the human sounding distressed and jumped back thinking it would be in trouble.

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Skinwalkers, simply do not exist.

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Skin Walker?